90041264MM_MAGIC_JAZZ_018Yahoo! Sports: Deron Williams scored eight straight points to start the fourth quarter and finished with 21 points and 11 assists to help the Utah Jazz end the Lakers’ 11-game winning streak by beating Los Angeles 102-94 Saturday night.

Utah took advantage as Kobe Bryant struggled with a fractured index finger from a game the night before. The Jazz held Bryant to 16 points on 7 of 24 shooting. Bryant didn’t score in the second half until less than five minutes remained in the game and Utah already up by 15.

The Jazz also avenged a loss to the Lakers in Los Angeles on Wednesday, when Utah scored just six points in the fourth quarter.

  • http://LakersNation Marwan..

    Well they did keep us to 6 points in the 4th quarter and they blew us out by 26.

    I am upset that Lakers lost but hey, its just one loss. Plus Kobe wasnt healthy, this game ended closer than it shouldve with the turnovers, unhealthy Kobe, missed shots. So many things went wrong for Lakers and yet lost by 8. If Utah had turned the ball over too much, more than Lakers… then Lakers would have destroyed them.

    This just shows that Lakers are capable of beating them if everyone is healthy.

    I would also like to congratulate Ron Artest on his 10,000th career point. To bad it didnt come in a win.

  • drive-for-16th

    KOBE WAS BANGED UP, NO ONE (LAMAR ODOM) EVER STEPS UP, I FUCKIN HATE THAT. A lot credit goes to the refs for making the gay calls in the first 3 quarters. Maybe dadid stern didn’t want us winning 12 in a row, or maybe our role players sucks ass when our good players are down, i am disgusted at those people cause that just shows that they don’t have kobes back when hes down he has to work the hardest even when hes injured and sick but lamar never even work half as hard when hes healthy he needs to start showing up cause im sick of his shit and artest played hard too, d-fish was good pau started bad but was better in the forth, Bynum hasn’t bin that good last couple of games maybe cause phil doesn’t give the guy much minutes also he was in foul trouble thanks to the refs, he stuck with odom and he let us down.

    • http://LakersNation Marwan..

      Im upset too, but you have to relax. Thats too harsh on Odom. Although he is inconsistent, he can be consistent in the Finals like he proved last year and the year before.

      Just one game, no big deal. We got the next game.

    • Heron

      people have off nights, and on those nights need to know how to stop. Kobe is a warrior and no one can dispute that, but given his flu/broken finger he should’ve been a distributor. Again, he frustrated the hell out of me because he always tries to be a hero even when he has the team he has now. Help the team in other ways Kobe!

      • Gino

        true and not true at the same time. i think its hard to be a constant distributor especially if they know you’re injured. they will just sag the passing lanes and double the person you’re trying to pass to if you’re hesitant to shoot. in order to help the team, kobe has to be a constant threat. right now it seems like teams are just daring kobe to shoot and not letting him penetrate or shoot lay-ups. i hate to say, but it might be better for the team if he fix his finger now rather than just let it affect his shooting and steals till the end of the season. we’ll see what happens. hopefully gary vitti can figure out another way to stabilize the finger w/o affecting the shooting touch as much.

        • Heron

          he can still take shots, but 24 (to my memory) is too high. Gasol had 11 shots–11! We didn’t take advantage of our size, and if Kobe wanted to be a threat why didn’t he play in the post more often? Our team is stacked and Kobe needs to rest up for Christmas day.

  • KB24ForLife

    that game was officiated so badly

    • http://LakersNation Marwan..

      Yeah I agree and they gave Lakers some calls at the end kinda to show “Hey we are not cheating, see we are giving you some calls that are too late because there are 5 minutes left and you are down by 18.”

      • L.Alaker_show

        i notice that to i wus screaming at the refs 4rm the t.v when we finally starting getting calls saying yeah is too late know

  • drive-for-16th

    i saw denver vs phoenix after, that game was rigged for sure no foul call on steve nash at the end when the commentator was saying it was a clear foul. I wanted to see Denver lose but wat ever.

  • KB24ForLife

    this is getting so god damn annoying… EVERYTIME we’re in utah… we never get fair calls. its bull

  • drive-for-16th

    i bet u david stern was bettin on the game. lol

  • gugy

    It’s OK,
    It’s a loss but we will rebound. Kobe will be back healthy. We are just fine.
    We will be much better against the Bulls on Tuesday.

  • Bri

    Well, we knew it was a matter of time…and I can take a loss. But it was the way we lost. Absolutely NO ENERGY!!! Kobe was the only player with an excuse. My god it seemed like we were playing our 4th game in 5 nights. Rotations were slow, passing was slow, NO boxing out at all! Ron Ron was the only one actually trying to play defense and attack the basket.

    Duds of the Night: Laker bench, team defense and Andrew Bynum (Needs to work on footwork, a dominate post move, REBOUNDING/BOXING OUT and defense still!!!)

    Big Up’s: To Ron Ron and Gasol who gave us a fighting chance for a split 2nd there!


