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Jason Terry, who was ejected with a flagrant 2 foul from last night’s contest after he shoved Blake to the ground went on radio this morning. He continued to disclose his feelings about the Lakers and Matt Barnes. Dallas could end up seeing the Lakers in the second round (still depending on seeding). These comments will surely reside in the Lakers locker room; at least with the fans.

Here is a brief recap of what was said:

Colin: What was going on with the shove… why shove Steve Blake?

Terry : Game had a playoff intensity to it. I had to make a statement to my teammates and try to inspire them somehow and just send a message that if we see the Lakers down the line, we wont be a pushover.

Colin : You had a bad shooting night (2-9)… were you frustrated?

Terry – A lil bit, should’ve played better, but it happens in an 82 game season. Lakers had a great game going.

Colin: Is Matt Barnes the first tough guy for the Lakers in a while?

Terry – He’s the charminator, the guy that assaults charmin toilet paper. He’s a past Bruin… us Wildcats we hate the Bruins other than Reggie (Miller). He put a laker uniform on and all of a sudden he turns into Jerry (West) and Kareem (Abdul Jabbar)? Those are real Lakers. He just trying to play a role. He’s not (Ron) Artest, that’s their tough guy.

  • Kyle

    Talking a pushing people around is cheap when A.) Your team is down by 30 and NOW you decide to be the tough guy and B.) when the game has been over for 12 plus hours and you lost by 27!

    Dallas is a super soft team, I’m not sure they would get by Porltand if they played them in the first round!

    • lakerman928



    he just made himself look more dumb. trying to make a statement by picking on someone like blake..why didnt he make a statement against artest? pretty soft post-game interview as well…

  • Laker8n4te24

    Lol if ur the mavs and Terry is the guy that has to make a so called statement by stepping up and pushing another guard down then ur in trouble! Can’t have a softie being ur physical leader that’s a joke!

  • kobe24venom

    i find it funny that terry talked all this shit and went 2-9…got shut down and had the 6th man of the year basically stolen from him by lamar. and after all this and still talking ? its obvious that he has jealousy towards the lakers because his team simply can’t match up and can already see the writing on the wall. just lost by 20plus points , he should apologize to his teamates for talkin shit and awaking a giant that is the lakers. please just go away terry,nobody fcn cares what u think.

    • TerryIsTP

      Exactly right.

      Not to mention that Terry just called himself toilet paper.

  • 242LakerFan

    When a guard wants to make a statement, he doesn’t push the only other guy on the court smaller than he is. When a guard REALLY wants to make a statement, he takes his shoulder and knocks the opposing POWER FORWARD into the middle of next season!
    JET: not tough.
    FISH: badass!!!

    • HATER

      Yah like when Fisher hit Scola and almost knocked him out his shoes

  • Russell

    That game had a playoff intensity and you rose up to get your rear end handed to you by almost 30. Terry, that is a FAIL!

  • AimHiLakerfan

    Wow Terry! Is really gonna talking that nonsense. He wasn’t thinking any such thing when he pushed Blake. He sound like he listened to the post-game show and let Chris Webber think for him. That was some jet-lag mess coming from his what A$$$ mouth!

  • Lakers 24 7

    “He’s the charminator, the guy that assaults charmin toilet paper.” LOLOLOL, Well Barnes assaulted Terry, so does that mean Terry is the Charmin toilet paper? LOLOLOL He dissed himself.

  • Nick

    HMMM. Let’s see. Dallas is missing their starting 2 in Caron Butler. He is the guy that guards Kobe 4 them, so lets not put too much stock in this game… Secondly, I actually used 2 like Matt Barnes, but now I can see what a punk-ass bitch he is, even after The Truth head-butted him during the playoff series vs Orlando where Pierce made it his daily routine 2 shit on Barnes, i STILL respected the fact that although he isn’t very talented.. he always played hard. But honestly wtf is that shit he pulled last night??? He comes in a snuffs a guy in the neck who wasn’t even looking. Even u queer Laker fans have 2 understand that was cheap. The best thing for any of you guys would be for Terry to be allowed to pummel that ugly little bastard Blake. He is the worst guy on your team who gets any P.T…. and also I cannot wait for June because after Jermaine O’Neal tried 2 beat the shit outta Odom last year but was stopped by a bunch of refs and players, he will get his hands on him this year. Even Odom’s fat-ugly-smelly wife cannot save him from the O’Neal brothers and K.G. I really cannot wait and I hope u guys make it to the NBA Finals. Shaq is going to teach that little pussy Bynum a lesson. I’ve noticed lately that these Lakers think they are tough now. But Shaq is gonna take care of that real quick when he smashes ur weak-skinny front-line. The O’Neal brothers, K.G, Baby, equals destruction for your little Laker bitches. We will win the rubber match!

