During the ABC telecast against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday, ESPN color analyst and former NBA coach, Jeff Van Gundy had some harsh words for Dwight Howard.

The rant was well received by Lakers fans on Twitter and had many applauding the semi-monologue by Van Gundy in the second quarter of Sunday’s game.

Here is a transcript:

“He’s let everybody know ad nauseum that his back hurts OK, and that he is not 100%.

That’s not what people are upset about.

They’re upset about his waffling constantly on everything. This idea that he has to have less touches now? You’re the one that wanted out of the situation in Orlando where you were the featured guy. So this is what I‘ve ascertained that would make him happy:

Highest paid player, on a championship caliber team, first option offensive threat, in a big market, with no pressure, no responsibility and no one to prod him from a coaching standpoint.

Where do you find that in the NBA?

What he should do is say, ‘I wanted out. I wanted here. I’m going to make it work here.’

You should not have to beg a NBA player for energy, effort and unselfishness. Because you are not getting touches doesn’t give you the right to hold your team hostage by not giving your very very best.”

Dwight Howard is currently averaging 16.7 points, 12.1 rebounds, and 2.48 blocks per game this season.