Phil is upset over the antics of Jones. Lakers coach Phil Jackson accused Nuggets guard Dahntay Jones of playing “unsportsmanlike basketball” by intentionally tripping Kobe Bryant during Game 4 of the Western Conference finals Monday night.

Jackson’s accusation came after Los Angeles fell 120-101 to Denver to tie the series at 2-all. He became the second coach to call Jones dirty during the playoffs, joining Byron Scott of the Hornets, who said the same thing in the first round.

The Lakers coach was upset with what he deemed inconsistent officiating that resulted in 49 Denver free throws — 14 more than the Lakers.

“There’s another situation out there tonight that was unacceptable by Dahntay Jones,” Jackson said. “Just unacceptable defense, tripping guys and playing unsportsmanlike basketball.”

Jones stuck his right foot out while Bryant was cutting to the basket for a possible rebound late in the third quarter and Bryant went sliding across the lane. There was no call, and Bryant argued with referee Bennett Salvatore.

Asked if he felt Jones went out of his way to trip Bryant, Jackson replied: “Yes. It’s not the first time it’s happened in this series.”

Bryant tried to stay away from the question when asked about it moments later — sort of.

“I just fell on my face for no reason,” he said. “I’m a klutz.”

Was Jones playing him dirty?

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  • Lake4Life

    Automatic suspension since he has done it now back to back in games in this series. 1st the push in the back and 2nd the trip which couldve put him out of the playoffs.

    Shit like that doesn’t deserve 1 technical…if Rafer Aston gets one game suspension for slapping Eddie House in the head Jones should be suspeneded as well.

    FVCK the NBA, Stern and the Refs for letting shit like this fly by.

  • LakerLoverCelticsHater

    jones should be suspended for this, and smith should be suspended for that elbow on Bynum, it was the same thing Fisher did to scola but Bynum is a man and stood his ground.

    Do you guys think any of these guys deserve/will be suspended?

  • sketch

    Jones is basically the WNBA version of Bruce Bowen and Shane Battier! Hell, he ain’t even half the defender that Raja Bell or Ronnie Brewer are! Those 4 guys with the exception of a flagrant foul and “dirty” clothes line on Kobe on Bell have always PLAYED tough consistent defense on Kobe! Not only have they never been accused of being dirty, with that 1 exception, on Kobe, but on anyone else for that matter!

    The constant push in the backs and the trips by this guy (scrub), trying to insight a fight by Kobe or provoke him to get another technical is so bush! And we know that it all starts with their coach George Karl! Here’s another thing… this is for Kobe! Kobe, if Melo is supposed to be a “tight” friend of yours, don’t you think that he would step in and tell Jones to knock it off?!? This just goes to show that Melo is dirty too, he has no honor and neither does the whole McNuggets organization for that matter. It’s win by any means necessary for them! They think that they’re now the Malcolm X’s Nation of Islam back in the day! Bunch of thugs!

    Jones, at least man up about what you’ve done! Don’t try to play it off like you didn’t do anything wrong or that you don’t remember the play! Your game is weak! The only reason why you’re on the team is to foul and play dirty! Here’s your new nickname… “6 FOULS TO GIVE!” Because, that’s what you are! Except, the refs and the league won’t even call all 6 on you. It’s like you’ve got a federal bail out plan for yourself! Fcuk you and your team!

    Go Lakers!

  • kobe8

    i wouldn’t be surprised if he don’t get suspended. They didn’t suspend Rondo for punching Brad Miller, so I wouldn’t put it past b*tch a$$ Stu Jackson to let it slide again.

  • lakers2000

    I don’t know how I have stayed a fan of the NBA so long. Fcuk the Refs, Buttnuggets, and Jeff (Kobe hater) Van Dummy! I can’t wiat to see these punks pouting when the Lakers finally knock there punk asses out of the playoffs! Go Lakers!!!!!!!!! Man up Bynum!

  • Zoom Kobe II

    Van Dummy…HA! That’s awesome. He is so incredibly biased, it’s amazing. Although, I liked the comment he made during yesterday’s game. Something to the effect of “In the NBA, you’ll get what you deserve” (speaking of wins, losses and outcomes) I laughed out loud, considering he could never get the Rockets out of the first round and was essentially fired as head coach. Yeah Jeff….in this league, you get EXACTLY what you deserve.

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

    That absolutely, positively, undeniably was a deliberate trip by Jones. He looks down at Kobe’s foot and sticks his own foot out, hooks it, and then lifts it to finish off the trip.

    If Stu Jackson does not designate that a flagrant, resulting in Jones’ third, he’s blind and on the take.

    I expect Jones to be suspended for Game 5.

    If not, then let’s crank up our own dirty play and have at it.

  • Brian

    If you call shoves to the back, tripping and elbows defense than the Thuggets are playing great D. I like physical defense in the playoffs, but this is getting out of hand. Stu Jackson needs to send a message to the teams still left standing and suspend Jones. If he suspended Dwight Howard for his elbow than the flagrant foul to Kobe in the back and now this intentional pu$$y trip should be more than enough to sit his a$$.




  • portman

    sketch, shane battier is the only one in the nba who could actually “stop” kobe while playing good, honest defense, so putting him down the level of jones is a disrespect to the man. admit it, you’d like him on our team but that would be boring if we don’t see those two guys battle it out.

    as for that punk jones, he shouldn’t be suspended, cos i expect kobe to punish that kid on the court.