Update: 12PT Peter Vecsey reports that Dwight has indeed made a decision, and will announce it on twitter, corroborating Carr’s earlier (retracted) report.

It could be that someone wanted Janis to sit on information that was out there, so as not to make Dwight look bad. Or it could all be conjecture.

Updated: Janis Carr says her earlier tweet was “premature.”

According to Janis Carr of the OC Register, Dwight has made a decision. He plans to announce it on Twitter…this weekend.

While Dwight may have made up his mind, noone else has any indication.

Dwight may have made a mistake here – just as LeBron told people ahead of time that he will announce his decision at a certain time in the future, if Dwight asks everyone to “tune in” people probably won’t react well. Especially if he leaves L.A.

Tune in.