Does Bob Kravitz from the IndyStar know something or is he just another analysis toying with our emotions… Probably the second choice.  :neutral:

While waiting for the Jermaine O’Neal-to-L.A. Lakers trade to come down, I noticed the Pacers recently signed Travis Diener.

  • One35

    Let’s hope he knows something, i don’t see a motivation for toying with us… this isn’t exactly KG alot of people don’t want JO…

  • Rpoc

    Is this going to be another one of those failure to close the deal or overpaying scenarios? If that’s the case….. how much more can one take? !%*$%@!@!$

  • lakerfan81

    I think Indy needs to trade O’neal. They do not have much of a choice. Unlike Garnett he asked for a trade and then he said he was going to opt out so he could be a FA. The only way they keep him is if Granger has a huge break out season and they make to at least the 2nd rnd of the playoffs. I think after the season starts Indiana will try really hard to move him, so their asking price will come down.

    The problem is that if we trade O’neal and keep Lamar the Lakers will need to get another big man to share time at Center with Mihm. So a trade needs to happen soon so that the Lakers can try to sign PJ Brown for the vet min (if he will; I’d take him over Webber if the lakers got O’neal because he is a better defender). The Lakers can not win with O’neal at center and Odom at SF.

  • Qwuor

    OK I need the help of my fellow Lakers blogger..I’m going to try to convince the world about the Ultimate truth behind KOBE VS MJ Debate..I want you guys to tear my analysis up..I’m using FACTS.
    NOW: KOBE AS THE #1 option >>>>>> MJ as #1 option.
    I have been scrutinizingly watching old tapes of the great MJ to find where kobe needs to improve and It hit me like a brick; These guys games are the same..NOW MJ HAS DPOY, More scoring titles, rings, mvps, final mvps, better career stats, better fg%, shot a higher 3pt % than kobe has ever shot, walks better, is the best thing next to JESUS yada yada yada…kobe wouldn’t be able to touch any of that honestly my fellow laker friends..IN THAT REGARDS MJ WILL ALWAYS BE GREATER THAN career achievements..I don’t need a MJ homer to school me on these things..But as I’m watching these games, I notice Like kobe when MJ didn’t pass the ball to open Kerr, we would like to think he did. In fact just like when cook, sasha etc are usually wide open on the other side of the court and the ball doesn’t find them, Paxson and other guys didn’t always receive the ball when open..As a matter of fact I found my self saying this kobe passes just as much as mj..I decided to analyze their stats. AND I CAME ACROSS AN INTERESTING DISCOVERY,
    What I’m comparing are their numbers as the #1 option. Kobe has 3 years as #1 option (with out shaq) and MJ has 13 years. (excluding Washington Stint)obviously with out shaq also.


    I have an excel spreadsheet of the clear analysis..if you want it, I will send it via email.

    KOBE as Leader played more games than MJ. Kobe (74 games) to MJ (71 games) 3 MORE GAMES/SEASON

    KOBE as Leader also played more minutes than MJ. Kobe (40.83mins) to MJ (37.83mins) 3 MORE MINUTES/GAME

    MJ as a Leader shot 50% in BULLS Uni VS KOBE 45% post Shaq. 5% difference in FG%

    KOBE as a Leader Shot 34% from 3pt VS MJ 29% in BULLS Uni. 5% difference in 3pt fg%

    BOTH KOBE and MJ TOOK 23 SHOTS/GAME as Leaders of their Teams. KOBE (17.7 #of 2pts attmp @ 48.5%; 5.84 # of 3pt attmp @ 34%) MJ (21.5 # of 2pts attmp @ 52%; 1.8 # of 3pt atmp @ 29%)

    KOBE as a Leader Shot 84% from FT VS MJ 83% from FT. 1% better than MJ

    MJ as a Leader grabbed More OFF RBS (1.6) VS KOBE (1.10) BOTH grabbed EXACT SAME 4.53 DEF RBS. .52 difference in REB

    BIG ONE: KOBE as a Leader had more ASSIST (5.3 asst) VS MJ (5.24 asst). .06 more asst than MJ

    MJ as a Leader had More STEALS (2.41 stls) VS KOBE’S (1.5 stls) .91 difference in steals/game

    MJ as a Leader had More BLOCKS (.90 blks) VS KOBE’S (.57 blks) .33 difference in blocks/game

    MJ as a Leader Had Less Turnovers (2.72 T.O) VS KOBE’S (3.51 T.O) .79 difference in Turnovers/game

