Phil plans to return; with or without a ring this year.

O.C. Register: Phil Jackson did a rare thing and stood right up to the question he has so often dodged, saying clearly that he intends to coach the Lakers again next season.

Asked here in the house of his greatest successes, United Center, if he planned to “ride off into the sunset” with a Lakers championship at season’s end, Jackson said firmly: “No, I certainly don’t.”

Jackson has usually backpedaled away from all questions about his future, citing a year-by-year policy and even dismissing his contract status as largely irrelevant. This time, he added: “I still have a year left on my contract.”

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  • mamba818

    didn’t we already know this?
    i thought the question was whether he was going to stay after 2010.

  • LakersFirst

    He knows he’s close to that 10th ring that will erase any doubt that he is the greatest basketball coach.

  • FlowDesignz

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    I think it wasss questioned whether or not he would still be coach during 2010. And this is pretty much a confirmation that he will be.

    Great news!!!

    Noooow question at the moment issss if he will be staying after 2010 =] That would be great but we’ll seeee

  • Lakerfanl

    This is GREAT news. Hopefully w can do at least a back to back. :)

  • udechukwu

    glad to hear it!!


  • Al

    Please retire…it’s about time.