Phil gave his thoughts on the players and fatigue.

Daily News: Lakers head coach Phil Jackson is thinking about giving his team some additional rest as the playoffs approach.

“I noticed they fell asleep on the plane last night, which is unusual for them,” Jackson said of how different his team looked from Friday night to Saturday morning. “They’re night owls. They all sleep in the morning when we fly in the mornings.”

Jackson called off their morning shootaround and held a film session on Saturday.

“You can see a drain on players all around the league,” he said. “Last night, I was watching Minnesota beat Dallas by 10, Orlando got beat by Washington. You see guys who are struggling, veteran players who play a lot of games.”

Jackson has already curtailed the team’s practice schedule.

“We really haven’t had a practice in two weeks,” Jackson said. “These guys rejoice in it because practice is practice. I get to work ‘em out the way I want to get it done. There are some joys to just playing games.”

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  • nope

    I hope that doesn’t include Sasha, Luke, Powell, etc. They have no excuse to be tired especially after not contributing.

    • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

      You dont have to play to get tired. See the 8 game roadtrip? Just tavelling without playing can take its toll on you because you are always on the move, especially since the Lakers are playing more road games now, they are playing earlier, waking up early, sleeping late. And if you ask me, that would keep me out for a week or so even if I dont play.
      You have a point, but what I said is true.

      • nope

        Oh no, I totally agree. Why the other day on 710, Ireland was going off on how he was beat. So yes traveling has its toll on everyone. Hell, anyone would be like you said.

        I guess the only complaint is that nothing ever changes with the names mentioned.

  • http://57.amklac a Million Misses!

    shouldn`t they be sorta fresh the first 30 games were home court advantage………..these are pro athletes right?

  • drive-for-16th