O.C. Register: The Lakers had a back-to-basics practice session this afternoon in an appropriate small-college-gym setting (Southern Nazarene University). Phil Jackson estimated the team reviewed 14 different pick-and-roll scenarios to clarify for the players just how the coaching staff wants them defended.

“Last night (in Minnesota), the screen-roll defenses really hurt us,” Jackson said. “In Utah, the screen-roll defenses hurt us.”

Jackson said the Lakers were lazy early in the game in Minnesota and just switching everything on defense just so they wouldn’t have to keep chasing through picks.

Derek Fisher, who is the object of many of the opposition’s offensive thrusts, was getting electric-stim treatment on his left thumb.

  • Jeff Little

    This is excellent news to know that this meeting has happened, it will be a huge help and help ensure that the entire team is on the same in defending this play.

  • Jeff Little

    Correction … it will be a huge help and help ensure that the entire team is on the same page in defending this play. This will be one of many practices focusing on how to defend the screen and roll play.

  • lilkobe24

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    its never too late to teach defense. joseph ahah what a retarded name

  • LakersFirst

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    Is that why the Lakers beat Boston here in L.A. and in Boston?

  • barry

    true, but let’s not forget that the cavs beat san antonio *twice* in the regular season in 2006, then got swept in the finals. and there’s no guarantee that the celtics will be back – especially if they sign marbury!!!
    having said that, the lakers *did* get pick and rolled to death last year. and it’s probably the main play of the celtics and the cavs, who should not be taken so lightly now that they’re finally healthy since december.
    lamar came up huge against the injury depleted cavs last month, but he’s also plonked a number of single digit scoring games this season. which is the lamar that usually shows up come playoff time?

  • sketch

    Who cares about the meeting? That don’t mean $hit!!! These guys have got to learn to finally defend the pick and roll and commit to it! It’s like we need Billy Blanks to take them to BOOT CAMP and teach them that $hit like he did with fat people with his TAE BO!

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