    MJ as a Leader Had Less Personal Fouls (2.68 PF) VS KOBE’S (2.73) .05 difference in Personal Fouls/game

    KOBE as a Leader avg More PPG (31.5 ppg) VS MJ’s (30.6 ppg) .09 difference in PPG

    Basically Kobe as a leader of his team played more minutes and more games, shot 48.5% from 2pt and 34% from 3pts took 23 shots/game attempting 6 threes and 17 2pts shots/game
    Kobe is a better free throw shooter..he rebounds just as well defensively but kobe falls short on off. Reb..Is not the type of defensive player MJ was; didn’t steal or block as well as mj…Doesn’t handle the ball as well and Gets in foul trouble a lot quicker than MJ. He average more points as the #1 guy than MJ..
    In summary these guys are very similar players..MJ a little more def. minded and better mid range scorer, and plays closer to the basket than kobe. kobe is a better FT and 3pt shooter, turns the ball over more and fouls more..but Kobe is the better scorer and gets his teammates the ball a lil bit more.
    MJ wouldn’t help these lakers beat the suns.

    MJ 30.68 6.15 5.3 10.6 47.43
    KOBE 31.53 5.63 5.24 10.48 47.64

  • mr47

    Lakerfan81 I beg to differ. The Lakers are legitimate contenders with JO, LO, and KB24 as starters. Throw in lets say cook/walton fish and our starting lineup is solid with a nice bench. The goal now is trying to keep Lamar in order to get JO. I honestly hope they don’t let him go in a JO trade, we need to keep him.

    I was a big fan of the KG movement but it seems he just doesn’t get it. Minny is pretty much telling him, “yeah…you need to leave because you aren’t quite in our plans….so….” and KG is saying, “oh no no no, I don’t mind being a teacher to the young guys.” JO seems like the best choice.

  • rmeazy82

    Why can’t we win with J.O and L.O in the same lineup? Rony Turiaf is actually someone who can bring it off the bench to back up our 4 or 5. Why not play J.O. at 5 L.O. at 4 Luke at 3? Who says Mihm has to start? He might be more effective coming off the bench, I would say that he would be the best back-up center in the west.

  • lakerfan81

    JO is a great help defender but he is not a good man-on defender in the post. Neither is Odom, so the lakers would not have anyone to play good man-on post defense.

    IF you started O’neal at the five and Odom at the 4 you would have two players playing out of position. O’neal is not a C. He is not a back to basket post player and is not very effective playing that position. That is one of the reasons his FG% is so low (that and he is a terrible passer so he can’t pass out of double teams) and he is injured so often. I just don’t think JO can cut it as a C in the western conference.

    I think a line up with Odom at the 3, JO at the 4 and Brown/Mihm combo at the 5 is much better team. Better defensively (which is what wins) and it is deeper and a little less injury prone.

  • lakerfan81

    If the Lakers signed Brown he would start and Mihm would come off the bench. Plus the Lakers could still go with a smaller quicker line up of Odom and Oneal at the 4 & 5 when they wanted. They would be much more versatile and I think more of a contender then if they just started O’neal and Odom at the 4 & 5.


    If we got Jo for Bynum,brown and filler that would be huge. a true center is over rated just ask dallas as gs knocked them off with a bunch of guards. You play your best five and make the other team match up with you.


    would be awesome and definetly a contender…

  • Kobe For Pres

    I think we can win if can get jo and keep lamar so im gonna keep my faith up


    If we can get JO and Webber without giving up Lamar… we would have a contender. I can see Webber wanting to come if we get JO.


  • Fred A.

    Basically this sounds better cause it is better then nothing. Mitch needs go ahead and make this move.
    If it is Odom/Bynum for JO they have to give up Danny Granger. But geting JO without giving up Odom is the key.
    This would be fine with me (Bynum/Brown/Radmonivic/Farmer)
    for JO. Signing Webber would be great.Coach Shaw is making the right move. Come on Webber.
    JO/Mihm/a cheap center


    fred a parker and williams are gone thank god

  • nyla

    If its a LO for JO swap, is pointless.

  • rpouncy14

    Can they trade Andrew Bynum 4 Jermain O’Neal But gettin Chris Webber is not gonna happen.

  • fatty


    “If its a LO for JO swap, is pointless.”

    JO has a good low post game with his back to the basket. I think there is value in a inside/outside game for the Lakers, which LO can’t bring. He’s a better shot blocker.

    But LO brings his own style that adds value. I guess it all depends what type of game Phil wants.

