ESPN: The Lakers aren’t scared of LeBron James and his Miami Heat Superfriends.

So says the team’s owner, Dr. Jerry Buss.

“Hardly,” Buss told FanHouse when asked if the teaming of James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh had him clutching his latest championship trophy in fear. “I didn’t pay much attention to (Thursday’s announcement from James). I was curious to see where he went, and once I found that out that was that.”

Buss’ sentiment was shared by many in the NBA’s first day of summer league action, where there was plenty of intrigue about what the three stars could accomplish together but also skepticism because of their nonexistent supporting cast. Miami is reportedly closer to fixing that problem, though, as deals for sharpshooter Mike Miller and forward Udonis Haslem appear to be in the works.

Still, the Lakers — as Buss made clear, are hardly giving the early nod to the Heat in the Eastern Conference race.

“Somebody in the East will come out, and our job is to beat them, whoever it is,” he said. “There are a lot of good teams over there. I don’t automatically hand them the title. I think Orlando is very good. I think Chicago is going to be better. Boston, certainly, is tough. We know about that. So let’s wait until things get going.”

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  • Jordan

    Awesome news, but fork out the money so we can sign some decent backups

  • regie francisco

    Thanks Dr. Buss. Prove them who’s the greatest owner of all time, the greatest coach, the greatest player and best team in the world. Even the miami will dominate next year (i hope so) let’s dominate also for the last year of phil jackson. This will going to be history if we beat them. Let’s Go LAKERS FANS, LEt’S GO LAKERS!..

  • Gino

    great article. but please sign fish ASAP! so we can move on and fill our roster and start preparing for the 3-peat already.

  • anon

    sometimes being scared is good. it fuels you to be better and work harder.. ^^

  • Kobe4Life

    Buss, two words for ya! TRACY MCGRADY!

  • Get Settled

    Even as great as the article was, the reply from Greg was just as good you have to give the man credit for laying it down as bluntly as he did:

    “Of Course Dr. Buss isn’t worried: He has the best player in Kobe Bryant. No one has an answer for Gasol’s or Bynum’s length or skills on-the-block. (Bosh wants NO PART of either one of those guys on the defensive end and has said so!) The Lakers have the better starting FIVE (Wade, Bosh, James and Guy#1 and Guy#2 aren’t going to cut it!) and since the Heat don’t have a bench yet (and the pickings look slim this time of year), they can borrow some of the ladies from the WNBA if necessary!..”-Greg

    Truer words could never be said Matt Barnes is out there presumably getting booted out of the Magic, as per the recent indicationg because he hasn’t received any offers from them as of yet. As the free agency goes, its all drama at the end of the day. So while we hold our collective breaths. Let’s deliberate this possibility of Matt Barnes, he is getting dangled out there and who else could the Lakers get for that sort of money. He is a good hustle player, known for his defensive attitude, and can shoot ok, and speed the pace if they need to. I think that Kobe incident could be buried if he ever signed with the Lakers. Kobe respects competitors. I for one would not really care about his past antics with Kobe etc. It’s not as bad as Raja Bell clotheslining Kobe that one time, and besides Kobe had a competitive relationship with Ron Artest too and that we all know was just out of defense, and it never went from there. That being said if anybody else has other ideas about T-MAC, Allen, Kurt Thomas etc. Please elaborate on why and how it would help. Note these are backup guards, floor spreaders, athletic change of pace players, or notable min level bigs doing filling the role of a reserve, in rest time for the starters. Also bear in mind the min level and current salary situation, the Lakers can’t go after somebody that is just playing for money, instead we’re looking for somebody that can still play great and make an impact in the game either through defense or some other tangible. BTW, Devin Ebanks can score some, and while Caracter struggled offensively, he’s a decent backup PF body if he works his butt with the summer team.


    Hey Jerry, how are the hookers treating you in Vegas?

  • steve castaneda

    it is cleared that the 3 IDIOTS KING in miami challenging our LAKERS. now MR. JERRY BUSS you are an ICON. its your move now. to UPGRADE the team. and GO FOR 3PEATS.

  • justdogm1

    ever hear of a 12 step program?fish can`t wait to get the hell out of kobetownvillage.

    • Marwan Marzina

      Funny, if he does walk out, which I highly doubt, he walks out with 5 rings. He’s not quitting, times got tough he stuck through it. Went through a roller coaster career and ended up with 5 rings. LeBron walked out with no rings. 7 years and no rings. LeBron quit as soon as his contract was up… ladies and gentlemen, you just Witnessed Betrayal. You are all Witness to his Quitness.

  • rik24

    since we’re letting Shannon walks, it seem like T-MAC is coming to LA LAND. Hope we get some big men too, like big Ben or big Z would be great…..

  • jose de jesus

    NO WAY!!!!

  • LakErS 3 pEaT

    Yeah!!! No way!!!

  • KB 24

    If heat gets fish and Shaquille we are fcked!!!!!

