O’Neal wouldn’t object a trade… now. The question is, do the Lakers make a move for him now that they are all semi-healthy (Odom’s finger, Farmar’s rolled ankle)? Here’s what JO had to say:

RealGM: Jeremaine O’Neal said he’s not bothered that his name has been mentioned in trade rumors since the offseason, including ones involving the Nets, Lakers, and Celtics.

Pacers president of basketball operations Larry Bird said they aren’t talking trade anymore, but O’Neal, who is making $19.7 million this season, has no problems with being moved.

“If that situation presents itself, then that’s what it is,” O’Neal said. “I told those guys this summer that if you feel like you need a situation that you can better this team, I’m all for it because they’ve given me the opportunity to really achieve some of the things that I wanted to achieve and also establish my name. It would be no hard feelings whatsoever.”

  • Tim-4-Show

    The problem with JO trade at this point is that it would simply cost way too much.

    It’s a given that we’d trade Kwame in this deal. There’s $9 million.

    Who else?
    It’s NOT going to be Bynum. It’s also probably NOT going to be Lamar, though that’s the only thing that makes sense from a Pacer standpoint.

    They’re in the same situation as the Lakers, let JO walk and see if he can get anywhere near his salary on the free market. It’s not likely to happen, especially with the whopping numbers he’s putting up this season. JO is stuck, unfortunately for him. He’d have to give up A LOT of money to come here.

  • Shaq786

    lamar, bynum, turaif, v.rad, cook, sasha, … for jermaine, murphy, and granger


    kobe, granger, jo>>> paul, ray allen, and KG

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #17024 Will Be Quoted Here]

    What in the world makes you think Indiana would give up Granger??? He’s the cornerstone of that franchine and having a great year. Let’s be realistic, no way Indiana gives up Granger.

  • drake hunter

    It’s so simple. Jermaine O’Neal is not as good as Kevin Garnett and Andrew Bynum is not as good as Al Jefferson. For every risk their is a reward as in what Boston is doing this year. The trade is a mirror image only the quality of players is at a lower tier. So the trade goes as is…Bynum, Kwame, Cook, Crittenton, Vujacic, and 1st rounder to Indiana for JO. We get our three headed monster to go against Bostons and then we’ll see them in the finals! Bynum and Crittenton is the future for Indiana, Kwame and Vujacic fall off the books for them this season, and Cook is another shooter they need in Indiana’s up tempo offense. The trade and salarys work and we’re still loaded with talent. If this goes down, pick up Webber for the minumim like what Detroit did last year and we’re good! “Trade Bynum” If Boston can give up Al Jefferson who progressed far better and faster than how Bynum is doing at the same stages of their career to take a chance for a ring, we can certainly give up Bynum “who is playing good” for JO to see if we can go all the way this year. JO comes here and theirs a good chance Webber could sign here to start center!

  • byebyekb24


  • drake hunter

    Its so funny when people on this website trip out and get angry when comments are made about trading Bynum. Bynum is the so called future with potential that he might never meet and Kobe is the great one who can lead us to a championship. Kobe is the present and he’s the cornerstone to the Lakers right now. Bynum is a project that is still progressing at a slow pace. You can’t have your player of the future “Bynum” who may never turn out to be what people think he will be to play on the same team when you have your present “Kobe” who can lead the Lakers to a championship. The team would be in dissaray. Are we rebuilding or playing for a championship? We make these trades not for the sake of Kobe, but for the sake of “WINNING NOW” because thats what it’s all about. Make JO a Laker and compete this season!!!


    Let’s be realistic J.O’neal fits this system perfectly because of his offense,Artest fits because of his defense.Get one now(trade B.Cook)get the other later(off season).KOBE NEEDS HELP.

  • ab4sure

    Bynum this year is just as productive as JO maybe even more so. I can’t believe some people want to go with a declining player instead of one on the rise. Plus these same people want to throw in Critt in the deal. Getting JO doesn’t make you a contender it makes you a Stupid GM who is acting desperate.