    What JO brings for sure is a hefty salary. He’s a good player, but is way over paid at 20 mil.

    If I were Mitch, I wouldn’t offer much. Kwame, Cookie, Vladimir, 1st pick. Not too much, because of the monster contract. Indy wouldn’t accept it unless Bird was being blackmailed or something. I’m not that high on JO because of that enormous salary and the opt out he’s got. Now if he would agree to opt and resign for less, then yes, let’s get him. But from we’re hearing, Bird thinks he’s got a young Kareem on his hands and is demanding TOO much in trade.

  • lakerfan81


    I have to disagree with you. O’neal does not have a back to the basket post game. Never has. He faces the basket and either drives or takes a jump shot. Indiana tried to turn him into a back to the basket post player and it didn’t really work. What O’neal brings is a fantastic weak side defender (one of the best in the league).

    Here is an article claiming Smush agreed to a two-yr deal with the heat.

    The Heat concluded its nearly month-long search for a veteran point guard Friday when it agreed to terms with guard Smush Parker, two sources said. Parker started most of the past two years for the Lakers before losing his starting job late last season.

    Parker, 26, is believed to have agreed to a two-year contract for a portion of the Heat’s $5.35 million mid-level exception. The deal is contingent on Parker passing a physical on Monday.

    heres the link

  • fatty


    I don’t see JO play much, but everytime I did, he posted down low and scored easily. He had a nice jump hook and a good turn and shoot jump shot. He’s good enough to require a double as well, in least in the games I saw.

    Smush to Miami. That will be interesting to see. I’m glad Smush is getting some money. I’m also glad Miami is paying him and not us. He has talent, but can Riley shape his head into game shape. The kid is spoiled and doesn’t take criticism well.

  • Faith

    Do we get to keep Bynum if we trade LO for JO? I think there’s merit in that. While JO hasn’t exactly shown himself to be a veritable inside presence, I think that’s mostly a testament to not having guys around him take the pressure off…leading him to mostly shoot away from the basket (where defenders pushed him), and mid range shots. With Kobe he’ll get more opportunities in the paint, giving us a true inside/out presence.

    We would miss the intangibles that LO brings…but we gain the defense and 2nd option in JO.

    Sometimes it’s not a matter of what they do, but who fits in more. Think of it this way…when he had both DFish and Payton…even though Payton was the better player, DFish made more of a difference for us because he fits in better. His outside shot and his defense did more for us than Payton’s move in the post and defense. OK bad analogy but hopefully you get what I mean lol.

    If we have to give up LO and don’t get to keep Bynum…no deal. For JO it’s either/or. For KG it’s a fire sale (Kobe exempted lol).

  • kgdman

    No Three way deal with Lakers and Chicago deal for Noah to the Wolves is gonna Happen? :(
    Noah just signed.
    If they were going to deal there not now. Not for another 45 days.

  • cyrus

    Smush to Miami?

    Ohhhh, I’m devastated, How much is enough Pat Riley? First Shaq and now you’re stealing Smush from us. What’s next? are you gonna steal Kwame too? Shame on You…. There it goes my hard work to establish …..Waaahhhhh

  • LiL_K

    Qwuor good stats buddy. :)

    but yeah i think getting JO and keeping LO is our best option

  • cyrus

    The Nugget,

    I have tried 3 times to post this and each time it gets deleted:

    “JO in center position? Maybe.
    Go to this link to find out:

  • cyrus

    The Nugget,

    Is there something wrong with my posting?

    My post get deleted. Why?

  • dark_ice18

    this is why minny should accept our offer for KG



  • dark_ice18

    yea man i agree…farmar, kwame for Artest and if they want picks will give em a first rounder….


    = contenders all the way!

  • fatty

    I agree – Artest it is.

    Even tho he’s a nutcase and not worth those pieces, I’m willing to take that chance. PJ, Kobe, LO, and Fish can handle him.

    Do it, gor for it Mitch. You have my blessing.

    Lakers will have an attitude and will kick Sun’s butt. Yeah baby!!!

  • cyrus


    Welcome back, how was Santa Barbara? I used to leave there.

  • fatty


    Thanks for asking.

    SB was very nice. It was a family reunion. We rented a couple of homes and enjoyed the sites. Ate excellant food, drank some nice wines and toured a horse farm. Of course some time out for the beach.

    My wifes Mother moved there in December to a retirement home. So we all felt it would be nice to visit local for her.

    By the way, all are Laker fans. Topic for the week, NBA ref scandle.

    We are actually thinking of locating there for the winter. Winters in Flagstaff seem to be getting colder and harder for the old bones.

