Lakers coach says the forward who the team unsuccessfully pursued over the summer is wrong in his assessment of the front office.

L.A. Times: Putting on the purple and gold, playing under championship banners, standing shoulder to shoulder with superstars was once considered a dream role around the NBA.

Didn’t everybody want to be a Laker?

Not Kevin Garnett. Last week, he told The Times that, despite the fact he has a home in Malibu, he didn’t want to depend on a Lakers front office he saw as ineffective.

Is his a lone voice, or is the perception of a dysfunctional organization, fueled by an off-season of finger-pointing and a failure to make a meaningful move, more widespread, perhaps discouraging other big names from seeking a Lakers roster spot?

Comparing the Lakers to his former team, the Minnesota Timberwolves, who weren’t able to provide him with sufficient help, Garnett, now a Boston Celtic, said, “I knew I didn’t want to deal with that. I didn’t want to duplicate that. I didn’t want to mimic that.”

After practice Saturday , Lakers Coach Phil Jackson was asked if he thought Garnett’s criticism was an isolated case.

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  • keep24

    Instead of Boston having three all-stars on their roster, this is what we could have had if the Lakers FO wasn’t asleep behind the wheel, or should I say drunk:

    Garnett ( or J. Kidd)

    I won’t even mention the other 4 or 5 major trades that they missed.

    Good job boys!

  • BEC

    Although hes probably right with his assessment of our front office, he shouldnt be opening his mouth regarding the Lakers. He acts and talks like he had all the say in the world where he was going to go, what a load of crap. He had little to no say in where he was going to go, somehow he thinks that now hes a Celtic he can say all this bull. I cant believe I actually had respect for him when he was with minnesota.


    You see how disfuctional the lakers FO is.

  • fatty

    Outside of trading Kobe we offered our best to Minnie and they chose Boston. Even Kobe and PJ felt we made a legit offer for KG.

    Mchale was trading to his buddy Ainge and there was nothing we could do to change his mind. Hey, I’m not happy with the FO, but this time it wasn’t their fault.