Unlike other of the Nugget players, Allen Iverson actually has breathed near the championship trophy. In 2001, Iverson, the league’s MVP that year, matched up against Kobe and the Lakers. Recently, Iverson commented on playing Kobe now, and playing Kobe then…

HoopsWorld: I asked him the difference between Kobe’s game back when he faced him in the NBA Finals in 2001 compared to now. He talked about the great team that Bryant has around him now but back then he said Kobe didn’t have to do as much with Shaquille O’Neal.

“He’s better than he was back then. He was great back then,” said Iverson. “He’s even better now.”

  • gugy

    True words by Iverson


    Damn Iverson! I was tryin’ not respect you but……I can’t.

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  • Phant0M

    REAL Recgonize REAL.

  • west213

    man thats why i love A.I. his d respect in the NBA. not like melo hatin on us tellin thats why there are 6 games left.

  • http://www.lakers.com kobe24MVP

    u heard from the hall of fame AI
    KB the bEST PeEp
    Realize recongnize folk out thurrr all u haters “media”

  • http://www.laballtalk.com Los Angels Lakers Blog

    Thanks AI… imagine how upset Iverson must be that Philly didn’t trade him to LA and paired him up with Carmelo instead, what a waste of retirement years!