J.A. Adande joins Chad Ford to take a look around the NBA. What’s up with Kobe Bryant?

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  • magicbalala245

    So i guess this means Kobe stays for at least 1 season but in my opinion he will be a laker 4 life

  • rpouncy14

    Lakers need 2 be better if they get JO or another superstar.

  • lafanfromindiana

    To Nugget-Thanks for the post

    To J.A. Adande and Chad Ford- That was the most boring interview I have ever listened to in my entire life.

  • magicbalala245

    [quote comment=”11834″]To Nugget-Thanks for the post

    To J.A. Adande and Chad Ford- That was the most boring interview I have ever listened to in my entire life.[/quote]
    the interview was quite interesting if you have any iq level of basketball opps my bad you don’t have any! how can you say any of taht part was boring when it gave thought of kobe him going to the bulls and who is getting stronger in both west and east so shut up unless you know any basketball

  • cyrus

    Adande is not a sensationalist journalist (that may change now that he moved over to ESPN) like Ric Bucher or Bill Plaschke. It was more like a debut interview, and they based it around Kobe and the Lakers because Adande used to write for LA-Times.

    Nothing new or exciting about his take on Kobe, but I rather get bored listening to Adande giving us his take on Kobe or KG to Celtics deal, than listening to shameless lies spread by Rich Bucher. Also, a sportswriter doesn’t need to hype up his view with some baseless rumors to get attention. Just analyzing the status-quo, in a realistic frame, is good enough for me.

    I agree with Adande on his take on KG, Pierce and R.Allen trio and their chances of winning a title. Adande doesn’t have high hopes for the Boston trio.

    All in all, I enjoyed the interview. Thanks Nugget.

  • kb24 4life

    yeah i agree with you magicbalala245 kobe is just trying to put pressure on the lakers so they get better because he wants to win but i think that kobe loves the lakers as much as he loves playing basketball so he wants to be a laker his entire career and the lakers will not do much this off-season but maybe at the trade deadline the value for JO will have low a little bit because he will opt out next season if he isn’t traded so maybe indiana wants cook, bynum, farmar, and kwame at the trade deadline

    what do you think..

  • cyrus

    kb24 4life,

    It’s all about supply and demand; I really don’t think JO’s value will be diminished as much and as fast we hope. He is one of the best big men in the league and and big men are in high demand in this league, especially players like JO. He will stay in high demand, at last for the next couple of years. Like the Lakers; Nets, Bulls and some other teams in the league would make a competitive bid for JO as soon as he’s on the block.

  • keep24

    After years of Kobe bashing it was nice to hear JA call it as it really is.

    KB does get the short end of the stick when it comes to superstar treatments. And, I do think a lot has to do with his lack of social skills and public persona. He sort of brings it on himself.

    It’s a shame but true. Shaq got away with so much more because he was a little more media savvy than KB.

    Look at LeBron: how does a kid, straight out of high school, get to be called KING JAMES?

    Magic got his nickname because of what he showed on the court at Michigan. “KING” James is a good example of a marketing scheme that KOBE never got.

    I don’t think LeBron and Kobe are even in the same league when it comes to basketball but look at the star treatment that LeBron gets compared to what Kobe got or is getting.

    Kobe will have to suffer the same fate as all great artists do, which is not being appreciated in their prime and only have their greatness recognized when they retire or are dead.

  • TheFaze

    Thanks for the interview summary, Cyrus.

    And keep24, I totally, wholeheartedly, agree with you.

  • iblausy

    keep24, nice stuff that you wrote there. i have high hopes for this season even if we don’t land a big player. who knows, maybe bynum will surprise us all, including kobe.

  • keep24

    [quote comment=”11851″] maybe bynum will surprise us all, including kobe.[/quote]

    I hope so too, but at what cost? It better not be at the cost of losing the best player to ever play the game!

    I rememeber watching Kobe in his first year and I could tell how badly he wanted to start every game and be the very best. He played hard every single night and gave it his best. In his second year, he led the NBA in points off the bench.

    A star will always find a way to shine. Bynum on the other hand could just end up being another over hyped big man, like Chris Kaman – ask the Clippers how that deal work out for them!

    It’s never about size or position, but about heart.

    Keep Kobe at all cost!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Faith

    Good point Keep24. I like Bynum, but I too question whether he’ll be that next great/superstar. Even with Dwight Howard you can see that drive, that promise. Socks? I just don’t.

  • iblausy

    Don’t get me wrong. I’d choose Kobe over any other player on the planet. What i was saying is that maybe, just maybe, if we start the season with the same squad, Bynum could surprise us all with a break out year and be as dominate as he should be and make Kobe re-think his stance about the young fella. Think about it, if both Bynum and Odom can have breakout seasons along with having triangle master luuukkeee… and a vet pg in d fish… we could shock the league. Maybe get that three seed, play a team like denver… wipe the floor with them and then a rematch with the suns in the second round… and who knows.. if we can get it done this time around.. kobe might enjoy the challenge.

