It looks like there are some problems between Drew and Phil.

RealGM: Lakers center Andrew Bynum wants more playing time, but coach Phil Jackson won’t budge.

Jackson wants to see Bynum play better defense, and the rift has led both men to give the other the silent treatment, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Bynum didn’t return to the team’s Game 2 loss to the Nuggets on Thursday night after being yanked midway through the third quarter.

Jackson didn’t like how Bynum failed to hustle down the court on defense after he wasn’t targeted with a pass in the post.

  • gugy

    Bynum is a little freaking bi-tch. Stop complaining and play serious ball, do not get in foul trouble early and dominate the boards. Also specially play defense.
    PJ will not put you there just because you are whining. Prove you deserve it. Prove all the money you are making.

  • Diggah_dalakerfan

    you forgot to say “Bynum is a $56 Million Dollar li Bitch” he can lift playboy bunnies but not play defense which wins championships?? I’m an old school laker-fan…..cry me a river..

  • Diggah_dalakerfan

    i apologize for cursing…..forgive me

  • lakers1fan

    Bynum needs to cash-in the court just like he cashes his freakin’ $$$$$$ CHECK! PLAY DEFENSE, GRAB REBOUNDS, BLOCK SHOTS, and CLOG the MIDDLE. Other than that STFU!!!

  • zgum

    Being ARROGANT while playing POORLY!? Wow, the kid needs to adjust his whole self! Play smart and be humble FIRST! You cant reach the real deal of being successful if u keep on whining, whimpering and crying about your own stardom!

    NUFF SAID! hope he reads this!

  • David

    I have said this more than once and I will say it again I am not on the BYNUM bandwagon , he is not the future of the franchise trade his sorry but to the grizzlies.. this kid can’t keep out of foul trouble dj mbenga who makes a fraction of what baby chewbacca makes has more passion and heart .. Please at his age the diesel was breaking back boards drew just breaks the hearts of all laker fans around the world.. somebody call horace grant out of retirement !!

  • Margo

    I definitely believe that Bynum needs to understand how to get pass this, BUT U MEAN TO TELL ME I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO BELIEVED HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE GAME IN THE 4QTR! While we ALL watched Kenyon Martin & Melo get offensive rebounds and put backs with Lamar & Pau standing right there? The one thing I can say about Bynum is there are no EASY LAYUPS w/ him anymore. He don’t mind USING HIS FOULS!

  • David

    I don’t mind him using his fouls as well just not 3 in the first 7 mins of the 1st Qtr.. he does not plays smart basketball or should I say fundamental Basketball his hands are NEVER at the Ready positions and it’s like he never expects the ball come one your over 7ft tall you can just place the ball in the hoop but he stands there and loses the ball. it’s like he never expects a pass. Even Jordan farmar was yelling at him off the bench to hustle on a play.. Im sorry I am just frustrated with the fact Kobe is giving it his all and we need an inside presence to help him the man cant do this alone we all know too well what happened to us last year without a strong inside presence think about if we have to face Howard in the next round . The LAKES have come to far and worked too hard to come up short.. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL LAL#24 COME ON LAKERS I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS!!

  • zgum

    I agree with you David…

    Kobe looks tired in game three.. He looks exhausted.. same with Pau.. theyve been playing more minutes than anybody!

    Play SMART BBALL! Also intended to Sasha…

  • Jason

    So is this article after the the fact that Bynum said there wasn’t any problems? If Bynum is not talking to Phil in the midst of a Western conference show down then that is just pathetic, seriously. If Bynum doesn’t come out with a 20 20 game in game 4 then he needs to stfu and work his way back into the rotation. I mean for god sakes he’s starting him over Lamar, that alone should be an honor…

  • zgum

    [Comment ID #72837 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yeah, Bynum and Sasha are frustrating to watch…

  • YellowPurpleFever

    Over paid for a center that cant play Defense and grab boards. If its the knee then sit your A$$ down and let other players have a chance. Phil needs to play Brown more and sit the “broken Machine” down. Give Josh Powell a chance.

  • Fluke Makes Me Puke

    Bynum needs to STFU and play basketball! He is an immature, weak-minded, lazy son of a BI-TCH who still has not accepted his role as a rebound-defense first player and only cares about himself. He has been total garbage throughout the playoffs:
    – Doesn’t hustle.
    – Takes his time, runs lazily back, and gets beat on the transition defense.
    – Doesn’t block out.
    – Doesn’t outmuscle and outhustle on rebounds.
    – Moves really slow around the post.
    – Takes really bad shots.
    – Piss-poor attitude with the mind of a dumba$$ teenager.

    When the camera rolls to him on the bench, he just sits there with a blank stare and pouts. I beginning to hate this MOTHERFU_CKER. He’s being paid $56M and all he does is constantly give lame excuses for his poor pathetic play. STFU and grow up you FU_CKIN piece of SH!T.

  • Geloman

    He’s only 21 in his first playoffs and coming back from an injury. Let’s just be patient with him and give him a chance. He’ll come around. You’ll see :))

  • Eidraq

    [Comment ID #72842 Will Be Quoted Here]

    at the age of 21, the great bball players…the players who were the so called “futures of the franchise” were playing consistently, bynum is only good when he gets a million touches..he is clearly not a good role player and is showing that he’ll only be a punk in the future…

    anyone who knows the idea of venture capitalism will know what to do with him

  • PauLAsol

    really bynum?? are you even serious??? stop thinking bout bunnies!!! i know ur 21 yo and whatever but cmon this aint training camp stfu and get some rebounds!!!

    i have one foot outside the bynum bandwagon, last game i was yelling at the tv: rebounds bynum rebounds!!! fock, trade his @ss right away!!

    kareem should be teaching him how to have the right attitude

  • lakeshow

    its time like this i wish the lakers had a center like shaq who would play aggressive and not soft basketball.

