RealGM: Raptors’ forward Jermaine O’Neal has advised young Lakers’ center Andrew Bynum to be patient regarding the knee troubles that have plagued him.

“It’s just important for him to be patient,” said O’Neal, who has dealt with some of the same knee issues as Bynum.

Bynum admitted on Monday that he had some swelling in his left knee last week, the first acknowledgment of anything resembling a setback since his return from a season-ending kneecap injury in January.

“I talked to him a little bit about his knee,” O’Neal said. “He’s still working through that. It’s going to be hard to tell (how well Bynum will play this season) until he actually gets healthy. But we all know what kind of talent he has.

“I just told him (Sunday), `Take your time.’ He was telling me he still has a little bit of things going on. But (I told him), `Just take your time.’ Longevity is on his side. They have enough talent, enough big guys to really step in and pick up the slack.

“So, it’s important for him to stay focused because he has a huge future in this league. He’s so young. I know he wants to get back out there. He just has to be patient.”


    That news about DREWS knee is……. wow I just can’t imagine how bad that would be if that thing bothers him again. And my respect level went up a lot for jo for this. Good article 5 starts. Oh wait this isn’t YouTube, you can’t rate it lol.

  • Peter

    well thats depressing…

  • kobe124

    J.O. for
    this guys is real. Bynum Be Patient Damn it! lol

  • Geloman

    I thought Drew said his knee was 100% and ready to go and that it was stronger than a year ago. That seemed like his tagline throughout the pre-season. Now he still has some stuff going on? I guess that’s why the Lakers and Bynum’s agent are still far apart in negotiations. I watched him during the Charlotte game and he seemed a step slow. That would suck if his knees aren’t really 100%.

  • David

    Way back in July I posted:

    Jul 3rd, 2008 at 1:55 pm Click this link to quote this comment in your reply

    “Hey guys, I got some insider information on his knee. Whether you believe me or not I don’t care but I will put it out there. One of my friends is an orthopedic in connecticut who saw Andrew Bynum. According to him, the surgery that Bynum needs is a very risky surgery that no orthopedic want’s to take the risk in doing. His last clean up surgery that was called a “success” by the Lakers wasn’t the actual surgery he needed but just to clean up the area. According to him Bynum will never be the same.

    Hopefully he’s wrong, but we’ll find out soon enough.”

    Nobody believed me back then and now here we are.


    Jermaine maybe telling drew to be patient but i cant wait no mo!

    when do we get our vittiz?

  • Majic “Big” Johnson

    Say it ain’t so……


    JO will always have my respect,looking out for the younger guys and never thinking of hisself look at what he did in Indiana,he could’ve made it hell for Bird to trade’em to LA or NJ but he stayed and for that,thanx JO for the advice to Bynum,he is The Future and The Now for The Lakers.

    Hyperextended knee for Kobe,NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  • LakersFirst

    Swelling in Bynum’s knee?? More reason why the Lakers should NOT give him too big of a contract.

  • Mamba2410

    Bynum…you want a max contract, fine…but you should know that Lakers feel only comftorable with giving you a max contract if not only that you tell them (Lakers staff, players, owner, etc.) every little injury or bruise or whatever that you get the second it happens, but to also know that if you’re either injury-prone or injured right now already and you haven’t told anyone yet until now, you should just say it soon man, good luck getting a max contract from anyone now…hehe…


    It’s Bynum’s agent NOT Bynum himself that wants the extension.