This is the same thing we heard last year, that he would be ready before the Playoffs, but you guys know how that went. What are your feelings toward this, Lakers Nation? Sound-off!

Yahoo! Sports: It appears the Los Angeles Lakers will not get center Andrew Bynum back before the end of the regular season, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Coach Phil Jackson said Thursday while Bynum has moved beyond running on a treadmill his return will be closer to the start of the NBA playoffs than the orginal date of early April. Bynum is returning from a torn medial collateral ligament in his right knee.

“He has a considerable amount of time yet before he’s going to be even at practice with us,” Jackson said.

  • Freshh

    Well this was foreseen,
    Vagynum & CO. disappoints again.

  • Brando

    So I’m guessing Bynum was wrong when he said that he’ll “Definitely” return?

  • Lakers 24 7

    …well at least he doesn’t need surgery this time, right? *knock on wood*

  • FlowDesignz

    What a surpriseeee!!!

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    PJ would do well in politics..
    he is trying to lower expectations so that whatever happens to Bynum (like returning before the playoffs) seem like a great surprise…

    PJ is on the east coast with the team and Andrew is in La working hard everyday…. Andrew knows how he feels, and i’m sure that PJ gets updates on him…but…they might just want to keep him out to make sure that he is ok…i still believe that he will return….we still have 3 weeks left in the season…..

    I have to believe and have’s our year and Andrew coming back will make it our fairy tale with a happy ending- Champs

  • David

    [Comment ID #65948 Will Be Quoted Here]

    He didn’t “need” surgery last time either…..

  • purplegoldvein

    actually he did need surgery last year, know when to use quotation marks homie.

  • jason

    i’ve said from the beginning that i’ll believe he’s back when i see he’s back..this is all the same sht we heard last year and he never came back…so once again..i’ll believe it when i see it.

  • Coooooop

    well said jason. i’ll believe it when i see it as well. the doctors and bynum pulled the same stings sayin he would be back soon and never came back. When I heard it was an MCL injury i pretty much figured he was out the whole season and knew they would pull the same stuff as last year. Glad to hear phil be honest. Even if a miracle happens and he does give it a try i dont think he will be used much or pushed hard. no need to risk further injury when they invested a lot of years and money into him.