    • Get Settled

      KB 24 let me break it down for you. Shaq slows the game down and isn’t a legitimate center and is also liable to break down sometime this year. Fish is not what he used to be and most likely, eventhough he claims he feels better than he has before, thats not evident by his game in the regular season when we are playing for home court advantage through out the Finals etc. The Lakers reinforced themselves by adding the piece that they really needed which was a sharpshooting cabable gritty legitimate pointguard with some experience in the league with an assist to turnover ration ranked 13th or 14th in the league. Steve Blake was the next best guy not named Chris Paul for the money. Shaq might even go to miami but lets remember he played with Lebron and that didnt do them any favors. The Lakers toughest competition in the playoffs were the Thunder and the Celtics why? Because we relied far too often on the front lines, and couldn’t penetrate inside because Derek Fisher expended most of his energy trying to keep up and defend his man off the dribble. Lakers in 5 or 6 next year, bring everybody and the kitchen sink we’re ready.

  • LakErS 3 pEaT

    Dr Buss sign Ebanks and Caracter from the rookie team. They look good…

  • Jack Y.

    Well said. I don’t get why the Heat is the favorite. They haven’t won anything. Their starting five looks good on paper. However, there is no effing way that their big three will play 48 minutes a game for all 82 games. Besides if they do play heavy minutes, it’s very likely they’ll play offense and slack on defense. Who’s going to defend a Pau Gasol, a Bynum, or a Dwight Howard? Are they going to send Bosh at them? Bosh will foul out in 5 mins.

  • 3PeatChamps

    TMAC sounds great, but he is still pretty young and used to be a superstar. So why would he sign with us for the min, besides getting a shot at a title??
    And there are reports that Shaq is heading to Miami. Is that true? So are we officially fucked now??

    • Jack Y.

      Shut up man. You are clearly not a true Lakers fan. Shaq has slowed the last two teams he’s been on (PHX, and CAVS). What makes you think he can make them better? Also, T-Mac’s agent contacted Lakers. Not the other way around. Miami probably can’t offer any contract better than what we can offer. You “lakers fans” who keep saying we’re “fucked” are pantsies.

      • Get Settled

        Anybody posting a “we’re fucked” comment needs to seriously scratch their eye balls until the Tampax logo is emblazoned magically. GTFO with that bullshit. Shaq is 37 or 38 and getting slower by the day. Can’t really play defense, and the Lakers finally added the piece they longed for since Fisher started to look out of pace in 2008 in Steve Blake. The Lakers need somebody that can defend decently but most importantly, can log a lot of minutes and spread the floor while moving the ball inside to Gasol, and his having a prestigious 40% off the arc is another need the Lakers did not have and they still won back-to-back. Obviously with Kobe in our team, Blake will become a household name. Calm the fuck down everyone, the Heat aren’t shit.

        P.S. in response to a question by a reporter after the Heat rally as to if they would play the Lakers in finals etc. Leberace said (along these lines) “we will play our eastern conference then deal with them later”. “Beat L.A. Beat L.A.” chants were heard during the rally. you can bet your ass Kobe is hitting the weight room as I type this relishing the matchup.

        • Get Settled

          FUCK THE heat. <-don't deserve caps cos they fucking suck

    • jose de jesus

      hey guys,dont be scared,BECAUSE KOBE and the whole LAKERS TEAM,will not lets us down!!=)

  • Jack Y.

    Oh. I forget to mention. Miami has Big 3.

    Us, Lakers, have the Big FIVE (Kobe, Pau, Lamar, Andrew, Ron).

  • rondo

    The 3 stooges need to stop worrying about the Lakers and focus on those teams (Boston,Orlando and Atlanta) in the Eastern Confrence. The Heat will have to earn that visit to the NBA finals.

    • Jack Y.

      I actually agree with you. In the East, Boston and Orlando are still more superior than Miami (even on paper). I don’t understand why these basketball idiots are writing Miami in for winning it all.

  • Richard

    i doubt heat can reach eastern final first year, but since they sign up for 6 years is definite a threat in the future especially when phil jackson leave next year.

    • Jack Y.

      Richard, the max contract is 5 years. It’s only 6 years if you resign with your original team right away when contract expires.

      • Jack Y.

        Oh sorry. My bad. It would appear (according to ESPN) that you are right. That’s bizarre. I guess they’re allowed to sign six years if they sign LESS than the maximum.

  • Kong

    If the Lakers can sign Fish, Raja and TMac and sign Ewbanks and Character, the 3 so called kings, are done. Its in the refrigerator for the Lakers, the lights are out and the Jello is jiggaling. Chick is watching-no way Miami-you’re toast.

    • Get Settled

      The Lakers can most likely sign only 2 of those, in the list of Fish, Tmac and Raja. By the looks of it Raja wants Florida so Tmac and Fish would be ur back court, unless you can get someone like an Earl watson in place of one of the last two I mentioned, along these lines. Then add Ebanks and Caracter or some other pf free agent Kurt Thomas or somebody from the summer league that impressed the Lakers. Steve Blake and you are set to go

  • KB 24

    Do u guys think we are going to sign another player? I mean either t-mac or barnes or bell

  • Lakersince84