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L.A. Times: Twenty-four days later, No. 24 was still simmering.

Time has not tempered the frustration felt by the cornerstone of the Lakers’ franchise, who has watched two key teammates, Kwame Brown and Lamar Odom, face medical issues that have thrust their off-season into doubt, as well as many trade possibilities for the team.

The Lakers that were seen at the end of the season might look a lot like those that return for the start of 2007-08, with some minor additions here and there. It isn’t sitting well with Kobe Bryant.

“I want to see us get to a contending level,” he said Saturday with firmness in his voice. “I want to see us become a championship contender. It’s been a frustrating process for me and I’m sure it’s been a frustrating process for all Laker fans. I’m just hoping we can get to that level. I’m still frustrated. I’m waiting for them to make some changes.”

Bryant, though, didn’t want to elaborate on what changes he thought could be made.

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  • leo

    trade kobe for joe johnson, hawks picks(get yi jianlian and mike conley jr), josh smith

    Lakers lineup

    conley jr
    joe johnson
    josh smith

    kwame, yi jianlian(nex big thing), luke, turiaf, farmar, sasha, vladimir, cook

  • Kobe_Rizvanolli

    hey leo are u out your mind?

  • Son of the beach

    Lakers no Kobe = Bulls no Jordan

  • Still want Ganett

    ( to leo )
    even if they do execute the trade you said with atlanta what good does it do to kobe if he goes to an even worse team. I’m still waiting for garnett…. proud bastard won’t ask for a trade … grrrr.
    peace out

  • http://getgarnett.com jonas joseph

    Man This what were sopose to do.only i know wat the lakers need.If I was old enough i could be there general mnager.

    Heres The Curent Roster

    C-Kwame Brown-Trade Him for Ron Artest It mighy be Hard cause his injuary
    Pf-Lamar Odom-I don’t know if we had to trade him doit for Pau Gasol
    Sf-Luke Walton-Resign Him Back
    Sg-Kobe Bryant-NO where not trading but if were gonna get free agents like Mike Bibby and Gerald Wallace he has to cut his sallery.
    Pg-Smush Parker-Hes dosent work to hard to resign him
    C-Andrew Bynum-Keep Him but if you cant trade kwame brown or odom this is your next option.
    C-Chris Mimm-I don’t know but i watch a espn special and i saw how hard he was woking to get back on the floor we need that kinda deturmanation
    Pf-Ronny Turiaf-resign him back beacouse he’s a fan facorite and he works his ass off every game
    Pf-Brian Cook-let him go and get Jason Kapono as a free agent
    Sf-Vladdameer Radnovic-keep him beacouse you need a big man who could shoot and go inside
    Maurice Evans we have to trade for a majore trade or cap space
    Sg-Sasha Vujacic-he has to go
    Pg-Jordan Farmar-keep him i see a steve nash in him and or a Jason Kidd in him you don’t let that pass same thing with Andrew Bynum
    Pg-Auron Mckie-trade him
    Pg-Shammond Willams-trade him and get scottie Pippen
    Draft-PgRodney Stuckey-College Stats-24.6ppg 5.5 ast
    Draft-Wilson Chandler-Trade him

    Our New Roster

    C-Paul Gasol
    Pf-Gerald Wallace
    Sf-Ron Artest=What a Starting 5
    Sg-Kobe Bryant
    Pg-Mike Bibby
    C-Chris Mimm
    Pf-Vladdemeer Radnovic
    Pf-Ronny Turiaf
    Sf-Luke Walton
    Sf-Jason Kapono
    Sf-Scottie Pippen
    Sg-Rodney Sutckey
    Pg-Jordan Farmar
    Daum Ima Genuis Told you this is great your team has defence
    Geral Wallace
    Ron Artest
    Ronny Turaif
    Pau Gasol
    Scottie Pipen and if you keep Andrew Bynum a whole lot of blockes and rebounds.
    You Team Has Offence
    Pau Gasol
    Ron ARTEST
    Mike Bibby
    Gerald Wallace
    Luke Walton
    Rodney Sutckey- a high scoring point gaud give him some a esperence heel burst
    Jason Kapono-Very good 3-point shotter leader in 3 pointers



    yo jonas dats alright but you can change it up alittle by adding garnett or jermaine oneal.

  • http://getgarnett.com jonas joseph

    aight whata bout this
    C-Andrew Bynum
    Pf-Jurmain Oneal
    sf-Ron Artest
    Sg-Kobe Bryant
    Pg-Mike Bibby