  • Michael_23

    Bird, McCale, and Ainge will never give it to Laker deals.

    What if Bryant opts out in 2009. Lakers have a lot of money in the cap and get Lebron James? He will be a free agent in 2010, so will Melo, and so will D. Wade.


    trade kwame,critt,farmar and vlad for jo. indianna gets young talent and and an expiring contract

  • drake hunter

    Michael_23 you have made a very valid and excellent point. Why are we trying so desperately to invest in Bynum. Build around Kobe and if he walks in two years, Lebron, Wade, Bosh, and Melo are all available and I’m sure we could lure one of them. Bynum will never take us to the promise land, he’s just another pea in the pod. Why are we hanging onto our young guys with potential which I think is lame when I say we take a chance with JO. If it don’t work, sign Bynum “if” or when he’ll ever be good when he’s a free agent again. Steve Nash proved you can go home again and he had lots of potential to be Jason Kidds prodige when Phoenix drafted him and they still traded him. He has no ill will towards them. It’s like some laker fans on this website, I won’t name any names (AB4SURE) thinks we’ll die if we lose Bynum. Grow some marbles and take a chance with JO you freakin moron. I guess you didn’t get the memo. We can always get him later in free agency again or via trade, it doesn’t mean we lose him forever IDIOT! If I’m not mistaken superstars are being dealt left and right these days. If he ever becomes a star, it doesn’t mean he’s untouchable either. Let some other team suffer through Bynums growing pains and “IF” he ever becomes a dominant force in this league, I’m sure the Lakers will come calling. **FYI**…I’m a stupid GM with BALLZ to make a move to see if it improves the team and not sit around and then say the team is improving and Bynum played good but we still have an L in the loss column!!!…If we trade for JO and we still suck, talk all the SHT you want on me. Until then you ain’t no prophet so stop trying to predict what will happen if me make this move or that move cause you don’t know SHT.

  • foxxy

    [Comment ID #17044 Will Be Quoted Here]RIGHT….JO IS TOO INJURY PRONE..WE NEED HEALTHLY WARRIORS!!!!!


    People you are missing the point,KOBE IS THE FUTURE not Bynum or Farmar or any other young player on this team.Hey,I like Bynum too but the bottom line is CHAMPIONSHIPS and as we now see with this squad,even with Kobe being Kobe on the floor,it not going to happen.The front has BANKED a lot of money off Kobe’s dedication to this franchise and a smart GM or owner would know that by now.Ask yourself this question if your on a job with 13 other people and only four or five are pulling their weight,well the question is,WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER 8 or 9? This not a developement program,this is the business of winning.3 years ago it was cool but now it’s about HOLDING UP THAT TROPHY IN JUNE,FO’REAL.

  • drake hunter

    Everyone keeps saying JO is injury prone or he’s declining or whatever yady yady yah….Who do you want then, let’s “GETGARNETT”, oh wait been there done that! What big man is available right now? JO is 28 going into his prime. Take a chance what could hurt, we lose him to free agency in two years with all his cap space for us to sign another big free agent. Bynum is not like this safety net that will help resurrect this franchise. Theres so many great players in this league. Take a step outside the box for a second, I think we could sign Bosh with all the available space we’ll have if JO walks in 2 years. I’m starting to think Bynum is suppose to be the next superman the way people keep talking about him and his potential. The objective is to “WIN NOW”!


    THANK YOU DH!This is what I’m talking about,CHAMPIONSHIPS and JO doesn’t seem to happy being in Indiana either.Their getting thrashed by my 2nd favorite team by 21,THE WIZARDS.That team started off good(speaking of the Pacers)but as the season goes teams will be exposed and the truth in a nutshell,remember Dallas was good all season and look what happen in the playoffs against Golden State.Wouldn’t have happened if we would’ve kept Caron Butler or maybe picking up BOOZER,J.KIDD,B.DAVIS or ARTEST.Any one of those guys on this team is instant Contenders.

