This is very cool. Kobe is nearing 20,000 points for his career. In fact, he is 39 points away from it. As for Phil, he is one win away from #8 all time. Tonight’s match up against Philly could be a historic game for both of these NBA greats.

From Kobe only has 39 points to go till he reachs 20,000. Will he get it in Philly his hometown, MSG where Kobe loves to play, or what about the outside chance that he does it against Phoenix on Christmas day? I’m going with Philly I’m sure Kobe would love to get 20,000 there after getting booed there in the all star game.

Here is the news about Phil! Jackson still needs one victory to tie Dick Motta for the eighth-most by a coach in NBA historyJackson’s career record of 934-403 gives him the highest winning percentage in league history. Mota had a record of 935-1,107.

“That brings back memories,” Jackson said. “It’s just memories of Dick and what a coach he was, the kind of guy he was as a coach. Seemed like he coached forever.”

  • http://hhb PHANT0M

    Kobe only got 19 2nite..

    still a few pts away

  • Fred A.

    I feel Kobe should play about 20 to 24 min. when we face the Knicks.
    That so it will be enough just to beat the Knicks. Than he should save to get that 20,000 point thing on Christmas Day. I feel that will be very special to do.

  • LA Forever

    I wish he gets it in Christmas, he should score 19 in the Knicks game and then make a jumper at his home town in christmas to get 20,000pts. and did Phil get his win alrdy against Sixers