dangitL.A. Times: See you Sunday.

Assuming the Lakers open the playoffs that day — a safe bet since Sunday is also known in the league office as “Lakers vs. Whomever on ABC!” — we know who they’re playing.

Passing up a chance to avoid the Jazz in the first round by losing, the Lakers instead dialed U for Utah, leading by as many as 21 points Tuesday, crushing the Jazz, 125-112, to lock in the matchup.

For the Jazz, it ended a nightmare finish in which it lost seven of its last nine — including home games against Minnesota and Golden State — dropping from No. 5 and a matchup with someone its own size, to No. 8 and the Lakers.

“We didn’t give them much of a battle, knowing we have to play them again,” said Utah Coach Jerry Sloan. “It looks pretty bleak. . . .

“They have a terrific team. They have guys who can pass the ball, do about anything you ask a team to do. They’ve got guys who can make big shots, who just know how to play the game, make the game look simple. . . .

“We’re just like a little dent in the road, far as they’re concerned. They’re very comfortable playing against us and obviously should be.”

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  • as1084

    i have so much respect for jerry sloan….if phil retires within the next couple seasons, the lakers should try and get sloan to coach the lakeshow

  • LakersFirst

    Sloan is getting his team in the mindset that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. He’s also trying to get the Lakers to think that the Jazz have no confidence.

    Don’t fall for it. Kill them and LEAVE NO DOUBT!!! If you have them down by 20, win by 30 (this is what Jordan’s Bulls would do).

  • kobe8

    [Comment ID #68038 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Could be. But with Kobe on this team i don’t think the Lakers will be complacent.

  • WifelovesLuke

    It’s a Trap!!! Don’t underestimate these guys. Get the W and move on to the 2nd round.

  • roro

    to be 8th seed is a dissapointment to jazz considering people thought they were one of the best in the west. watching them play the only one who actually plays hard is there point guard. oh i like the way the lakers played yesterday because if sasha and fisher can make shots they will be unstoppable. lakers in five or six!

  • FreakinCrod

    Don’t fall for it…They’re dangerous.

  • Mikey on TLN

    Their fans don’t sound too confident either but they have a pretty good reason for it!

  • YellowPurpleFever

    He tries to out the Zen master with the low down Zin. PJ and JS know each other pretty Well, even back in the 90’s when JS trying to get his 1st ring. Sorry JS not this year. LA in 4 then we move on…