It looks like Phil and his staff are already preparing for the Celtics, who, with a 3-0 lead over the Magic,  most anticipate to meet the Lakers in the finals.

ESPN: “[We look for] everything,” Jackson said about the scouting process when his coaching staff has a viewing party. “First of all, you look for the officials, who’s officiating the games. It’s what you do, you just look at it. Then you watch what the demeanor of the game is going to be, how it’s going to start out, who is going to run what plays to start the game and go from there.”

  • Xtro

    And soon the battle shall begin…

  • Copy & Paste Police

    Do you guys even write any of your own content? Anyone can just copy and paste all day . . . worst blog EVER!

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    do you even know how blogs work? They link back to the original content and they provide us with the news in one post. get out of here if you don’t understand blogs, tool. they have an original article stickied as well as a podcast and ld2k video. gtfo

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    That is PJ for you- well prepared.
    This post season we have taken away the opponents strength in each series.
    Artest and KB on Durant and Westbrook.
    Containing D-Wil and stopping their pick and roll.
    And pure domination of the suns.

  • Copy & Paste Police

    90% of content here is copied and pasted. Go find another blog that blatantly copies that much! The only thing legit on this blog are the graphics, but that’s just copy and pasting the Laker Jerseys. haha. joke.

  • why?

    so true the reffs are key…bcuz you never kno when they might want to turn sum bench bum into a superstar (Leon Powe)

  • Robert

    Hey ‘why?’ – you are so right! I recall that Powe had that improbable run, and also the refs refused to call moving screens on Garnett (and others).
    This year, the Lakers have home court. Refs tend to favor the home court, but you never know. I guess it depends on Vegas odds, don’t it! (yeah, Tim Donaghy is the ‘only’ ref who has ever been on the take in sports history).

  • yash

    Lakers thinking too early about boston. thats why they lost.

    • Blackmamba824

      NO…. the suns r just not good enough to beat the lakers in a 7 game series… so yea we look ahead to boston becuz thats the ONLY team that can stop us rite now… but they wont becuz kobe’s not gonna let us lose two times to boston again. But to say we gonna lose to the suns is very disrepectful to the lakers.. lol to offence to the suns