Phil wants to give it another go!

Sports Radio Interviews: Lakers coach Phil Jackson still isn’t sure if he’ll return next season, but made it known that he would like to give it one more go.

“The organization is obviously behind what I want to do and they’ve extended that offer for continuing here, so that is all positive,” Jackson told ESPN Chicago.

“It’s just covering that hurdle. And, some of that’s just getting old, and the wear and tear of the game, and the amount of flying that you do. You know, this 82 game pilgrimage that you go through before the playoffs even begin and the wear and tear and if that’s a necessary part or if this is the time now to step back, and regard that as accomplishments done and sit back in the rocker and enjoy watching guys do this. But I’d still like to push on through another year if possible.”


    HELL YEAH PHIL! Don’t worry, there’s plenty of us that would volunteer to push you around in the wheelchair during practice and the games if need be! Just make sure that you stick around for another 3-PEAT and possible 4-PEAT!

  • gugy

    PJ will be back.
    Hopefully we will another one and he will get motivate for another 3 peat. Imagine 4 3 peats on his career. Amazing.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Key words: IF POSSIBLE

    Phil would love to come back, and the Lakers would love to have him back, but lets hope his health doesn’t get in the way.

  • kwame4mvp

    why are we discussing this? this is like discussing the possibility of Kobe leaving us. It’s not happening.

  • G-Small

    Phil won’t be going anywhere for the next 10 years or so.