Here’s an artice from FoxSports on O’Neal and how he could help Los Angeles.

Fox The blunt-farce drama known as Kobe Bryant: Escape From L.A. finally has taken an expected plot turn.

While Kobe has pledged temporary allegiance to Team USA, the Los Angeles Lakers (Team SOS) are revisiting the Andrew Bynum Dilemma stage of their off-season program. Bynum, the 7-footer who’ll still be a teenager until Oct. 27, has been a major cog in Plans A & B that were inspired by Bryant’s decision to bombard broadcasters — telemarketer style — for unsolicited chats about his future.

For the record, the now-deceased Plan A was dedicated to acquiring Kevin Garnett from the Minnesota Timberwolves. Plan Z would be the doomsday notion of trading Kobe.

But Plan B is what landed on the table this week.

It was provoked by Indiana Pacers big guy Jermaine O’Neal, who’s registered as the Lakers’ lead target in that face-saving Plan B. O’Neal, a six-time All-Star power forward, dragged Plan B back into relevance by publicly admitting he’d like to be a Laker. This unrepentant admitting occurred during a charity event coauthored by Baron Davis and Paul Pierce in Los Angeles. Please note that while they wouldn’t have minded becoming Lakers, Davis and Pierce may be just fine where they are.

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  • rpouncy14

    If Jermaine O’Neal comin 2 da Lakers, He might gonna wear Kobe’s old number. dat #8.

  • SILO

    just get Jo and we can all be happy. just dont give up LO. Get rid of Bynum by all means, just make is a fair deal to better the team.


  • Fred A.

    How about Bynum/Brown/Cook/Radmanvic/Farmer for JO/Harrison.
    Then we have to get two more fillers.

    Mihm/filler(PJ Brown) :)

  • Pedro La Pacas

    We need JO as a big step towards being a contender. We have Kobe (The Best Player in the World) and that has to count for something. So we need JO and to keep LO. I would take KB/JO/LO over KG/PP/RA anyday. If it takes a little longer to get him, we will be ok if we can keep LO. We as fans will wait if Indiana gets more desperate and will settle for only Bynum. Do not soften your stance because we do not want to gut our team, and neither does JO according to his previous comments. Suprise us Mitch and show us why Jerry West had so much confidence in you. Make us champions again!!!!!!!

  • dark_ice18

    Bynum,Kwame,Farmar,Sasha,Aaron McKie S&T,CASH$$$, and 2008 pick for JO (that is fair to me)

    *Bynum = 2 million
    *Kwame = 9 million
    *Farmar= 1 million
    *Sasha = 2 million
    *McKie = 4 million
    *2008 pick!

    Kwame,Sasha,and Mckie are combined for 15 million in cap relief for the pacers…thus means pacers can bring in a impact player next season and still have 2 potential stars in Bynum and Farmar…PACERS are winners in the future…so Larry Bird and Mitch Kupchak better make this happen!!!

    Lakers Lineup:

    PG: Fisher/Javaris/Coby Karl
    SG: Kobe/Mo Evans
    SF: Luke/Vlade
    PF: Lamar/Ronny/Cook
    C : J.O/Mihm/PJ Brown or Chris Webber (veterans Minimum)

    = CONTENDERS!!!!!

  • nba analyst

    Fred A…….nice try, but Bird isn’t going to buy that deal.

    darkice……nice try, but Bird isn’t going to buy that deal. Bird isn’t into making a “fair” deal in your eyes. He is looking to get much more than that. A fair deal to him is extracting Odom and Bynum. I’m not sure the Lakers should do that deal.

    But this much is clear…..the Laker nation is a lot more desperate to do a deal than Indiana is. The Lakers are running out of options, not the Pacers. Mitch is kinda screwed because he has a few bad contracts and too many mediocre players on his hands. The only guys that anybody really want out of the Lakers, expiring contracts or not, are Odom and Bynum. The Garnett deal went down with Boston not only because of the expiring contracts, but also because McHale coveted Jefferson. It seems as though Bird covets Odom and Bynum…..rendering the rest of the trash heap roster irrelevant.

    A third team could get involved…but really, not many people are going to be interested in taking Vlad off the Lakers hands, or Kwame, or Farmar.

    So Bird will wait……….

    Reading other threads, I guess this makes Bird a jerk in the eyes of Laker fans. I’m sure he has heard worse.

  • lakerfan81

    nba analyst. I disagree. I think Indiana is under more pressure to make a deal than the Lakers are. They are in a horrible situation right now. They are not in a position to contend, if their lucky they will be a 7th or 8th seen in the weak eastern conference. They can not completely rebuild because they have too many big long bad contracts; dunleavy, Murphy, Tinsley (not as bad as the other two). They can not just let o’neil opt out and get nothing in return. You Ican say that he won’t but Indiana can’t afford to extend his contract at 20M a year while not contending and still have money to extend Granger’s and Diogu’s contracts. I don’t think they have much of a choice but to move O’neil.

    Well instead of writing this whole thing again I will just copy what I wrote earlier

    Indiana can say that they do not want to trade O’neil all the want but the obvious fact is that they do. WHen you have a player that wants to leave, a team that wants to trade him, and a team that wants him, something usually gets done.

    Bird says he wants Lamar Odom and Bynum. But that move does not make them any better. Right now they will be lucky to get a 7th or 8th seed in a week eastern conference. With line up of Odom at PF instead of O’neil will they be any better? No. Are they going to extend Odom’s contract or resign in him two years when his contract is up? Are they going to use him in a sign and trade? Are they using him as a delayed expiring contract?

    What about what NJ has to offer. Bird wanted Jefferson, Kristic, Williams, filler. Does that make them any better? Maybe a little but they would not be contenders. Why do they want Jefferson’s contract that still have 4 yrs and 50M plus left on it? They already have Granger. Are they going to extend Kristic’s, Granger’s, and Diogu’s contracts in two years while having Jefferson’s? Can they afford to do that?

    I don’t see Indy resigning Odom or extending his contract in two years when they have to extend Granger’s, Diogu’s and Bynum’s. Nor do I see them extending Kristic’s contract. I also do not understand why they would want so many SF if they trade for Jefferson. None of these trades really make sense.

    Bird is not a stupid man, so he has to see what I pointed out earlier. So what does he really want? Is he trying to make a trade that will not completely upset the fans even if the trade does not make sense? Is he trying to stockpile trading assets?

    I think one of the things he is trying to do is not make the fans completely upset. I think trading O’neil for two projects (Bynum, Crittenton) and salary relief will be a hard sell to the fans. A trade that included Odom or Jefferson would be much easier to sell to the fans.

    More importantly though I think Bird wants someone to take back one of their bad contracts. That is why he offered O’neil and Murphy for Odom, Bynum and Brown. They have so many large long contracts that cap relief does not really help them in the near future (in 3 or 4 years it does though). I think that he wants Kupchack to cave in a and take Murphy’s contract so that Mitch can make Kobe happy. NJ could take a contract such as Murphy’s in a deal but then Indy gets Jeffersons contract back in exchange. Not really a good deal for them. Nor would it be a good deal for NJ.

    If Mitch can find a 3rd team to take Murphy’s contract then a deal will happen sooner rather than later. If not, a deal may have to wait a while for someone to give in. My bet would be Bird, since he under more pressure (unless Kobe has another hissy fit).