(Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images)

J.J. Barea is celebrating his championship with Dallas back in his native Puerto Rico. While celebrating in his hometown with his own championship parade, he was interviewed by a website called primerahora.com and discussed where he’d like to play:

“Obviously I prefer to stay in Dallas. The treatment I get in that city is incredible.

And if Barea were to sign with another team?

“But if I had to leave Dallas because he had an offer on the table astronomical that it could not refuse, or because Dallas does not compensate adequately, Barea said other teams to consider would be the Miami Heat, the Lakers, the New York Knicks.”

The likelihood of Cuban breaking up the championship squad is very unlikely, but stranger things have happened and with a pending lockout (and new CBA deal being worked on), who knows what the future holds for the Mavs and the rest of the league.

  • Jayr_dayao

    that’s good to hear even after the hard foul gave to him by Bynum

  • http://twitter.com/Sportsfeeder1 Homer Bush

    A H/T would be nice to either me (sportsfeeder1) or PBT, thanks…

  • Shiloh


  • Guest

    EVERYBODY wants to play for the Lakers. The Lakers are either the most or the second most (depending on who you ask) successful franchise in all of basketball. They know how to bring home the championships. LA is one of the best cities in the country, and playing alongside players like Kobe and Pau are once in a lifetime opportunities for any player in the NBA. There’s no reason to report this. Also, I don’t want that little turd on my team.

  • http://twitter.com/moss310 Christopher Moss

    Let me see: Fisher, Blake, or Barea… I’ll take the “little turd.”

  • Pablo

     Your like a Google Alert… everthing that has “Laker” you put it here. LOL. Great site, we love it. Greetings from Argentina.

  • JR Rider

    id take Barea over our entire bench.

  • Evilmrchicken

    I would really like for JJ to sign and I know this is an all lakers news site but all these rumors are just getting me mad :/ I’m not saying this is TLN’s fault(cause this is what they are supposed to do) but these players need to get off the band wagon

  • uMad?

    NO!!!! He would be like another Steve Blake. He played his best against the Lakers, Blake killed us while he was a Portland Trail Blazer, But look what happened this past season with Blake when he played for us. I Think Barea would be the same way.

  • Anonymous

    Comments like that from a player are designed for their own team to up their ante.  Name drops of Miami, Lakers, and Knicks, as if there was any indication of interest from those teams, is a technique right out of Baseball’s Scott Boras’ playbook. 

  • laffsatu

    sure he`de like to play on a team his mavericks swept……sure enough.