    • LA all day n tomorrow

      Yeah Nick. Shut the fuck up. I just wasted 30 seconds of my life reading your garbage. Keep wishing on them old ass Celtics bitch

    • lakerman1

      Dude what the hell are you smoking. Talk is cheap it did not work last year with portland and the Bean town weaners and it will not work this year. People like you let the shit work its way from their ass all the way through your mouth. The Mavs could not beat one guy in the 2005 Finals let alone a whole team and if you are stupid enough to think two over the hill Oneals will make a difference then you are more stupid then you let on. The only tricks who come to other sites just to bash a team have no faith in theirs. Why else would you come here loser.

    • 242LakerFan

      Guys, stop! you know he’s just trying to bait you! Darn! Duped again by Nick the Master Baiter!

      • T411Lakers

        Will someone please get this dumba$$ ( Nick) off of here.

        On topic. Terry Should shut up. The lakers destroyed his little team of cowgirls, and he is lucky matt barnes didn’t get a hold of him, or he would be wheelchair ridden for the rest of his life.

    • Laker8n4te24

      Shut the fuk up u fat smelly hypocrite u talk trash on barnes about cheap shot and all he did was push Terry…u on the other hand have the fucking king of cheap shots in KG so think before u talk u obese bitch

    • kobe24venom

      hmmm….fcn idiot .the fact is we won’t see fat shaq again this year , either he will be hurt or u celtdics won’t make it to the ship. just watch it play out u bitter, clueless green moron.

    • The Lurking Variable

      The celtics have won one championship in what? Nearly 30 years? And they call themselves the best franchise in the nba? What a joke. After the final game, paul pierce calls himself the best player alive? Shoot…he probably wasnt even top 20…number one? What a joke. The celtics and their fans are a bunch of clowns.

  • Tru Warrier

    Nick…shut the fuck up bitch…40 year old man don’t satand a chance with young guns..hoe ass bitch keep. It moving

  • Tru Warrier

    Stick to your boston blog bitch

  • Tru Warrier

    And what the fuck are you doing in a laker blog bitch..take yo ass to hoe ass bitch

  • Tru Warrier

    Caron butler could not guard kobe…..dallas has no defense and the lakers eat lunch all day…dallas is soft and you could tell in there body language

  • Evil Empire

    Doesn’t he know?

    Matt Barnes will kill you!

  • 242LakerFan

    Bynum after 10 trips down the court: “Nice and warmed up. Time to get to kickin’ some ass!”
    Shaq after 10 trips down the court: “Jer…puff puff…maine…puff…Jer…puff puff…maine! Your…puff…turn!…puff…Jermaine?…puff puff…Tito?…puff puff…Michael?

    • kobe24venom

      haha…this is true.

  • Jr Dayao

    haha Terry is a bitch, the only person that he can push around is Blake… why not make a statement by pushing Fisher (with the same height I think) or Artest,

    • 242LakerFan

      Ask Scola what it feels like to tangle with Fish! LOL

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  • Michael

    It is funny to me that a fan of another team comes on our page and talks smack team…We are the two time defendnig champions…As for dallas, when they can win a title, then we “might” listen to them…As for boston, we beat YOU last year for the title…Nuff said.

  • Sheds

    Great statement Jason Terry. Shoving the smallest guy on the other team and then hide behind the ref almost instantly when that guy comes right back at ya :D


    hahahahaha.. nicca just SHATTED on the GAYKERS!!!

  • Mxnowroozi

    haha, and terry owned you in the playoffs, especially in game four…. lakers suck