It looks like Crittenton will be on the Lakers’ summer league roster. I know a lot of player were sad to see him go in the Gasol trade – ok maybe a little – but he’s a nice addition to keep an eye on.

Draft Express: Javaris Crittenton (#13) made $1.4 million “playing” for the Washington Wizards this season, but was cut midway through the season and did not have the fourth year option on his rookie contract picked up last summer. He’ll try to earn a contract playing summer league with the Lakers in Las Vegas from July 9-18.
  • John Sperm

    For some reason i always liked this kid and didnt like when he got traded away. I think he has a lot of potential.

    • keith reyes

      did you know did hes a high flyer? lakers will need a highflyer.

  • gus26

    YES!!!!!… he’ll be on the lakers for sure next year… remember gus26 told you he’ll make the team and be a big impact… this kid can play and just needs a system and some kind of consistancy around him… :) :) :) i wanted us to sign him this is great!!!

    • stucktrader

      He already has a background in the Triangle.

      He is obviously only an asset if he can…
      1. defend CP3, D-Will, Parker, etc
      2. hit the open jumper
      3. did i mention defend? like Ariza…

  • brian

    thats the correct move. sign him after the summer league

  • sep08

    Crittenton? This retard got suspended for threatening his teammates with a gun last year. Even when he played for the lakers he wasnt good, He’s like farmar except that hes not as good of a shooter. He cant play D either.

    • big d

      Stop with the negativity this kid can play I would rather have him than some of the other pg’s in this free agency

  • Laker s Army

    lakers wont sign him hes not proven. Not to mention his conduct is bad. If he is not better than farmar that why would they need him. Nate Robinson is better than both and he s a free agent.
    Farmar had his free rings has really improved considering Rando came in at the same time and is way better.Shannon is a fan favorite with no skills but dunking. Not worth resigning.

    • gus26

      after watching nate during these finals… i don’t want anything to do with him..

      • Jack /

        Yeah. Nate is way to energetic to the point that he can’t focus at the task at hand. His energetic play can go GREAT or HORRIFIC. Did I mention he’s somewhat of a ball-hog?

  • iiTzDanny

    i dont know bout him, imma keep an eye on this dude

  • 242LakerFan

    I don’t see what the problem is. I recall when he was here he was very well liked. He showed a lot of potential and played well in his limited rookie minutes. I was sorry to see him go. I don’t think his conduct is going to be a problem. Even if he hasn’t learned a lesson from losing half a season, does anyone think he’s willing to mess with someone as respected as Kobe, El Presidente or Phil? Much less with someone as crazy as RonRon? This to me is a no-brainer. He could be had fairly cheap and the upside as far as shoring up the bench is huge.
    What we will need, though, is someone to take a load of minutes off Fish’s shoulders. We need to start grooming the point guard of the future for this team.

  • Chris Manning

    It’s a great move. The Lakers have an opportunity to evaluate him via summer league/time. If not, there is some work to be done in terms of FA internally and externally.

  • fabz24lakers

    farmar beter get it 2gether….

    • gus26

      from everything i been reading and hearing it looks like the lakers are going to let farmar walk…

  • fabz24lakers

    farmar better get it 2gether….

    • SirJ2416

      farmar is out.

  • ricky

    Despite the incident in Washington, I still like Javaris as a player. I was sad to see him leave in the Gasol trade, but it was well justified. I think if he proves himself worthy through the summer league, I can see him rejoin the team as a cheap replacement if Farmar leaves and he can become Fisher’s backup instead. He’s a bigger guard at 6’5 and he’s athletic and quick. I really would give him another chance and he can probably be our future point guard. Considering the players that have come outta Georgia Tech, many have gone on to have solid to allstar careers.

  • Patrick Bateman

    I remember he had an awesome pre season game, years ago with LA, but maybe he can redeem himself playing off the bench with Veterans to win his 1st ring next season.

    I like him because he is a tall pg and with lots of upside.

    • big d

      Iagree wit u his upside is beta tham Farmars he has a point guards mentallity he can drive the 2 the hole pass and I think he can definatly be the pg of the future and he can learn from the laker greats

      • King D

        Can he shoot the mid and the 3 on a regular can he play D that is what we need

  • Wilt

    I think they should just sign steve blake.