  • Brian Shaw

    just one game
    we will bounce back
    kinda expected a loss
    cause the jazz always play us tough on the road
    and were coming off a back to back
    but still no excuses
    kobe needs some rest
    he didnt look good out there at all
    not sure why we played

    -and we resorted too much to the 3
    when the jazz were out of fouls…

    -bynum needs to work on his more on his rebounding. Only 4 boards and he is a 7-footer…thats pathetic

  • drive-for-16th

    bynum needs to get the ball lower in the post, like when we use to throw it shaq back in the day and he’d demolished the rim, thats what bynum needs to work on.

  • drive-for-16th

    he needds to not panic in double teams he panics a lil and throws the ball out fast thats how we get turnovers.

  • drive-for-16th

    and i already said it lamar is a dud, we will never lose if he plays to the skills he has, but hey thats lamar’s choice, only last year he showed up in the west finals before that he didnt do shit to get us to the west finals.

  • idonotlikpie

    I am waiting for everyone’s “let’s trade everyone on the bench because they all suck” comments now.

    • http://lakersnation.com Aaron2416377

      My penis is big

      • Green Flannel

        ha! doubt it

        • http://lakersnation.com Aaron2416377

          Ok, ask your mom.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu


  • Go – Lakers

    We loose one game and here it is again blaming it on the bench and the refs. We have to stop doing that guys we just didnt make our shots tonight and lost except it and move on.
    Go Lakers!!!

  • kb24bestever

    This had to show people one thing how important kobe is and why he is the MVP of the nba and the lakers.
    without kobe the lakers its just another team and this happens in most of our losses everytime kobe its either not being aggresive enough or injured, or tired the lakers just look so flat unless there playing a bad team.. so for all of yall kobe haters and people that think the lakers can still make a run at a championship think again.

    KOBE by the way you could of been more aggresive tonight and the W would of been for us waited a lil bit too long to be aggresive but you cant be blame not because you were injured but because your kobe cuz u do things that only you can do.

  • PauLAsol

    no energy, no defense, no kobe, thats why we lost.

  • http://www.jackyang.info Jack Y.

    People forget Kobe had a stomach virus of some form. He had to take heavy IV (injections) before game and during half time. It wasn’t the finger that slowed him down but the fact that he didn’t have the energy.

  • LAtimes

    KObe should not have played; he can play through the finger but the IVs…not so good. I know kobes a warrior but maybe if he decided to sit tonight another one of our guys could have stepped up more completely (ala chris paul injury etc). Lamar needs to wake up and be that lamar who destroyed cleveland last time kobe was sick, especially now.

    ANyways..tough loss but well get through it. Hopefully 3 days rest helps


  • Shannon4mvp

    Im sick of talkin about lamar, all us fans can do ishope and wait for his lazy millionair ass to actualy play the game as good as he gets paid. 7 fukin points wtf, he obviouly doesn’t try. Allways depending on kobe even when the guy is sick, doesnt he know that kobe is sick that i should play my ass off for one night for the team and most of all for kobe, the guy who plays his heart out every fucking game, the guy whos responsible for putting a championship ring on ur finger and giving u a chance to call ur self a champion for the city of angeles. I hate lamar for not playing with heart, if everyone tries there best and play with heart and passion and lose at the end i will happily take that loss.

    • Walnut Odumb

      The thing I’ve learned in watching Lamar’s career with the Lakers is you can not count on him. Sometimes he shows up and he contributes – sometimes he doesn’t. Inside that coconut head of his is a brain the size of a walnut. Add that to his years as a pothead and you end up with one of the DUMBEST players in the league. It’s as simple as that.

    • http://LakersNation Marwan..

      Wow, you are the biggest bandwagon fan Ive seen. Im not happy with how he played but I wont resort to making fun of him or insult him. What are we 5 year olds acting as if the guy took your lunch money or beat you up.

      The NBA is harder than you see it Walnut, give Odom the XMAS game and mark my words, he will destroy Cavs.

    • http://www.jackyang.info Jack Y.

      It’s funny how easily these so called Lakers fans forget that LO was a huge part of the championship runs we had the last 2 seasons. Shut it LO haters! It’s 1 game. Don’t pee your pants over it.

  • Jim

    While Kobe is dealing with his broken finger, the Lakers should really start consciencely pounding it in to Pau and Bynum, and let them take the scoring burden for awhile. Both of them have the potential to be 20+ scorers on a nightly basis so why not make Kobe more of a decoy and facilitator until his finger heals?

    Of course in order to make this approach work, Fish and Artest have to consistently knock down their outside shots to keep the defense from packing the paint.

  • http://LakersNation Marwan..

    Pau Gasol said he wants more shots. Remember what happened last time he said that? He put up 20+ points against Denver during the playoffs. I say they should listen to him. Wonders happen when he touches the ball.

