J. Givony of Draftexpress says KG to Lakers is his guess

More from J.Givony of Draftexpress:

Washington Post: Los Angeles: From HW: At the end of the day, where does KG wind up?

Jonathan Givony: My guess is LA.

And just to let you guys know, “he’s the founder of Draftexpress.com. That and nbadraft.net are the two biggest NBA Draft sites on the internet. Of course it might not happen, but he’s a real source at least.”

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  • lakersrydeordie

    Premonition tells me we Get K.G. and another shooter along with a defensive stopper (Ron Artest)…But reality just set in and reminds me Mitch DumbChump is our GM and nothin’s gonna happen!!

  • lakersforlife77

    If the timberwolves feel desperate and feel as if they have to get atleast some kind of first round compensation for garnett, our offer is still available by default. Lets hope they bite. :)

  • DMX

    Well I hope this happens soon.


    I know in the end the Wolves will accept the Lakers offer, after they explore all the possible trade scenarios and not be successful with it. Instead of losing Garnett for nothing next year Odom and Bynum are not that bad afterall.

    Mchale may not want the trade to the Lakers, but the owner Glenn Taylor, will force him to pull the trigger.