Jeanie Buss posted this latest tweet – confirming Phil will be back to coach:

All of Phil’s medical tests came back he’s healthy & will be back coaching Lakers & going for XI championship. Can’t wait for ring night (via Twitter).

  • Troy

    Phil back in da house.
    Artest in da house.
    Odom soon to be back in da house (Fingers Crossed)
    2010 Champs baby.

  • Great-LakeShow

    All we need to do is wrap up Lamar and Shannon and we can relax until the games begin in Oct. I will have all the ammo I’ll need to fight off these Laker/Kobe haters, and this is my place of refuge. HA I’m starting a fundraiser and I need ya”ll help. It’s the “fly me out to LA for a game” foundation just contact me for further details lol

  • TonyFisch

    Jeanie, please talk to the Dr. If the Lakes do not sign Lamar we will need to look at a trade. If not, the finals will look different next season, the east has stepped up. Not to mention the Spurs, Portland, etc. Your family has always done what it takes, you are the best.
    Influence to make it happen.