Phil Jackson responds to what the League had to say about the ending of Game 4… Gotta love the guy. :-)

L.A. Times: Fisher’s 17-foot shot with 6.9 seconds left appeared to graze the rim before hitting Spurs forward Robert Horry and falling out of bounds. The referees, however, said Fisher’s shot was an air ball, leaving the Lakers with only two seconds left on the shot clock. Kobe Bryant’s hasty turnaround 16-footer was short, and the Spurs gained possession with 2.1 seconds to play.

“What did they say about the 24-second clock?” Jackson asked rhetorically. “They didn’t want to go all the way? You’ve got to start peeling that onion a long way back, don’t you, if you start opening it up.”



  • Billy Kupchak

    non-traveling* ;)

  • e-bucher

    gotta love the guy


    I know that’s right.

    It was clear to me now why the call wasn’t made against DF because Tim Duncan traveled to saturn on that dunk and the refs felt like ‘Hey!We let one get away,why not 2′.

  • Luis24

    Kobe not getting a call? That’s ridiculous should of had at least 6 freethrow attmpts Lakers are a hated team, especially because of Black Mamba

  • gugy

    I LOVE PJ. Good for him. Somebody needs to set the record straight.

    F u C k the league! Bastards, keep giving the Lakers hard time.

  • elvis

    tell brent barry’s old ass to be careful and not throw his back out… everybody is getting at fisher but at the same time, barry was too old and stupid to shoot when he was hit…

  • sketch

    the league made a huge mistake by pointing out the no call on fisher. of course it was a foul, barry was clearly bumped, but like jackson said they need to peel back a few more layers of the onion. i know that they were only doing this to squash any of the claims of a conspiracy theory of how the league wants a boston and los angeles finals, but it back fired…it only got both lakers and spurs fans more ticked off. we are mad that they didn’t mention anything about the 24 second clock after fisher’s shot clearly grazed the rim, and spurs fans for the no call on fisher. i thought the league was much smarter than that, but wait a minute…they’re looking into making potential players play at least 2 years in college before coming out…i guess they’re not that smart after all.