    • gus26

      i think blake is a good option too… along with crit and veteran big man for cheap that rebounds and plays D… maybe kwame brown?.. and then get a vet chasing a ring and this is who you are replacing…

      crit replaces farmar
      blake replaces fisher (with fisher taking a lesser role till playoffs)
      tmac replaces morrison and brown
      kwame replaces powell and DJ

      don’t kill me… these are all just ideas… to float out there and let the talk begin…

      • nina ross

        i think you were almost spot on but ill go crit over farmar tmac i was thinkin that exactly last yr. thank someone feel like me and no more kwame dat guy went out with the polka dots lol but i would throw shaq out there vet chasing rings


    The truth of the matter is we NEED a PG that can defend. I love fish to come off the bench. The problem w/ the Triangle is that it doesn’t lend itself for pg to drive in and stuff. They are just suppose to stay in the perimeter. That’s why phil likes big guards so that they can also post up.
    Another thing, just be prepared if Farmar leaves, he is going to light us up. As of right now, there is no one in our team that can defend him. And NO, Kobe will be a year older and so will his knees.

    • siempreawesome

      I know, right?? I feel like if Farmar signs with another team, he’s going to be killin’ it. He has huge potential and I think he’ll be able to progress without the ropes of the triangle holding him down.

  • rondo

    Some of you guys act so goody to shoes. Most of you critics have something hidden away in your closets. Always not ready to give someone a break. Negative people.


    Always liked J Critt and didn’t want to see him go! But hey, to get Pau in the trade? Fcuk yeah, that was worth it! And now he might be on his way back? That’s great news for the Lakers guys!

  • Patrick Bateman

    1st of all, Fisher isnt going anywhere and Kobe will make sure of that, just like LO last summer.

    2nd, I’d perfer a Defensive & Althletic Brown over, Farmar who seems to disappear often.

    3rd Signing J-Critt would make us deeper at the 1 spot.
    He is relatively cheaper than say, Blake and Ridnour.
    Plus, he is on our summer league team to prove to LAL he is a good invsetment and better option than Farmar.

    We shall see, in July. Cant Wait,

    Check out Ron Artest ‘Champion’ if you havent already!

  • The Lake Show

    Crittenton >>> Farmar.

    He is way better than Farmar he outplayed him in his time here. I remember all you guys were pissed off here at TLN my self also when they traded him. Mostly everybody wished It was Farmar and Kwame for Gasol. He is young with alot of upside so yeah hopefully Mitch hires him. Lets GO LAKERS LETS GO!!! 3 PEAT BABY 3 PEAT!!!!……BOSTON SU KS!!!

  • Be Strong

    Full the trIgger Mitch! He’s only 22 years old, 6.5 tall!

    Fisher/JCritt/Farmar if da lakers re-sign him
    Artest/T-Mac if da lakers sign him
    Bynum/???? Don’t know maybe Shaq?

    That’s a deadly Roster right there, no doubt

  • Geloman

    Here’s a reminder of what the Lakers can expect from JCrit. If he can work hard and compete this summer, he can make the roster and farmar’s replacement. He’s got handles, not afraid to attack the basket and draw contact and has great athletic ability.

  • Victor

    If I was Jarvis I would be shooting 1000 3 points every day till training camp… Your career is on the line, if you don’t work on it now, you aint going to make it…

  • ZKV

    Well of course many people are going to forget how much this guy used to be liked around here. They’re going to let that mishap with Washington speak for everything o_O

  • althelakerfanyoushouldmeet.

    I like this idea of bringing him in and I heard were looking at Shaun Livingston also for the summer league squad. Some more athleticism at pg that could be some competition at that position

  • rynorod32

    This is sooo crazy… I was looking at all the point guards that would fit for the LAKE SHOW next year the other night, and how Phil loves bigger, stronger guards who can defend. I was thinking K Heinrich (sp?), but I didn’t think the Lakers would follow thru on that. J Crittenton came to mind as my number one choice when I was looking at the Wizards roster… Anyways, I hope the Lakers get him. Loved watching him when he played for the team even though it was limited.


    it’s raymond felton.

  • stu

    I’ve had some friends, mention that the Lakers were thinking of doing a trade with Toronto. Sign and trade Bosch to lakers for 2 players. Any truth?

  • RealTalkLA

    Farmar is gone. Mbenga.Powell & Ammo are out too. I can’t wait to see the new BENCH MOB

  • mmlphoto

    Interesting! As J.C. isn’t on the Lakers announced roster for the summer league, so did he decide to play elsewhere? or is the roster incomplete?