    • http://twitter.com/AceFreshh Freshh

      ^I don’t think he actually demanded more shots (considering that he got more then Bynum and Artest last night)

      He’s touching on the fact that when teams are gonna send doubles to him and Drew, it’s gonna be on our perimeter shooters to make shots

    • http://www.jackyang.info Jack Y.

      Fresh is correct! Bynum and Gasol were getting touches. However, Jazz was double teaming them every time they got the ball. Our perimeter guys weren’t making them pay for double teaming (so they just kept doing it).

  • Eidraq

    one game..bad loss…kobe was less than 50%…lo wasnt able to step up like we needed him to..but after all it’s one game

    im proud of the guys to get this 11 game win streak going..now im ready for them to get another streak going..they’ll bounce back tuesday, as will kobe from his illness

  • smartkobe

    Kobe really looked bad out there. He should have not played with the finger and the flu. His shot was way off. I wonder if he played because he remembered Jordan played with the flu in Utah and had a great game.

  • Salty

    Do people overlook the fact that this was a back-to-back on the road in less than 20 hours after the T-wolves game?

    • allthewayLA

      well we better get used to back to backs cause we’re going to a have a number of them in the following weeks.

  • short dog

    My Celts won again!!!!

  • drive-for-16th

    cant wait till the chicago game now, hopelly everybody especially kobe is healthy and good to go.

  • http://singoramalessonsrevealed.com Varick Hudson

    Kobe’s finger being fractured, him having the stomach virus and him not sitting this one out, is the reason we suffered this loss. It was also because NO ONE, I mean absolutely NO one else stepped up. Kobe just should have sat this one out.

    I love Kobe, and in most cases, and most times when deciding if Kobe should play through injury or illness up to this point he and Coach Jackson I believe have been on point and their decision for him to continue playing has been justified.

    But now the GREATEST needs to have his fingers heal. Remember Kobe’s has a previous finger injury from last year that has not been corrected yet. So now on top of that injury he has a fractured finger and is also sick.

    He should have at the least sat this game out and someone else Lamar, Jordan, Shannon, or Sasha should have started and they should have played the game of their life, as though to make Kobe and Coach Jackson the greatest minds in basketball for letting sit out this game give Kobe some more time to heal, or at least begin to feel better, and giving that choice of starting to Lamar, Jordon, Shannon, or Sasha of playing absolutely great Laker Basketball and showing Kobe that they have his back when he is just too injured and ill and cannot play.

    It was not to be. Also Kobe is the heart of this team, not Pau Gasol. I have heard enough now about how the Lakers were just OK until he came back. Gasol is just another COG in the Laker Wheel He is no Kobe Bryant, he is not the heart and soul. I wish all of these sports commentators and fans to, will stop tying to make him out to be the Savior of the Lakers Franchise, he IS NOT! That distinction belongs to Kobe for now and Kobe alone. I guess we all found that out by what took place tonight and the result of this game.

    I know the team will be better for this. For instance, I believe we have someone who can really be a sort of stand in until Kobe can get better in Ron Artest. He will be great If coach will just turn him loose and let him take over for Kobe if his injuries are as bad as they seem.

    Having vented, the best is yet to come. GO LAKERS!

    • http://LakersNation Marwan..

      What are you talking about? Ron Ron poured his heart out on the game when he drew those 3 or 4 fouls and when he nailed a few jumpers. He is the only one that was active the whole game and he did it with heart.

    • http://LakersNation Marwan..

      Again… Pau is a HUGE plus for the Lakers. He took us to the Finals the 2 years he was with us. If that was Kobe, how come they had a early playoff exits the years before, without Pau. I wonder.

      What Im trying to say, yes, Kobe is the one that actually steps up in the finals, but… if it wasnt for Pau, the Lakers couldnt have got there.

  • http://singoramalessonsrevealed.com Varick Hudson

    How Many years was Gasol with the Grizzleys? And how many playoffs did he lead them to?

    I rest my case.

    • http://LakersNation Marwan..

      Cause he didnt have anyone to help him. Im not talking trash or bashing on the players but Im saying its because of Gasol we got to the Finals and its because of Kobe we won it.

      Gasol gets us there
      Kobe wins it for us

  • http://singoramalessonsrevealed.com Varick Hudson

    Nope. I just disagree with you and a lot of the Others who are on the Pau Gasol Band Wagon. He is a very talented Player there is no doubting that. But to me, he is not deserving of all this attention day in and day out about how great he is and how the lakers couldn’t win certain games with out him. When any number of other Players in this league could put up the same numbers or better as Gasol, to name a couple the Bull’s Brad Miller or Toronto’s Chris Bosh. Get my point. For me, he is not that extra ordinary a player for almost the entire basket ball world to just continue going on and on about him, and for you all to continue bragging about and extolling what a GREAT basketball Genius he is. For me, He just is not and it’s gone way overboard if you ask me.

    • LakersAllTheWay

      Comparing Brad Miller to Pau? LOL Gasol is the key ingredient in our triangle offense. Big Man, skilled passer and scorer and a total team player. I don’t think there is a better big man who would fit our team.