  • Fred A.

    Personally I like Bynum, but I don’t think he is put out on the court like he should. If Bynum has a breakout season than he should have these kinds of seasons every season through his whole career. But trufully I don’t trust him doing that. That why he should get traded. I see no signs of him improving for the future.
    I found this on some blog somewhere on the internet, I forgot where.
    Here it goes:






    Wright(probly the next James Worthy out of UNC)

    I love this traded!!!!!!!!!
    What do you think?


  • Ed

    I found this interview of Lamar Odom.

    His name is being mentioned in trade talks, but Odom says he wants to remain a Laker.

    His cell and home phones ring constantly, and he gets countless text messages daily.

    All his friends and family have the same questions for Lamar Odom.

    “Yo, L.O., you getting traded? Yo, L.O., you going to the Pacers? Yo, L.O., what’s up?”

    Odom can’t go anywhere without hearing his name being mentioned along with Lakers teammate Andrew Bynum and the team’s No. 1 draft pick (19) in a deal for Indiana’s Jermaine O’Neal.

    “Of course I’m getting called all the time about that,” Odom said in a phone interview. “It’s flattering. But I want to be a Laker.”

    Odom had surgery last month to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder that will require four months to heal.

    He will get an MRI next week on his right knee to determine if he needs surgery for a sprained MCL.

    Having a surgery — or two — wouldn’t necessarily prohibit Odom from being a part of a potential blockbuster trade this summer.

    “I hope they don’t have to do the surgery,” Odom said. “But if they do, it’ll be done in time to be ready for the season.”

    Recently, Odom listened intently to teammate Kobe Bryant vent.

    Bryant demanded to be traded, rescinded that and asked to be traded again, leaving Odom to say “that was a wild week.”

    Odom said he spoke with Bryant late last week.

    “I couldn’t tell if he was frustrated,” Odom said. “But for us to have a conversation, obviously something had to be up.”

    Could Odom gauge whether Bryant wanted to be traded or remain with the Lakers?

    “I have no idea,” Odom said. “Nor would I ever ask him that.”

    Odom, who averaged 15.9 points, 9.8 rebounds and 4.8 assists last season, injured his shoulder March 2. But he missed just five games, playing in pain the rest of the season and in the playoffs.

    He has been traded before, coming to LA from Miami as part of the Shaquille O’Neal deal in 2004.

    Odom wants to play for the Lakers but said the business of sports dictates that players have to move on.

    “I’m 100 percent down for the Lakers,” Odom said. “But you have to understand that this is a business. Nobody likes to be traded off their team. But if you do, hopefully your game protects you and puts you in a situation where it’s comfortable, as far as being accepted by the other organization.”

    Odom, who has two years and $27,397,192 left on his contract, said he would seek an extension if he is traded.

    Odom has been getting treatment for his shoulder three days a week and said he hasn’t talked to the Lakers about the trade talks.

    “I don’t think it’s like that for me to have to talk to them right now,” Odom said. -

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  • lalaland

    i agree with most of you about keeping kobe at all cost but get off bynums back. the kid is still young. most importantly people forget that he had never played a full season of hs basketball even. thats why last year he got out to a great start and after about 15 games he was just worn down. even rookies coming out of college like farmar play only about half the season well and then their body is just worn down because they are not used to it. when bynum was drafted everyone said he is a project that will take at least 3 to 4 years to develop him. so like i said keep kobe but i think we need to keep bynum as well and see his development this year and people will be surprised. also everyone talking about he has no heart or desire he is a kid amongst men. give him time and he will develope with kareem teaching him every step of the way. oh and dont forget the miami game where bynum dunked on shaq that was a great play.

  • keep24

    [quote comment=”11867″] when bynum was drafted everyone said he is a project that will take at least 3 to 4 years to develop him.[/quote]

    Couldn’t that really be said about every player. You invest 3-4 years of hard work into any player and they will be improve and some will become great.

    When he was drafted the Lakers were not in a rebuilding mode. They had just played in the Finals!!!

    With Jason Kidd, the Lakers would have been one small piece away from a title.

    KB, Odom, Kidd, Walton and Mihm – think about that!!!

    Not doing that trade was worse than doing the Shaq trade!!!!

    The reason why KB keeps stressing the J. Kidd issue is simply because Kidd’s style of play is designed to make everyone else better – not Kobe’s job.

    That’s what people don’t get about KB. He is not a point guard. He is not Magic. He is a scorer!

    How many times did he try to change his style by feeding the ball to Kwame “butterfingers” Brown, only to watch him drop the ball and have Nash run it down the court for an easy two.

    Apple and oranges my friends! Apples and oranges!

    The idea of people asking Kobe to wait for Bynum to develope is like asking the smart kid in the class not to get A’s all the time because he is messing up the class curve.

    F#%k Bynum and any other Laker player who doesn’t play hard every night.

  • keep24

    watch this clip and tell me if I’m wrong about this team ( Kobe not included) having no heart…

    Just watch Odom and Kwame and the rest of the team. Look at their body language. Look at how soft they are. This is what KB has to deal with.

