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L.A. Times: Maybe the “M-V-P” chants will be backed up by actual hardware this season.

Kobe Bryant has never won the NBA most-valuable-player award, 12 seasons into a career that has netted him 10 All-Star appearances, seven All-Defense selections, three championships and two scoring titles.

Is this when he adds that other trophy?

The Lakers are legitimate contenders in the Western Conference, with Bryant contributing across the board. He is averaging 28.3 points, 6.1 rebounds, 5.4 assists and 2.0 steals after Tuesday’s game. He is shooting 46.4%, his best field-goal percentage since 2001-02.

Bryant’s scoring is down from his combined average of 33.5 points a game the previous two seasons, but Lakers Coach Phil Jackson stated the platform for Bryant as MVP.

“He’s playing a more rounded game than perhaps the end of the last two seasons, just measuring what the team needs and how to get it done including his teammates,” Jackson said. “Defensively, his game has improved a lot. He could be defensive player of the year simply on the improvement between last year and this year on his defense.”

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  • gugy

    if Kobe doesn’t win MVP this year.

    then, F U C K the NBA!

  • sepehr

    Here is a nice article about Kobe being MVP this year.

  • kobe bryant

    what if kobe would win both mvp and defensive player of the year. and both kobe and bynum will be in the all-nba first team and all-nba defensive first team, and what if phil wins coach of the year and mitch kupchak wins executive of the year, and ariza for most improved, or ronny for sportsmanship. there should be some lakers winnin some awards.

  • sepehr

    Kobe has a legitimate chance of getting the MVP but he gets hated on too much to win the defensive player of the year award from sports writers. As for executive I think Either McHale or Kupchuk will get it and thats about it. Bynum won’t make first team anything since he hasnt played enough games and he is not the 1st or 2nd best center in the NBA by a long shot. Ariza is great but he hasnt played enough games.

  • lalball81

    Ariza is a future HOF for sure.