Congratulations to Dr. Buss who is doing a great job at running the best franchise.

ESPN: Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss has been elected to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, multiple sources within the organization confirmed.

“My dream really was to have the Lakers and Los Angeles identified as one and the same,” Buss recently told “When I was just a fan, I used to really object when I would go to see the Lakers playing New York and most of the crowd would be ex-New Yorkers cheering for the Knicks. Then the next time, it would be the same with some other team. When you think New York, you think Yankees. I wanted that to be the case here as well. That when you think L.A., you think Lakers. I believe I’ve accomplished that.”

  • lakers0828

    Finally !! the Guy has been Deserving of the hall of Fame dont Know if he is the First NBA Owner Elected into the hall of Fame but they say Marc Cuban is the Best owner in NBA I think You need to win Championships to Do that and In my Eyes Jerry buss is the Best owner in the NBA Today

  • Robert

    Buss single handedly saved the NBA by assembling the Showtime Lakers, and elevating basketball to a new level.
    Also, he was determined to raise the Lakers to the level of 'best franchise in sports'. Now, the Lakers have the top brand in the NBA, and have surpassed the Celtics. All they need to do is to win 2-3 more championships, and pass the Celtics for all time winners in the NBA. That's gonna happen within the next few years!