    Benefit: Closer to Laker games. lol

  • fatty

    The KG to LA [Trade-O-Meter]
    Brought to you by Bennie the Book Maker
    “Taking bets and fixing games since 1992″

    With all the negative vibes, Meter dude was getting discouraged. Meter dude is realistic, but has not given up hope. Last Sunday, he visited a dozen different churches to pray for KG trade. Even went to confession, tho not a catholic (love to heard what he told the priest)

    Has purchased several good luck charms. And on Aug.2, plans to visit a medecine man and a juju priest. He’s already purchased online a voodoo doll of Mchale. And has sent several chain letters to the T Wolves office.

    With all of this in mind, he has set the meter to [39%]

    And followed up this meter reading with a prayer:

    “O Lord, make this trade happen.
    May your spirit of wisdom fill Mitch real good.
    May your spirit of sensibleness help KG come to his senses.
    And if that wicked Kevin Mchale refuses to listen to you and not trade KG for Odom, Bynum, fillers and a future #1, then curse him good, real good like to the tenth generation or more. Amen”

  • BEC


    Stats dont mean much, really absolutely nothing. Did you watch clips of jordan or actual full length games? Because if you watched full length games, you would see just how great jordan really was. having watched kb and mj entire career, talent wise i think kb and mj are basically equal, but ill give a slight edge to kb, cuz Kobe shoots better than MJ (MJ had better fg% because he went to basket more/Kobe better 3pt% and Ft% thus better shooter), this is a real minimal edge though.
    But the ONE thing that really matters in this debate is WINNING. Jordan as #1 option won 2 three-peat championship runs (couldve won eight in a row easily, 94/95 rockets come on easy) and had an nba record 72 win season. Kobe as #1 option and leader has 0 rings and not even ONE 50 win season.
    Yes jordan did have the better team (than kobes team now) but he DID lead his to WINS and RINGS. Kobe hasnt had the chance to lead a contender, and at this point Kobes leadership skills are not as good as jordans but he’ll learn, maybe, so until then there should be NO question or doubt that MJ is still the G.O.A.T. Although I do think Kobe has the talent and ability to become the GOAT but at this point its too early to say and getting that rank is HIGHLY unlikely (with so many people up jordans “rear end”), though still possible.

    IMHO, I think when its all said and done when Kobes career is over, Kobe will be on the exact level of greatness as Jordan. There will be no doubt that Kobe is just as good as Jordan. But Kobe has to WIN and WIN NOW.
    I hope he exceeds him though cuz a LAKER being the GOAT would be awesome.




  • rmeazy82

    Dang Lakers can we just pull the trigger already and get J.O.? Give up Bynum, stop treating this guy like he is Kareem or something.

  • fatty

    “all the dominos have fallen”

    Draft picks settled, FA’s signed, emergency spots have been filled – now no excuses, trades need to be made.

    So why no KG or JO trade happening?

    First, Minnie and Indy have shopped both of them.
    Second, multiple teams have been seriously interested.
    But, still no deal.

    And why not?

    Minnie and Indy have over valued KG and JO. Huge salaries require multiple players to match salary. Both have demanded unrealistic possibilties, which NO TEAM can match. Both teams have demanded that a team must gut there rosters and make THEM into a potential champion. Even though, with KG and JO, neither team now is not a winner.

    A third team to help in the trade has so far been rejected.

    Teams that have floated the best offers have given up and have looked else where. That leaves only GS and the Lakers as possible suitors for KG. JO seems to be out of anybodies desire. In fact, only NJ or Lakers ever showed any desire for him. Shouldn’t that alone tell Bird something? I mean, if you were selling a car above the Blue Book value, and no one called, wouldn’t you reassess your price, if you were serious about selling?

    So what is the future possibilty of a trade? Unless a change of heart by Minnie or Indy, very little. Indy probally would be the first to change. JO is a burden to Indy, large salary and JO threatening to walk. JO should be offered as a bargain to anyone willing to take him on. The fact the Lakers offered LO for him was probally too much and Bird should’ve taken that offer in a heart beat.

    KG is a whole other story. Many teams covet him and for good reason. But KG has one fundamental flaw. He likes money more than winning. The time is right for a trade. KG putting his foot down privately to the FO would insure a trade to a choice team. But what do we hear? “I want to stay and help the new rebuilt team grow”, lose all the time, while making 24 mil. Can you blame him for wanting 24 mil? I don’t think its some kind of misplaced loyalty keeping KG in Minnie. It’s definately not about winning. Its more about 46 mil for two years. Its more about being the King of the Kingdom of Minnie, not wanting to share any of that glory and adulation.

