grrrL.A. Times: Before Wednesday night’s game, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson talked about the fatigue his team might be feeling.

After the game, after the Lakers dropped a 113-109 decision to the Utah Jazz at Energy Solutions Arena, Jackson refused to say attrition was the reason the Lakers’ seven-game winning streak ended.

The Lakers played their eighth game in 13 days, seven on the road, and 11 of the days have been away from home. With that in mind, Jackson was asked if the Lakers lost because of a harrowing schedule. “No, not this one,” Jackson said. “We had ample opportunity to come and play this road game. It was going to be tough. We knew that. We just didn’t measure up tonight.”

Still, the Lakers headed into this weekend’s All-Star break with the best record in the NBA at 42-10. They remain a confident team, especially after going 6-0 on a trip that included wins over Boston and Cleveland.

Kobe Bryant led the Lakers with 37 points, but he made only 14 of 33 shots from the field, one for seven from three-point range.

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  • gugy

    sucks we lost.
    We can’t win it all.

    WE ARE FINE! Enjoy the break guys.

  • Michael Perez

    Yea, Utah seems to always be a tough match up with our Lakers.
    Got to give it up to D-Will… he’s a monster, and it’s a travesty that he wasn’t selected as an all-star. he’s in the top 5 pgs in the league. 1. cp3 2. d-will 3. nash 4. billups 5. parker.
    Big ups to Jerry Sloan too… it’s an amazing feat that the Jazz are still in the middle of the pack in the West after all the injuries they have sustained (D-will, Boozer, AK47, etc…)

    But it’s all good. Lakers have the best record, and convincingly beat the top teams (Cavs, Celts, Spurs, etc…)

  • the ape

    i agree. while it’s tough to think of something as a “good loss” – this one wasn’t actually bad. the team is really tired, both physically and mentally. we lost to a good team in their home court. not complaining on this one.

    i mean, i’d rather lose this way than had we lost to oklahoma last game

  • Anthony

    I could see this loss coming from a mile away. Didn’t see it was at school, but seems like Kobe jacked up one to many shots and I understand that he’s on sometimes, but more often than not that his 30+ shots puts our guys in a bad rhythm. That’s not to rip on him because this loss is simply not his fault, but he’s better than that. Hopefully they’ll think about this over the 6 off days.

  • lainok

    Has anyone else noticed the curse this season, being that every time we get a seven game win streak, we lose?

  • jason

    great first half of the season Lakers…42-10..yeah, i’ll take that for sure..enjoy the all star break everyone!!

  • Eidraq

    great record and all but at times we relax too much..this game was an example of that..why cant we get passed that unlucky 7?

  • YellowPurpleFever

    Its a good scoring game. I blame it on the schedule, we were gased and fatigued. Can’t wait til 2nd half. GO LAKERS!!