  • 24allup inya

    Well guy’s who are you willing to give up for JO?I really regret all the yelling i did about shipping Bynum and LO out for him now i kinda wana hold on to Bynum to see how he’s gonna do the rest of the season!!!

  • leo

    trade kwame, bynum, spare parts for JO

    fisher, kobe, luke, lamar, JO

    thats like a 4 or 5 seed in the west….

    pick up one more star offseason and we’ll be contenders…

  • mplakers

    did anyone see bynum yelling at phil when he got benched after an airball with time running down…then when mihm was facialized by a bonzi wells layup…bynum jumped out of the bench and yelled something like,” I FFFF—IIIINNNNGGG TOLD YOU, I TOLD YOU!!!!!!!”

    bad and good …shows fire but, he’s trying to show up a hall of fame coach and although he’s on the rise he’s still a 20 year old kid who hasn’t accomplished much yet…he needs to respect phil more.

  • Shaq786

    aight, realistically… trade odom, kwame, cook, sasha, and 2 first rounders…. for jermain, harrison, and daniels

  • Billy Kupchak

    ENOUGH with these BOGUS trade ideas!!!

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #17098 Will Be Quoted Here]

    why are you spreading this…. JUST LIES!!!!!!!!!

  • drake hunter

    Bynum is no good to us sitting on the bench. Hey, there must be a reason for that. He doesn’t start or finish games. If’s he such a big difference maker for us why waste his talent during crucial minutes of the game. The reason, he gets lost on defense but he gets an occasional block here and there. This kid still has a lot of maturing to do. He needs to work on his defense and work on his footwork. Let him go and if he blossoms somewhere else, we’ll make a run at him. He needs to go to a different team where he can be their focal point of the offense and get more touches. He won’t prosper being with the Lakers. The offense runs through Kobe. JO for example would never have excelled if he stayed with Portland behind Wallace. Rasheed needed to leave Washington because Webber was occupying the PF. Tracy left Toronto because Vince was their man. Gerald Wallace never had a chance until he left Sacraemento. Steve Nash wouldn’t be who he is now playing behind Jason Kidd. Even Cedric Ceballos became a player coming to the Lakers because he never got a chance in Phoenix. Our offense doesn’t fit Bynum and he’s still fighting for time over Kwame and Mihm. Oh wait, people want to bring him on slowly. You can’t put up monster numbers playing 18 minutes a game and having Kobe on your team unless you were beast like Shaq was. Do him a favor and set him free. “TRADE BYNUM” and spare parts for JO. GO LAKERS!!!!!

  • ab4sure

    Hunter are you having a brokeback moment???… All those scenario’s describe players who played the same position and needed somewhere else to get more time. Kobe and Andrew don’t. BTW…your boy, favorite guy, JO, check is status in the league. Bynum is more productive this yr. Now go back to your mountain.

  • E-ROC

    JO sucks. He’s injury prone and soft. Odom is tougher than JO. The Lakers are fine. They just need to rid themselves of Evans, Vujacic, and Cook. They are useless and a waste of space. Kobe needs a back up. Why not trade for Gerald Green or Dorell Wright. Or play Critt at the two. Just get rid of Evans (ESPECIALLY), Vujacic, and Cook. Kwame can stay just because he’s productive by HIS standards.


    Here we go again!JO is injury prone,so what is Mcgrady?Did anybody that FAKE injury last night?Jermaine is at least legitimate with his and PLEASE don’t give me the Bynum is more productive,HE IS NOT(check his career stats).You cannot,I REPEAT,you cannot compare JO career to Bynum’s,SORRY.I like the kid but this is JIM BUSS’S project because of his JEALOUSY of KOBE,point blank and it is not fair to Bynum for him to even be on this team with the way things are going.Yes,they are winning but too young and inexperienced to be considered CHAMPIONSHIP CALIBER.That is the goal,right.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #17165 Will Be Quoted Here]

    We aren’t living in the past…JO is on the dowside of his career, Bynum’s number are better than JO’s this year. Your asking the lakers to take on a player that is less productive and cost you 20 million a yr….Please..

