Here is a confidence booster for those that are down from the game one loss…

UPDATE: Well, with the Game 2 loss tonight, make it 9-2 in game 2’s.

ESPN: If Jackson comes off as confident, it’s because the numbers back him up. He’s 9-1 in Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

  • lakers

    yeah lol ;-(

  • Banzai

    better make this 9-2

  • Geloman

    Not looking good right now for that record.

  • Sfn

    bad luck!!!! it doesen’t help us right now(((

  • Geloman

    lakers down 22 at end of 3. Not good. Looks like Phil will be 9-3.

  • Sopi


  • Lane

    What an amazing comeback… oh well…



    You can thank MJ for 6 of those.