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Yahoo! Sports: SALT LAKE CITY — As Jermaine O’Neal tries to conduct some public damage control about his understood desire to leave the Indiana Pacers, his old teammate, Golden State’s Stephen Jackson, says he knows how badly O’Neal wants a trade from Indy.

“I don’t think he has any patience (left), but Jermaine is the ultimate professional,” Jackson told Yahoo! Sports on Wednesday. “But he wants to get out of there because all of the guys they brought in to build the team around him are gone now. Me, Ron (Artest) and Al (Harrington). I’ve heard rumors that (Jamaal) Tinsley wants to leave, too.

“I just hope J.O. gets put in the best situation because he is a great player.”

O’Neal, 28, is playing semantics with his trade request to Pacers executives. Request? Demand? Whatever he wants to call it, it’s been made clear to Donnie Walsh and Larry Bird that the 6-foot-11 All-Star would rather leave than stay. At the top of his list of destinations are the Los Angeles Lakers to join Kobe Bryant and the New York Knicks to be reunited with Isiah Thomas.

“I talked to him a while back, and he was saying that if he did get traded he would want to go to those two teams,” Jackson said. “Isiah and Jermaine are good friends. If it does happen, look out East. Him and (Eddy) Curry in the paint are going to be a monster. But him and Kobe will be a monster, too.”

With as much success as the eight-player mid-season trade involving Jackson and Harrington has brought Golden State, there is only more pressure on Walsh and Bird to get maximum value for O’Neal.

After finishing 35-47 and missing the playoffs for the first time in a decade, the Pacers appear to be in full rebuilding mode. O’Neal wants no part of starting over with the franchise.

“It’s going to have to be the perfect deal (to get O’Neal out), because you know from the deal they made with us (landing Mike Dunleavy and Troy Murphy) it didn’t work out for them,” Jackson said. “They don’t want to make a bad deal again. I think it would have to be a perfect deal.

“Hopefully it works for him because you play so much better when you’re somewhere you want to be, in a place where you are wanted. That’s why I’m having so much success here, because they’ve embraced me like a newborn.”

  • kobeodom247

    Lets get it done!!! Jermaine or KG just do it Mitch!

  • RoWyN

    This sounds like a good bait for a 3-way or maybe even 4-way trade (Lakers, Wolves, Pacers, and Knicks.)

  • kobeodom247

    [quote comment=”74″]This sounds like a good bait for a 3-way or maybe even 4-way trade (Lakers, Wolves, Pacers, and Knicks.)[/quote]

    Sure does….

  • shoutfan

    Focus on getting Garnett…..if that falls through put everything into getting Oneal. Don’t let the Laker fans down

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    yes focus on kg!!!!!

  • IvanAlvarado

    I think the lakers need to go after Mike Miller from Memphis to spread the floor and shoot those 3’s and get rid of Vlad Radmanovich. Getting Garnett should be the #1 priority but Kobe and Garnett can’t get it done by themselves, they also need more key players that will know their role and compliment them.

  • Laker-i3uddha

    Lakers front office needs to get JWest back to make
    some good decisions…

  • RoWyN

    With KG and Kobe, you probably don’t need more offensive players but instead tough and defenders with decent speed, length, and determination to win.

  • RoWyN

    Why would you want Jermaine when he’s literally Kwame’s li’l bi**h everytime they match up.

  • Mrfroi8

    Hey all of you! As much as we love KG to be a Laker, we should also consider JO. Why? In case we don’t land KG, thats why.

  • http://aol keith horn

    first of all take chris m and kwam for kg then take v.r and andrew for j.o.then take some kobe money down with a new deal and go after jason kidd.

  • 2ka8ka4

    if it is oneal than dont involve bynum but do if it is kg.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    the only guy we have to try to keep is lo
    bynum is a lazy ass, with wrong attitude and not very athletic…!
    trade him before his value is kwame-like…

    i just realized matt barnes is free agent, we should try to get him
    with kg
    and artest ( since no way minny gives us kg for mihm and kwame… that is crack related dream…mcfail hate the lakers..the only way if kg say he wants to be traded to la and only to la)

    if kg is not coming get jo or pau ( actually i just checked the stats and pau is better in everything… and younger…so )
    but of course do not trade lo… since otherwise we would miss the 3rd option

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    and a team with kobe, pau (jo) – LO – matt barnes – and luke ( artest would be a dream)
    would definitely compete for the ring

  • CV_Lex7

    I think if we could get artest without giving up odom this summer, the Lakers will be fine and probably get garnett next summer when he ops-out and sign for MLE.

  • arnold

    Jim Buss was formally anounced as the next in line to his father the great DR. Jerry Buss, my advice to Jim Buss is we heard the talk and now its time to pull that trigger. Its somewhat disrespectful to perhaps the greatest player of all time MR. Bryant to not get him that ” BIG TICKET “

  • rednats7

    First of all-something that will never happen-Phil needs to get rid of the triangle. Can’t see all of these athletic players (Kobe,KG,JO,Pau,any of them)playing this stagnant offense. Phil needs a realty check or maybe the Lakers need a new coach.

  • jway9

    to get garnett we need to trade radmonvic & farmar? to get jo we can trade sasha & williams kwame is good

  • WHS15

    I like it, a three team trade how about this since we need a point guard maybe this check this out, we trade Bynum, walton, Evans, and the knicks trade Francis or stephon Marbury, channing frye, and the Pacers trade Jermaine O’neal, and jamaal Tensely, and Mike Dunleavy, and for us we would get three players Jermaine O’neal, Steve francis, and channing frye, what do u guys think?

  • http://myspace/earl317 lakers24life

    maybe but the prize is KG. J.O. is good but KG is a hall of famer who would put the lakers at a championship level day 1

  • Kobe24


  • Egin

    Jermaine O’Neal on the Lakers, that would be awesome. Then the era of Bryant and O’Neal would begin again. Garnett would still be better though, for he has more all around skill than Jermaine.