This is funny, Foxx had a lot of trash talk to Kobe. Check it out…

Jamie Foxx has a radio show on Sirius where he often tells stories about meeting celebrities and here he talks about meeting Kobe. Jamie Foxx isn’t a Lakers fan so in their meeting there was some trash talk. In the story Kobe speaks on the Celtics, Lebron, and responds to some trash talk.

  • LC09

    hahaha fk in funny…lmao.. kobe respect bron but he hates da celtics haha..lmao

  • KB24ForLife


  • Calvin

    I was listening live. I think that great Kobe ended with,”I’m going to the gym RIGHT NOW!” Loved that!

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  • celtic killa

    hahahahaaaaah….f’ the celitcs, f’ bron, f’ shaq……it’s our time…….



  • lilkobe24

    LMFAO 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 AHHAHAHA THAT WAS HILARIOUS. gotta admit that guys..

  • laker_girl85



    That little hobbit is right, that they beat our Lakers’ ass bad in game 6, but it was 39 not 40! So, that little leprechaun fool that hangs jamie foxx should get his sh!t straight. And yes, Kobe cried, but that motha fucka pudgy pierce cries every time he gets fouled. And we all that sh!t is true!

    To me, what hurts more than the beat down by 39 (not 40) is when we lost game 4 and then 21 point 1st quarter lead! That’s the 1 that hurt me more.

    But the bottom line is Kobe is the King of the Rings right now! Pudgy Pierce(d by a d!ck) has one that he got from a cracker jack box with 2 other all stars and who did Kobe have at that time? (An inconsistent LO, an injured Bynum who didn’t even play, and 1 other all star in Pau) Not making excuses, but the fact that the Celd!cks didn’t hand the Lakers a 40 point loss every night shows me that the Celd!cks weren’t as hard as they claim they were. Bottom line is though, championship, and they took it that year and give them their due, but don’t come up and talk about 40 this or 40 that, because we all know that it’s all about what have you done for me lately and the Celd!cks big 3 only got them a game 7 beat down by the Magic and the Lakers were 2-0 against last year, so that midget should just shut is little trap!

    And Jamie Foxx is a little punk ass b!tch! He claims how he hated Kobe all the time and that he loved Shaq and when he gets a chance to meet with Kobe he backs down by saying that he “RESPECTS” Kobe and that he’s just not a Laker fan! What a bunch of crock. That friggin Oompa Lumpa Foxx can STFU too!

    Lakers all gonna beat the Sh!t outta everyone this year… just watch! Everyone knows it and that’s why the Celd!cks had to get Rash!t Wall@SS and he ain’t gonna do sh!t except to fill up the T’s column! Gay G is not right and his career is over that’s why they had to go out and get the white patch, and that ain’t gonna help them! Fcuk the Celd!cks!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Short Dog

    You get no love if you are not a LAKER fan. I don’t care if you are the president or my boss,uncle or whatever. Take this lame off the site.