L.A. Times: Did Allen Iverson really compare Lakers fans to traditionally more vocal ones in Sacramento and Utah?

Indeed he did, not long after the Nuggets where dropped by the Lakers in the first two games of their first-round series.

He apparently expected to see only latte-sipping, script-writing spectators. He stood corrected.

“You play here and you play in Utah, Sacramento, places like that, home court advantage means a lot,” Iverson said. “It’s tough enough to beat these guys anyways.”

The Lakers’ next two games are at Staples Center, either against Utah or Houston, on dates to be determined.

Kobe Bryant smiled when told what Iverson said.

“Really? Nice. I love hearing that,” he said. “L.A. fans have always had the reputation in the past sometimes of being real laid-back and not really getting into it like a Sacramento or Utah or something like that. That’s what we want to have here in this city, a team that you feel like you can get behind and something where they can come to the game and just let loose, get nuts and go crazy.”

  • lakaluva

    Bring on the Jazz. Yes, the Lakers do have great fans but I think this quote by Iverson was taken out of context. During the second game at Staples, the Lakers were on the recieving end of some favorable calls from the refs, which prompted the Thuggets to complain all during the game. During the post game interview, AI made the quote with a sarcastic grin on his face comparing the Lakers home court advantage to the like of Utah, and the Queens.

    However, I would like to attribute the favorable calls to the rowdiness of the fans. Keep up the good work fans!!!

  • KONG!

    Iverson is the only warrior on the Thuggets Squad, everyone else is to laid-back to be competitive.

    I give A.I. his props

    And I give Kobe his MVP!

    Let’s try for another sweep, Go LAKERS!

  • xtro

    to all those fas who wanted to ship luke out of L.A., i don’t hear them anymore? where have they gone?


    Ok I have to say it. Laker fans are the most loyal and loud fans I think (next to the Philly-fanatics). However, the problem is, the Staple Center fans, and I’m not talking about the upper deck section fans who are loyal and always scream and curse and cannot be heard, cuz they’re sitting in the nose-bleeds! I’m talking about the “cell phone talkin'”, “late arrivng”, “celebrity lookin'”, “don’t give a shi** if the team’s losing I just wanna fit it” fans. They are the ones who shouldn’t call themselves “fans”. Now I admit, Staples gets loud once in a while

    but mostly, it’s not. I live in northern Cali and go to the games at the Oracle and Arco, and the next day I can’t even talk. Last time I almost got kicked out cuz I was taunting King fans with my Robert Horry Jersey, which I took off and started waiving. Maybe cuz I don’t take the Lakers for granted and can’t see them every time they play.
    “WE win as a team, WE lose as a team.”

  • Kobe 4 Life Nikkas

    yup thats right u better say that A.I. lol jk.. but yea i felt sorry everyone just like gave up on him he just kept on fighting.. good stuff A.I.

  • Short Diezel

    FILOSOFREAK – I agree with you 100%.. and I am glad that there is finally an article on this because it has been bothering me for a couple of seasons now..

    I believe LAKER fans are the most loyal, loud and hardcore fans.. but our passion isn’t displayed on T.V. because most of the fans in the lower section seats are on the phone or too cool to stand up..

    The majority of the time fans cheer when there is a great play.. we need to make NOISE ON EVERY DAMN POSSESION.. we don’t need some damn jumbotron to tell us when to make noise.. especially when the Lakers are struggling..

    It is embarassing that Laker Fans who invade other arenas are louder than our own crowd at Staples Center.. they are at the arena when the Lakers warm up all the way until the final buzzer sounds win or lose..

    When you watch Golden State play, you can’t even hear the commentators.. and I think one of the coolest things to see is everyone wearing the same color shirts? how come we aren’t doing that at Staples Center? Come on, it can’t cost that much..Where are the Great Western Forum Fans?

    I want teams to fear coming to Staples Center.. this is our house.. for those of you on the phone or sitting on your ass.. get the f*%k up and make some damn noise until you lose your voice.. then when you lose your voice find something to bang together..

    Our beloved Lakers have given us so many championships.. so many memories to cheer for..

    We fight so hard for home court advantage.. and now we have it..

    We are the LAKER NATION.. let it be known that we are the best fans in the world.. now let’s act like it

  • lalaland

    xtro its not hard to score when the other guy is not playing much defense. even that 3 late in game 4 where he was wide open the whole time i was thinkin please god not luke for the 3. anyways glad to hear we gettin respect but hate the band wagon fans gettin the good seats. there the same lame ass fans that were jumpin on the clipper band wagon 2 years ago. only real and loyal fans should get to go to laker games and get the good seats not the nose bleed seats.

  • lakers4life

    didnt he say this like last week?

  • http://www.lakers.com pau_kb_president

    we fans are worldwide!!