    KG is a great player, a future HOF. But will be remembered as a typical NBA player that put making money over making championships.

  • fatty

    An interview of Fatty, conducted by Fatty

    Fatty: If it looks like the Big trade won’t happen, What do you propose the Lakers do in trades?

    Fatty: That’s a good question Fatty. I really have not wanted to consider it until now. We needed to keep are players for a potential big trade. But if that doesn’t happen, we need to start moving on shoring up the Lakers for a title run this year.

    Fatty: Can you speak more specifically?

    Fatty: Sure. We have already shored up our point guard, a priority this off season. Fish was an excellant signing. Our future is with Farmar and Critt. Fisher will be an excellant fit for us as Farmar and Critt mature. We needed vet leadership to stabilize the team. We were lacking seriously in leadership in the playoffs. Kobe and Lamar couldn’t do it all. Fish though, not as atheletic as he once was has the court smarts to make this team cohesive on both ends of the floor.

    Fatty: Do we have the pieces now to win it all?

    Fatty: Absolutely not. We need more. This team is not as far off as some would imply. With Mihm back and Bynum expected to be a major contributor, Kwame can now be traded. If we were to trade Kwame and let’s say Farmar for Artest, our #3 position would be one of the strongest in the league. The deal has not been done yet because of obvious reasons, waiting for KG.

    Fatty: Do you really trust Mihm and Bynum to shore up the middle and guard some of the better bigs in the league?

    Fatty: No. I do not. But with today’s salary restrictions, you can’t have everything you want. We would be adequate with Bynum, Mihm, Ronny, and Odom. But still be lacking.

    Fatty: Can you forsee any other trades or acquisitions?

    Fatty: Could be another one or two. Our three position is now overloaded with Luke, Vladimir and Artest. Even with Vladimir’s long contract, he has value. Other teams have players with long contracts they want to unload as well. As the season progresses, we might be fortunate enough to trade him for another big man if our front line doesn’t work well.

    Fatty: You mentioned acquisitions. We only have the Vet Min and about 1 mil of the MLE left. Can we really get quality players with that little?

    Fatty: Sure you can. We are making a play for Weber right now as we speak. If not Weber, someone will be released this year on a buy out who could play for the Vet Min. Some FA’s even now are finding they can’t get what they wanted on the open market and will settle for less for a short contract, like Matt Barnes perhaps.

    Fatty: So that’s it for the Lakers this year?

    Fatty: No, I don’t think so. We have one more ace up our sleeve. Cookie. With our #3 being overloaded, Vladimir can move over and back up LO on occassion, which makes Cookie expendable. Some teams want a big who can shoot in the new run and gun offenses. We might need an inside defender and rebounder and a Cookie/Sasha combo might secure us an up and comer big man. If were lucky, Li from Milwaukee.

    Fatty: What do you see as our starting line up?

    Fatty: With Phil, the starting team is not always the most important team on the floor. At the end of the game, you need your most effective in closing out a team.

    For instance, you might start with Fisher, Kobe, Artest, Odom, and Mihm.

    The second team might look like Critt, Mo, Walton, Weber, and Bynum.

    The all hustle team when necessary could be Critt, Kobe, Mo, Artest, and Ronny

    The Zone Breaker team could be Fisher, Kobe, Vladimir, Odom and Mihm

    The end of the game team could be Fisher, Kobe, Artest, Odom, Mihm or Bynum (depending on match ups)

    Any way you look at the team, Phil finally has the pieces to mold into a title contender. I would not want to play this team in the playoffs. Not a gauranteed winner, but a very good team nonetheless.

    This team would contend in year one, but as they learn to work together, especially on defense, it would be a favorite the following year.

    Fatty: So, you are saying Fatty, that even without KG or JO, this team would be good?

    Fatty: What I’m saying is, this team would kick some NBA butt. A top offensive team, and one of the best defensive teams in the entire NBA. Add to this Phil, the playoff expert, and Kobe, I predict we could compete with anybody in the West when it comes to playoff time. Don’t be disappointed if we start a little slow. Phil knows what it takes to get this team ready for the NBA’s second season, the one that really counts.

    Fatty: Thank you for answering my questions.

    Fatty: Anytime.

  • BEC

    [quote comment=”9467″]WE NEED TO SAC TOWN INVOLVED IN A 3 WAY TRADE.


