Media Day! Yippee – it is officially the start of Lakers training camp and it feels like the first day of a new school year. Everyone is back tan and healthy and gosh darn it if I didn’t miss them (the players, the media, the training and coaching staff).

The most common question to me is what I did during the off season. So here is a run down of my summer:


I woke up on the 18th hoping Game 6 was just a bad nightmare. No such luck. I unpacked my back as we were scheduled to leave that morning on a special charter for players’ wives and families to join the Lakers in Boston for Game 7. I stared out the window a lot and while I felt compassion for Tiger Woods’ injury the fact that he made the announcement he was going to miss the rest of the year took up the top story on the 24 hours sports news channel sparing me watching an endless loop of the Celtics celebration.

No doubt Boston deserved to win the NBA Championship. The Lakers lost the series in Game 4 when they let them back in after a 24 point lead. However, I was proud of the Lakers for coming back in Game 5 with a win and giving the fans at STAPLES Center a victory in the last home game of the season.

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  • mr.laker19

    Im sorry, Jeanie can get the business for real. Aye Im sorry, but if Phil aint hitin it right…


    I second that one Mr.Laker 19,GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY,jeanie is FINE AS HELL! PJ can’t handle that.

  • Fred A.

    Yeap!!!!!!!!! You got to run the triangle offense on her with
    a lots of penatration and kick outs!!!!!!!!!! lol…….. :)

  • T-Mack

    Lets make it unanimous. Jeanie Buss can get it.


    Let’s take a break from B-Ball and just make comments about Jeanie all day…that would be so refreshing.

  • Fred A.

    This would be sweet!!!!!!!
    and then give the mavs a 2nd rounder 2010 and Cash.
    DO THIS MITCH!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Lakezilla

    Jeanie is so fine. What she sees in Phil Jackson is a mystery. He must have one of those zen spells over her. She said when she first saw Phil “He was the greatest looking guy she’s ever seen in person”….lmao. Those playboy photos of jeanie were amazing.

  • mr.laker19

    Well Phil is the man, NO disrespect to my guy Phil at all but I want Jeanie Buss, Period, and I’m pretty sure all the guys of Lakers Nation wouldn’t tappin that one or more times!

  • Lakers 24 7

    She can be my Jeanie In a Bottle..holla!!!!!!

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