Image: Andrew D. Bernstein | Getty Images

Newly acquired Los Angeles Lakers point guard Jeremy Lin is set to receive a wax figure in his honor, courtesy of Madam Tussauds Wax Museum in San Francisco on Thursday, August 21st.

Lin, 25, will be in the elite company of iconic figures such as Bruce Lee and ‘The King Of Pop’, Michael Jackson, to name a few.

The only question that remains is: which jersey will he be immortalized in?


    No Rockets jersey please. NYK or Lakers will be fine with me.

    • Houstonrocketfan

      How about NYK on the front and Lakers on the back (both are number 17). Possible Linsanity started in NYK and retire in Lakers.

      • Syang Yang Su

        Great idea! Hope they can do so!

      • TK Wong

        haha… good idea and good logic

  • fuckhoustonrockets

    Make sure it’s not in that ugly red or white jersey.

  • imroxfan

    I hope he wears Lakers’, he is a Lakers as of the day he receives a wax figure there.

    • rox 45

      make sense

  • JT Jeanry

    It better be a Lakers jersey…, or NY, actually, anything but the fugly red uniform

  • FactChecker

    I’m not surprised if he chose to wear the GSW jersey, lol.

  • Miso Tseng


  • Sheeneng

    Why not him in his maroon #4 harvard jersey?

  • abdiel

    I’m pretty sure the Rockets jersey is definitely not one of the options.

    • imroxfan

      Who’s option? The museum’ or Lin’s?
      Did the Wax Museum ask Lin his preferred choice?

  • Dennis Reyes

    Please never ever wear that Rox Jersy there!!
    Nyk will be meaningful as it reminds us ” linsanity”
    lakers as it ‘the New Chapter for lin’s career..

    lets go lin!
    lets go lakers!