    You think Larry Bird could have done that to Magic in the playoffs and gotten away with it.

    Now go back and watch this video in which Kobe punched Reggie Miller. Kobe instigated the whole fight and the entire Laker team came to his aid.

    look at Big Shot Bob and Shaq

    No heart = no glory!!!

  • rpouncy14

    I heard Lamar remain as a laker.

  • lalaland

    keep24 if they had gotten kidd it would not have been only bynum in the trade they would have had to add farmar or walton plus someone else to make the money match. if kidd trade would have been made whats the point considering you already have odom handeling the ball and kobe always needs his touches.

    KB, Odom, Kidd, Walton and Mihm – think about that!!!
    how is that a championship team or even close. mihm was still hurt and no one even knows if he is healthy enough to play this year. your backup would be ronnie and where would the front line be without 2 of your big guys because you lose bynum and kwame in the trade. i love how people keep bitchin about all these trades that the front office should make and how it would make this team great over night. that team you say that would be so great would get killed in the first round anyways because you have no bench. all teams in the west have fast pg and kidd looks great in the east but look up his stats against the top west teams and you can see he is not that great. also he is 33 or 34 you think he can stay up with the young pg in a 7 game series. so please stfu and think before you open your mouth.

  • keep24

    I never said it would be an over night fix. And, the trade would have included Bynum plus some role players but you still would have had some bench.

    But ask yourself this: did they have a bench last year? Or do they have one now? How did NOT getting Kidd improve this team.

    Name one consistant player the Lakers had off the bench for th elast three year???? You can’t! There was none. That’s my point.

    Throwing farmar, cook or anybody else, would have been for salary purposes only. Nets only wanted Bynum, the rest were just garbage.

    All you need to win a championship team in this league is 5 players:

    1. a superstar – KOBE
    2. a star – (KG or JO)
    3. a playmaker (Kidd/ D-Fish)
    4. a scorer off the bench ( say Big Shot BOB)
    5. a scrappy player off the bench ( like Turiaf)

    the rest of the players just buy minutes for the five types mentioned above.

    During the 3-peat that’s what the Lakers had.
    that’s what Chicago had in the 90s.
    that’s what the Lakers had in the 80s.

  • lalaland

    by trading bynum for kidd how do you intend to go out and get kg or jo as you said. you need bynum to be included in the jo or kg trade. indiana wants walton,bynum, and lamar right now for jo. also with those trade you still dont have the scorer off the bench. as for the videos its all about how the person getting attacked reacts. in the kobe v reggie they were wrestling and so the team got in there and broke it up and problem solved. in the suns game kobe jus shrugged it off and raja just walked away after his attack. had kobe jumped up and started a fight the rest of the guys would have been there to protect kobe.

  • Ed

    Tayshaun Prince, Marco Jaric and J. Howard
    What about this trade?

    We would get T. Prince, Marco Jaric and J. Howard for Bynum, Radman, Cook, Brown and Jordan Farmar. And that would be our roster:

    D. Fisher/ M. Jaric/ JC

    K Bryant/ Vujacic/ M. Evans

    T. Prince/ L. Walton/ Coby Karl

    L. Odom/ R. Turiaf

    C. Mihm/ and that´s the bad point of this trade, we would need to hire another center. I do like Marc Gasol, but at least we have to wait one year to see him playing on LA.

    What do you think about this one?

  • keep24

    [quote comment=”11883″]by trading bynum for kidd how do you intend to go out and get kg or jo as you said. [/quote]

    I know we can’t get all three. What I meant was KJ type, JO type and etc. We could still have Kobe, JO and another playmaker. Those were examples.

    [quote comment=”11883″]in the suns game kobe jus shrugged it off and raja just walked away after his attack. had kobe jumped up and started a fight the rest of the guys would have been there to protect kobe.[/quote]

    It’s too bad you see it that way. The idea is you stand up for your team mates. KB could have been really hurt. That’s why Bell was suspended for a game. A cheap shot deserves to be dealth with. KB, as you say, shrugged it off, becasue that was the only way he could have saved face.

    These players are all soft.

    I’ll ask again: could that same exact play have happened to Magic back in day? What if it was Kevin McHale clothes-lining Magic? Do you still think James Worthy or Cooper or Scott would have casually walk by as if he slipped on a wet spot.

    I think not ….

  • keep24

    [quote comment=”11885″]Tayshaun Prince, Marco Jaric and J. Howard
    What about this trade?

    We would get T. Prince, Marco Jaric and J. Howard for Bynum, Radman, Cook, Brown and Jordan Farmar.[/quote]

    Personally I rather watch Kwame and Bynum develope than watch a lanky, soft sorry player (T. Prince), Marco Jaric (Detroits version of Bynum) and J. Howard (is he still playing?)

    I think the best asset we have right now is Kwame expiring contract. We need that for a major trade like JO, not Prince!

  • foxxy