  • Kobe8

    Bynum has no heart and he is immature. He only plays basketball because he is big and has a body for it, but he doesn’t have love for the game. I think when he was injured he heard all this bulls*hit about the “Lakers can’t win without Bynum” and he became big headed.

    He needs to realize that he’s a ROLE PLAYER not a superstar. Get rebounds & block shots like Chris Andersen does for Denver and the offense will come. There’s no excuse sorry stats like these for a 7ft who supposedly is the key for the Lakers winning the title

    so he needs to CHILL & STFU.


    Wow!!! I can’t believe the panic out there on this thread. We have people wanting to trade him? IDIOTS. This is blown up out of proportion by many here. Sure he needs to get his game in gear but the answers are not found in here. Bynum looks totally different than we know the real Bynum looks like and it has to do with his speed. He doesn’t have his speed in his legs yet. Be patient laker fans. Have a beer today. Chill.

    Kobe8 Bynum is not talking crap so why should he stfu. That makes no sense. NOw JR Smith needs to stfu.


    Jackson has a dilemma. He has a 21-year-old kid coming off a torn medial collateral ligament who missed 32 games before returning April 9. The knee, Bynum says, is about 80-85 percent.

    His conditioning, according to Jackson, is something else.

    “This is a guy who hasn’t played a lot of minutes,” Jackson said. “A sustained effort for Andrew is a big deal. He can run three or four minutes, then he tires. You just have to allow him to come back off and go back in the next time. We’re just looking for short bursts from him and opportunities to help us.”

    He has improved in the Nuggets series. He’s averaging 7.3 points, but how long can the Lakers survive with only three scorers and getting little from the man who’s supposed to replace O’Neal?

    “He’s going up against some really good defensive players,” Bryant said in support. “Nene’s very good; Kenyon (Martin) is very good. So it’s not like we can just throw him the ball. They’re not going to let him catch it on the block and go to work.”

  • spank1959

    Let trade him to the clippers for their first round pick

  • gugy

    If the Lakers play Orlando at the finals we will miss Bynum if he still playing with a weak mind.
    Howard will abuse of Gasol and we can’t double team him because Orlando 3 pointers are scary.
    I think we should be praying for Lebron to rise the Cavs and get his team at the finals. That will be an easier route.

  • Jason

    [Comment ID #72877 Will Be Quoted Here]

    The key to Orlando is not to double team Howard until he makes his move and go for a steal or block. Other than that just let Howard go to work, he’s not a consistent 20 pts per game player. You’ll get it once every couple of games but Howard will not beat you. Hedo and Lewis are the keys to Orlando, set your defense on those two guys and you’ll be ok.

    Besides in all honestly I think Bynum will start to play a lot better these last few games and into the Finals.

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

    [Comment ID #72841 Will Be Quoted Here]

    He (and his “people”) need to shut the F up.

    That said, his knee is not right: he dragging it around and has no hops. Give him some credit for trying, but the athleticism he needs just is not there.

    But with that caveat and the knowledge that he’ll be back next year to prove his value, I’ll say it again, he needs to shut the F up.

  • Juan

    My Question is where is Kareem in all of this , he should be all over his lazy butt , isn’t that why we have Kareem there to help this guy .

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious

    at least he`s not tanking it till late in the in 4th quater then starts playing so he can be the hero..but L.A. fans are used to that..

  • Youtube

    Damn so this is the GUY that was supposed to be our SAVIOR huh?! You people blame phil and stuff for not playing bynum but it is BYNUM who is showing this piss poor attitude, not to mention his piss poor play. Andrew your one of my fave lakers and all but STFU and start playing like your supposed to. Your not on this team to SCORE, Thats kobe and pau’s job, your here to play D, to rebound, to stop the big men of the other team. And if he doesnt want to do that then “ship his @** out”

  • KG

    Trade Bynum to the clippers for the number one pick. Big Baby and Perkins owns Bynum. Bynum=Bust

  • Jason

    [Comment ID #72900 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Bynum is still one of the best big men in the league when he’s healthy. I don’t like his attitude but we all have to realize he’s not 100% and he’s never really played in the playoffs. He still has time to adjust, I like it that he wants to play and if he can funnel that desire into the game, we may have a break out game for him soon. I called it here first!

  • RN

    PJ is a stuborn pighead. Yes, he benched Andrew because he play bad defend but how about Fisher. He is been bad on both end of the floor and why did PJ still putting D fish out there. Please bench D Fish too. Give Andrew time. If he played like he played b4 he got injured Lakers sure will win a few championships.

  • Jason

    [Comment ID #72904 Will Be Quoted Here]

    This type of mentality will lose you games. D Fish is a huge part of this team, you can’t just throw him under the bus like that. I think Phil has done a tremendous job with the point guard position, and if we expect to beat either the Cavs or Magic specifically, then we’re gonna need D Fish at his best, and benching him won’t do the trick.

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious?

    if the lakers win game 4 its over..if they lose ,here we go again!!!!lets blame andrew!

  • T-Dub

    The twin towers theory will not work anyway. One has to be a perimeter player like David Robinson with Duncan. They are both interior players and they clog the lane. Phil is a DUMBA$$ and can’t realize it. Either Pau or Bynum has to go because the twin tower theory has only ever worked with the Spurs. Trade one for a PF who can hit from the perimeter because it sure as hell ain’t Odumb!

  • Rich

    Drew is not healthy I think he should have just sat out the rest of the year and got his knee right. At least he’s getting playoff experience.

  • Amanda

    Bynum needs to be B!tch Slapped!




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