Talk about a dedicated wife… The music certainly stops here…

Excite: Utah Jazz owner Larry Miller says he won’t attend Game 4 of the Western Conference semifinals because it’s being played on a Sunday.

Miller, a member of the Mormon church, says he won’t attend because of religious reasons. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints encourages members to avoid non-religious activities on Sundays.

Miller told The Salt Lake Tribune he probably won’t watch the game on TV or listen on radio, but his wife might watch the game and give him updates while he takes a long drive.

The Lakers-Jazz game will be Utah’s first Sunday home game since the 2001 playoffs.

  • kobeftw

    ….because he knows the Jazz will lose.

  • HiYo2o

    too bad he’s gonna miss the Jazz last game of the season.

  • GeorgeM24

    Well it would be Game 3 HiYo20, but he would still miss a beating by the Lakers

  • Lakerfan101

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  • LD2k

    Nah it’s religious reasons and I respect him for sticking by it.

    How many of you that are religious would want to work over church or worship? Ok, maybe I shouldn’t ask. All I’m saying I could see a lot of ignorant responses to this. But then again, as a basketball fan, almost sounds crazy.

  • Kobe08-09

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    I know its religious reasons and im with you , many people say bad stuff about him, and Wow his wife is cool

  • andy or drew

    that could help the jazz win

  • sK

    props to being sincere…

    but he is sincerely wrong.

    LDS is a cult.

    Go Lakers !

  • Lakers2008Champs

    No Joke, the man has good intentions but Mormonism is a cult but oh well. go lakers.

  • domz

    no comment..I respect the jazz president..and whats the big deal if he’s going to miss it..Maybe, game 4 is the last game of the jazz this season and the president wont able to watch it.

  • domz

    BEAT UTAH!!!

  • domz

    Oopps..My bad..sorry..Jazz owner should i say, not president..anyway.

    Lakers in 4!!!
    BEAT UTAH!!!

  • http://deleted Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    What a bunch of crock! … Non religious activity???? Isn’t she of Mormon religion?…. If his wife watches the game, what does that make her? And if he (Larry Miller) refuses to even listen to the game from the radio, but receives reported ongoing updates from his wife, through cell phone calls or other communication. WHAT IS THIS?….Like I said before, a BUNCH OF PLAYING-THE-GAME-APPEARING-HOLIER-THAN-THOU BUNCH OF CROCK.

  • hZm

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    Yeah, thats a shame.

  • lakers101

    yea n hes making the team consist of all white people
    and the fans are all WHITE

  • Brett

    Anyone who thinks that mormonism is a cult is a person who is utterly mis-informed. It’s one of the most widely known, and is the most fastest growing Christian church in the the world. Make no mistake. Learn for yourself from an actual member of the church, and don’t rely on such a stereotype. GO LAKERS!! MVP BABY!

  • sK

    Brett… I was raised in Latter-Day Saints Church my friend since birth. My closest
    friends and some family members are Bishops. Not only my own but I have been involved
    with over 6 different International mission trips. I’ve taught and spoke at several different
    Latter-Day Saints symposiums and conferences and was on the board for (2) important committees
    regarding funding for Jesus Christ Church of Latter-Day Saints properties in California..

  • sK

    … I can understand
    your position and thoughts… but please sincerely understand that today I say to you that Mormonism is
    a cult. Joseph Smith was an amazing deceiver and no longer should Mormonism borrow the term of Christianity
    as it is not. Because a following is “growing” does not make it right or truthful. Enron was one of the fastest
    growing publicly traded entities. Much respect, but I speak to you from experience.

    go lake show.

  • MILO

    Wow that is what you call devotion!!! i personaly would not miss it for anything in the world.TO ME BASKETBALL IS LIKE A SECOND RELIGION!!!

  • lakersfan17


  • Brett

    I feel so sorry for you sk. You must be so confused.

  • sK

    Bret- read your statement again. you claim that being mormonism being a cult is misinformed. you asked to learn from a member in the church. and you ride the coattails of the term of “Christian” church and being one of the “fastest growing.”

    again it is clear to me that you are not so much confused but mislead.

    Me confused? I like to think educated, but it may be possible that I am confused. Is it frightening to question the very foundation of your upbringing? to pull the drapes back to see behind the thoughts of the LDS org? to actually ask the assumptions of Joseph Smith and his claims and what is kept from you? All this in SLC, Utah?

    I will say that you can never be subjective until you really choose to be subjective.