    That would never go down….artest for a bad contract in vlad and at best decent guard in farmar…no way.

    You make some good points but when it comes down to KG asking for a trade, just because KG asked doesnt mean he’ll get what he wants, at the end of the day KG doesnt own the team the FO does and theyll decide KGs fate not KG.

  • fatty


    I agree. But it would sure help if he did.

  • lakerfan81

    Sacramento is not going to trade Artest for Farmar and Brown. That is a really bad trade for them. With the draft of Hawe (bad choice) and signing Moore (for too much money) they do not need another big man so kwame would basically be used as an expiring contract. So the trade would be basically be Farmar for Artest. Even as crazy as Artest is, he is worth more than Farmar, even if the Lakerrs threw in a draft pick. That trade is not going to happen. Artest is not going to the Lakers. At least not for Brown and Farmar.

  • fatty


    Its not gospel, what I said. I’m just trying to promote discussion on the board. By the way, that was a rumor from a Sac reporter that he felt Sac needed Brown to make the deal work.

    How do you know for sure that Sac won’t trade to us? Do you have some inside info or are you just guessing?

  • kobewillnotdie

    wait, i thought artest wasnt available anymore? is he still on the market? i dont this artest hysteria to end like kg’s because it hurt alot of people with disappointment. artest is great but i thought he said that he wanted to end his career in sac town…??? can anyone give me the heads up on this?

  • J-Cool

    ORLANDO – While the Orlando Magic’s contract talks with point guard Jameer Nelson have apparently stalled, discussions with veteran big men Chris Webber and P.J. Brown are moving forward.

    Magic general manager Otis Smith said Friday morning that the team has reached out to Webber and Brown to gauge their level of interest in playing alongside of Dwight Howard and Rashard Lewis next season in Orlando.

    The Magic would like to add another veteran power forward/center after losing 7-footer Darko Milicic in free agency to the Memphis Grizzlies. After signing Lewis to a $118.5 million deal, Orlando has just the veteran’s minimum ($1.8 million) to offer to a free agent.

    Both Webber, 34, and Brown, 37, are unrestricted free agents capable of signing with any team. Both are said to be contemplating retirement, but might return for another season to play with a championship contender.

    Webber closed last season with the Detroit Pistons, where he averaged 11.3 points and 6.7 rebounds in 43 games. His play faded badly in the playoffs and the Pistons might not bring the five-time all-star back for a 15 NBA season.

    Webber is reportedly considering offers from Detroit, Dallas and the Los Angeles Lakers. Possibly aiding the Magic’s bid to land Webber is the fact that he’s represented by Aaron Goodwin, who also is Howard’s agent.

    Brown averaged 6.7 points and 4.8 rebounds with Chicago. He played in 72 games, but started just 49 times.

    “There’s interest from those guys to play here,” Smith said of Webber and Brown. “This is a young, up-and-coming basketball team, and any veteran who comes here won’t have to carry a lot of the weight. We have young guys in Rashard and Dwight who they can lean on and a strong nucleus. That makes us attractive to guys still out there. And being in the East is attractive, too.”

    Nelson, the Magic’s feisty point guard and vocal leader, had hoped to sign a five-year contract extension this month, but it’s looking more like that won’t happen until October at the earliest.

    Smith and Nelson’s agent, Steve Mountain, met in Philadelphia two weeks ago to begin the negotiations. Little progress has been made since then. Nelson is likely seeking a deal similar to the $33 million pact signed by Toronto’s T.J. Ford last summer. Smith candidly said recently that Nelson had “a subpar season,” something that couldn’t have helped him going into the negotiations.

    Teams have until Nov. 1 to sign third-year players to contract extensions. If Nelson doesn’t sign before then, he will become a restricted free agent next summer.

    “I knew this was going to take a while. Let’s just say, we still have some work to do,” Smith said coyly. “It’s not a matter of being close or not; it’s about coming up with a deal that works for both sides.

    “These things don’t really get heated and hot until October when you’re running up against the deadline. We’ll continue to have conversations with each other and hopefully get something done.”

  • somelakerfan1

    get jo for bymun farmar cook sasha vlad and 2nd rounder

    get artest for kwame and a pick

    dfish/jv/sue/sh. willams
    kobe/mo/coby/arron micke

    for 15 sign marc gasol

  • cyrus


    “KG has one fundamental flaw. He likes money more than winning. The time is right for a trade. KG putting his foot down privately to the FO would insure a trade to a choice team. But what do we hear? “I want to stay and help the new rebuilt team grow”, lose all the time, while making 24 mil. Can you blame him for wanting 24 mil? I don’t think its some kind of misplaced loyalty keeping KG in Minnie. It’s definitely not about winning. Its more about 46 mil for two years. Its more about being the King of the Kingdom of Minnie, not wanting to share any of that glory and adulation.”

