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ESPN: His reputation assured, his fortune secured, the reins of his organization in the hands of his offspring, but the ultimate power still in his grasp, Jerry Buss, at 77, could be content with life in the slow lane, enjoying the excellence of his Lakers from the vantage point of his luxury box.

The most successful sports owner in L.A. history, Buss has put nine championship banners on the walls of Staples Center. As owner of the defending NBA champions, Buss has been praised by Magic Johnson from the floor of the arena during the October banner-raising ceremony and by President Barack Obama in the White House during another event to honor the team.

But for this old lion, winter is still a time to prowl. There are young women to date and a new challenge to take on to satisfy the competitive juices that never seem to stop flowing.

Buss sat down recently with to discuss his passions, old and new, his family and his first love in sports, the USC Trojans.

Question: Are you comfortable with your current level of involvement with the Lakers?

Answer: I’m exactly where I want to be. Eighty percent of the basketball decisions are made by [my son] Jimmy and all of the business side is handled by [my daughter] Jeanie. I don’t have anything to do with that.

I now have the time to pursue another profession. I’m going to become a professional poker player. Well, let’s say I’m going to become a poker player. Whether I can earn a living at it is questionable. But I do play in the World Series of Poker all the time.

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    Sounds like a great goal to have Dr Buss. Go and enjoy yourself in your pursuit of your next profession. You deserve it! Thanks for giving us such a great product that is The Los Angeles Lakers! Thanks for all the excitement, the players, the memories, the championships, the drama, etc… Only one thing though, could you please reverse the roles of your offspring? Could you have Jeanie be in charge of 80% and “Jimmy” with 20%? I’m sure things will run a lot smoother and it will give all of us Laker fans a peace of mind!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!