Phil believes the Lakers are ready for the finals.

Yahoo! Sports: The Los Angeles Lakers were not prepared to win a championship against the Boston Celtics last June. However, head coach Phil Jackson says the team will be ready this year, according to the Los Angeles Daily News.

  • lakers4life


  • JohnJohn

    Lets go Lakers Lets go.

  • 123kid

    they are so ready! just by watchin their after practice interviews, they seem anxious and ready to get these playoffs on the way. they dont sound over confident, but they know what needs to be done!

  • jC

    i seriously feel like if we were to win the title this year, it may seem bigger than the titles during the 3peat yrs. not to downplay those but we had a lot of talent. a lot more than we have now. this title is all about vindication. especially kobe phil fish and lamar IMHO..

  • WifelovesLuke

    This years playoff run has been a hell of a lot more challenging this year than last and I was never worried. Well, ok, maybe a little. But watching Kobe before, during and after games always seemed to keep me settled down. The man is on a mission like I have not seen since MJ.