Phil Jackson speaks out about the former Lakers…

L.A. Times: The Lakers breezed through Miami over the weekend, a city serving as a constant reminder of their recent past.

Even though Shaquille O’Neal was traded last week to Phoenix, there was still enough talk about him and former Lakers starter Smush Parker to keep the Miami relevancy streak alive.

Jackson, who coached O’Neal for five seasons with the Lakers, added his thoughts to the trade viewed by many as a reaction to the Lakers’ acquisition of Pau Gasol.

“I can’t imagine that [O’Neal] wanted to pick up and move again,” Jackson said. “I don’t think that fit into his scheme of the way he wanted to live his life. But I do think it will re-energize him. I think he has got something to prove again, and I think it could be good for him.”

Why did Phoenix give up four-time All-Star Shawn Marion and take a chance on a soon-to-be 36-year-old with a long list of injury problems?

“They’re willing to take that risk,” Jackson said. “I guess if you’ve been in the position they’ve been in the last three years and you haven’t gotten to the Finals, you have to wonder about your strategy.”

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  • lakerz

    OMG, people keep asking questions about shaq to phil and kobe!

  • Rasarx,0,3637095.story

    So according to that report, Shaqdaddy was looking around to bail out on his own, while sitting out games. That confirms he’s the one bailed out on all three teams he’s been on, not the other way around.

    I wonder if that’s how he motivates himself. More importantly, I wonder if that’s how he grabbed the spotlight during another one of his frequent downtimes. That whenever he feels diminished in stature after his failures he tries to boost his image by forcing a trade or walking away from a team.

    Of course, it can only work so often. Maybe he can deliver it one more time, but we all know even if he does he won’t stay motivated for long.


    Now I will weight in on the Shaq Trade,Phoenix,thank U for giving up.

  • Rasarx

    This is what Gilbert Arenas says of the trade:

    The Lakers stole Pau Gasol. They hi-jacked him. That should be a crime. You don’t give away Pau Gasol for Kwame Brown and a rookie. I don’t care what’s out there, you can get more than that. You gave away a $100 bill and you got back two nickels and a dime. Now the Lakers are a top four team, maybe even higher in the Western Conference. You have Bynum and the five and Pau at the four? That means you have two scorers who are 7-foot plus at the four and the five, which reminds me of David Robinson and Tim Duncan. Then you have Lamar Odom, who’s a 7-footer at the three and he gets to play free and do all the stuff he’s capable of doing, and then they have Mr. 81 at the two. You can put anybody at the one. Who cares who’s the one. I mean, they have their championship, veteran one in Derek Fisher, but that’s just a huge plus. You don’t even need him.

    It seems like a pretty stupid move by Chris Wallace. No offense, I don’t know him personally, but you don’t give away Pau Gasol for what they got back. I mean, Chicago wanted Pau Gasol. They would have given something back in return. I mean, something. Ladies and gentlemen, they have Darko and Kwame at the four and the five. That’s all I’m going to say.

    Shaq is back in the West and Kobe’s got Gasol – the two teams that hate each other with the two players that hate each other. Wow, how the NBA works. ”

    Read his whole blog at:

    where he also sounds extremely positive on the Shaq move and thinks it’s a big win for the Suns.

    Arenas comes across as a very intelligent and articulate observer, much more so than the majority of so called “sports writers”. I would not take his comments lightly.

  • LakersFirst

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    Gilbert Arenas is a loud mouth and in my opinion, HIS opinion means nothing. He should focus on rehabbing his knee, instead of talking about other teams.