  • Michael_23

    JO isn’t going to be be how he used to be because probably he’s realized he isn’t on a winning team. If his stats decline other teams wouldn’t consider making a move for him. He was at his best when R. Miller was around and when Artest was a good boy.

    He needs to be playing with another All-Star. With the Lakers giving up Bynum and LO, that would not be a good idea.

    What do you guys think if the Nets don’t do well and Bynum emerges. You think the Nets would think about rebuilding and sending Kidd to LA again for Bynum? Would you pull the trigger?

  • drake hunter

    AB4SURE, come up to the mountain top with me and I’ll spoon you how you like it. Your boy Bynum can’t even beat out Chris Mihm or Kwame Brown for minutes and the starting spot in the lineup. I THINK THAT MATCHES MY SCENARIO ABOVE WITH THE OTHER GUYS IN TRYING TO GET MORE PLAYING AND STUNNING HIS GROWTH TIME DUMBA$$. When ever one of them go down the other one replaces him. What about Bynum, oh lets leave him on the bench to play his 15 – 18 minutes a game. You must be a cashier as your profession because you keep throwing numbers at me. I don’t care about Bynums numbers and what he’s putting up this year because it’s not affecting the outcome of the game. I never see highlights of him on ESPN either. I’ll take JO, KOBE, and LO together. Bynum belongs in the the Lakers D-League or maybe the dumb kid should have gone and played a couple years of college ball first to polish his game. AB4SURE, you should give Bynum a BJ when you drop his paper to his house because your obviously getting it up the a$$ from him as well.

  • ab4sure

    Drake… Usually when someone doesn’t win an argument they resort to childish talk. Looks like you fit that description. The thing is each and everyday your argument for trading him gets weaker and weaker. I figured you didn’t check out your boy JO’s numbers, not too good. Bynum in the D-league?, you’ve lost it. Never see highlights??? again, wrong. And your preoccupation of homosexual sex should be on another site, or perhaps you are having a coming out party and testing the waters??? Just to let you know, I won’t be at that party, your already flaming out here!!!!

  • drake hunter

    AB4SURE and BYNUM sittin in a tree F_CKING……LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! Hey your right I am a child and your gettin moded by a little kid…lol. I favorite parts of the game are when the refs call a foul or travel on Bynum and all the kid does is wave his hands in the air a dumb and confused look on his face like he’s lost….lol!

  • ab4sure



    Does anyone realize,like I said previously,this is JIMMY’S fault.His daddy had to come back andtry to clean up his mess unfortunately Kobe gets the blame for it and FO says nothing.Bynum should’ve been traded,nothing personal,when NJ wanted him for J.Kidd.Lakers would’ve attracted so many free agents by this time they’d working on their second ring now.Get O’neal to go with KB/LO,CONTENDERS INSTANTLY!

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #17231 Will Be Quoted Here]

    As each day goes by, more and more laker fans are seeing that keeping bynum is the best decision. Trading an up and coming big Bynum for a 35 yr. old pt. guard whose best yrs. are behind him and who has maybe 1-2 good yrs left(if he doesn’t get injured) would be a mistake. Even J. Kidd said he would not have done the trade. I’m saying this as a total J. Kidd fan. Have you seen JO’s number’s this year??? Bynum’s numbers are better.



    present day value JO is better than Bynum 5 years from now Bynum will be better than JO. anyone with a half of brain knows this to be true. You cannot measure a players worth by numbers or kobe would be working for his 5th straight mvp award…

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #17239 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I guess you will be the last on the Bynum boat, but don’t worry we will throw you life preserver right before the sharks get to you.