    Good one, you hit it right in the heart. However, he would get his $46-mil in LA too and I assume that Dr.Buss would offer him a lucrative contract extention. I don’t think Glen Taylor would match Lakers’ extension. So your statement “Its more about being the King of the Kingdom of Minnie” is correct.

    Also, I think he wants to win with the Wolves rather to be “Robin to Batman.” He has spent more than a decade in Sota with the hope (actually I call it infatuation) to win a title there and be the lone hero. Good Luck!!!

    I still hope desperately to see something happen on August 3rd.By the way, take a hammer and break that Trade-O-Meter of yours. Are you kidding me with that 39% reading???

  • cyrus


    Nobody really knows anything about Artest trade, it’s nothing but rumors and assumptions. Nothing has changed.

  • J-Cool

    Also Lakers Are Interested In Juan Carlos Navarro

    Problem Is It Is In Spanish.

  • fatty


    [Trade-O-Meter] [39%] ??

    Meter Dude is just trying to be realistic. If a meter was set up for GS, my guess it would be much lower. Remember Meter Dude senses the feelings of others, not just articles and facts that are presented. Many here are losing some “faith”, that’s why Meter Dude has taken up praying and going to church. “With Faith all things is possible”
    “Faith can move mountains” etc..etc…

  • fatty

    Regarding Artest:

    Sac was definately shopping him, but seemed to give up on any hope of getting quality in return. So now they say, we going to keep him. If the right deal came along. Sac would surely take it. The question is, what is the right deal? Can we pry him away from SAC Town?

  • cyrus


    Yes, Faith can do a lot of things, but if I were you, I would take this Meter Dude out tonight, let him drink a lot, preferably expensive Tequila and let him chase and score with some nasty brides. I promise you, next morning he will give a 99% reading. Just try it!!!

  • fatty


    I do think money is a large part of KG wanting to stay in Minnie. How many times does a player say, “its not the money” but do they respect me or want me? When really its the money. KG could threaten to opt out and take less money, but he wants to stay and help rebuild. And of course, for millions.

    But I see your point on the Lakers having to pay him the same. It would be my hope, he would opt even if he became a Laker and sign an extention for far less. And of course Kobe to do the same, and together build a successful franchise.

  • lakerfan81


    I do not have any inside info. I was just considering the trade from the Sacramento viewpoint and I do not think it is a very good trade for them. I think they could do better if they were trading Artest. Also teams in the same division usually do not trade with each other.

  • fatty


    We do have some very big obstacles to overcome to get Artest. Same division being just another one. Old rivalries another. The Maloofs are fans as well, and REALLY hate us. To pry Artest away would be hard.

    If they thought Artest would ruin us they might just do it. lol Everyone has a price. Pride might fall if they also feel they are taking us to the cleaners.

    So what’s taking us to the cleaners, Vladimir and Bynum?

  • fatty

    Does anybody remember the basketball incident with Sac Town?

    Didn’t they send down “Kobe’s Basketball” full of obscenities written on it?

  • cyrus


    Regarding the incident; are talking about Shaq era, when they burned Lakers flag in Sacramento???

    Regarding Artest; I just don’t have any desire to see him in Laker’s uniform because of animal cruelty, and I don’t care how good he is. Animal rights are more important to me than Lakers. Period

  • cyrus

    Have you guys seen the list of top 20 free agents published by CBS sports;

    The problem is, there are not many big guys on that list and generally on the free-agent market.

  • lakerman34

    Hello, I’m new to this site.
    If we can trade Bynum Kwame Filler to Indiana for JO, I would do it in a heartbeat. However, if we can get Webber and trade for Artest, I think I’d rather keep Bynum. I truly believe that in the future, a Bynum-JavaMan duo would be very strong.
    Our Starting Five(right now)
    PG Derek Fisher
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF Luke Walton
    PF Lamar Odom
    C Andrew Bynum

    After trades:
    PG Derek Fisher
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF Ron Artest
    PF Lamar Odom
    C Andrew Bynum

    Webber-6th Man.
    This satisfies both Kobe and management as we are preparing for the future AND we improved our lineup for now. DFish is an upgrade over Smush, and Artest is a major upgrade over Brown. If we can somehow pick up a center who can score the ball, we would be a tough team to beat and would almost guaranteed to be tough even in the 2nd round of the playoffs.

  • fatty

    This video is of a typical Laker Fan waiting for trade news.
    Courtesy of Wesjoenixon on LATimesLakerblog

    Can any one translate German?

  • Fred A.

    My dream team:






  • Fred A.

    Another dream team:






  • Fred A.







  • Fred A.

    It could be:






  • Fred A.







  • Fred A.

    Any 5 of these I would be happy with.

  • tungtwista

    was making 5 different posts necessary fred a?

  • dark_ice18



    [quote post=”625″]Parker eager to play alongside Wade

    By Kevin Clark | South Florida Sun-Sentinel
    July 29, 2007

    Smush Parker, the Heat’s newest acquisition, might be one of the luckiest point guards in the NBA. After two seasons running point for Kobe Bryant in L.A., Parker will now back up Jason Williams in Miami and play with another megastar, Heat guard Dwyane Wade.

    For Parker, playing with Wade comes as a relief.

    “D-Wade is more of a people person than Kobe,” Parker said of Bryant, his often-mercurial teammate. “I’m looking forward to jelling with Wade, and playing with him. He’s going to be a great teammate.”

    Parker signed a two-year contract with the Heat on Friday after starting at point guard for two seasons in Los Angeles. He was replaced by Jordan Farmar for the Lakers’ playoff series against Phoenix after his season numbers were down across the board from a year before. The Heat has stressed Parker’s defense and athleticism.

    “I came to the Heat for the chance to bring a championship back to Miami. We have all the right pieces in place.” Parker said. “Whatever they want me to do, I’ll do. I’ll be a floor leader, a coach on the floor. I’m a point guard; the offense and defense starts with me.”

    Parker is the Heat’s lone acquisition in an offseason framed by failure to sign Milwaukee guard Mo Williams or Rockets guard Steve Francis. Warriors swingman Mickael Pietrus and Spanish guard Juan Carlos Navarro remain outside possibilities through a sign-and-trade.

    “I can’t control who they bring in. I’m just confident that if I get the opportunities, I will perform.” Parker said.[/quote]

  • dark_ice18,0,5554865.story


    [quote post=”625″]Smush Parker, the Heat’s newest acquisition, might be one of the luckiest point guards in the NBA. After two seasons running point for Kobe Bryant in L.A., Parker will now back up Jason Williams in Miami and play with another megastar, Heat guard Dwyane Wade.

    For Parker, playing with Wade comes as a relief.

    “D-Wade is more of a people person than Kobe,” Parker said of Bryant, his often-mercurial teammate. “I’m looking forward to jelling with Wade, and playing with him. He’s going to be a great teammate.”[/quote]

  • klao

    [quote comment=”9500″],0,5554865.story


    [quote post=”625″]Smush Parker, the Heat’s newest acquisition, might be one of the luckiest point guards in the NBA. After two seasons running point for Kobe Bryant in L.A., Parker will now back up Jason Williams in Miami and play with another megastar, Heat guard Dwyane Wade.

    For Parker, playing with Wade comes as a relief.

    “D-Wade is more of a people person than Kobe,” Parker said of Bryant, his often-mercurial teammate. “I’m looking forward to jelling with Wade, and playing with him. He’s going to be a great teammate.”[/quote][/quote]

    What did you expect from a nobody like smush, a discontent in all the sense of the word.

    no body likes Smush and now he’ll blame Phil, KObe and the rest.

    Smush will play one year and the next he’ll just complain like he did here.

    he was a CANCER for the Lakers and I’m glad he’s gone, I never disliked a laker as much as I did smush.

    Lamar had problems with him, Phil had problems with him and imagine the only guy on the team that tried to help him was Kobe and he turned on him, what an ungrateful human being.

    That why every coach that he has played for hates him, and that’s why he has played for 7 teams and in europe.

    What a pathetic person smush parker is.

  • J-Cool

    Meanwhile, Grunfeld continues to field offers for guard Juan Carlos Navarro, who recently negotiated out of his contract with FC Barcelona of the Spanish pro league. Barcelona informed Grunfeld that he has until the end of the week to trade Navarro. If a trade is not worked out, Barcelona will retain Navarro and his buyout with the team will go from $2 million to $14 million.

    The Miami Heat is one of at least eight teams to express interest in Navarro but will likely drop out of negotiations after signing guard Smush Parker on Friday. According to a report, Parker’s former team, the Los Angeles Lakers, could have interest in Navarro.