Fisher is back!

ESPN: Derek Fisher has decided to stay with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Credit Kobe Bryant with the assist.

“I have decided to continue with Kobe, continue with our teammates and the fans of Los Angeles,” Fisher said in a statement. “While this may not be the most lucrative contract I’ve been offered this offseason, it is the most valuable. I am confident I will continue to lead this team on and off the court. Let the hunt for six begin.”

The Lakers have won two straight titles and five in Fisher’s tenure with the team. He gets a three-year deal to return, with a player option on the final year. Monetary terms were not immediately available.

The Lakers were waiting for the deal to be completed before announcing anything.

“Nothing is signed yet,” Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak said. “We’re in continuous dialogue with [Fisher’s] representative and we hope to announce something soon.”

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    Hope LAKERS dont overpay for D-Fish
    I know hes experienced but just not worth 5 or 4 mil a year

    • 09-10-11champs!

      if blake was paid 4 mil, derek IS worth 4-5 mil

    • jaydubb415

      We didn’t hold a ”gun”2 fisher head n say sign the deal ,we still have 2 pull him out of games against ”faster PGs”i mean fisher actuallly sounds like he’s doing us a ”favor”doen’t get me wrong i’m glad fisher is re-sighning with us but i’m not ”excited”i still hope we get another PG somewhere.Because were lieng 2 ourselve if people think just signing ”fisher n blake”blake can struggle with his ”defense”n fisher struggles with fast PGs sometime ,just think we need a little more??

  • mitch*has*some*ballz*ya*heard

    This is great news!

  • lakers2000

    Let the games begin! This is fantastic news. Next?

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    Great! I knew Fisher wasn’t going anywhere. He’s going to retire a Laker. He’s a stand up guy and has always been my favorite player in the NBA. Anyone who knows me can vouch for that. I can relax a little now. We just need to sign another FA and I think Ebanks should make the squad too. 3-peat time! Let’s Go!

  • More Cookies 4 Kob

    Time to start filling out the bench

  • Lakers Reloaded

    Bynum/ Gasol > Haslem/ Bosh

    Kobe> Wade

    Artest Casper

    Nuff Said

    • Lakers Reloaded

      *Artest Casper

      • KMAC_321

        oh ya u forgot Artest > Casper lol

    • JOSH IN DA 310

      >= less than < =greater than …dumbass

      • 242LakerFan

        Errr…wrong. Just think of it as a hungry mouth that will always try to eat the greater value.

      • JOSH IN DA 310

        oooops i think im wrong
        =greater than bad. Thanks to Microsoft excel i got corrected

      • daboss1848

        i’m confused . . . what are u correcting?
        the name on the open side is greater than, and the name at the point is less than, so kobe>wade means kobe is greater than wade or wade is less than kobe.

  • Drake Ramoray

    If this is suppose to be the site for instant lakers breaking news that you claim to be you sure are really late with the news. Lakerstopbuzz, yahoo sports, espn, and foxsports have breaking news about the lakers faster than this supposed lakersnation website. I come to the site to hear lakers news because obviously you only have one team to report about yet other websites report news about the lakers much faster. This site is really lacking the resources it needs to keep us fans up to date about anything lakers. Step your fuc king game up Lakersnation!

    • Josh Herrington

      Go somewhere else, then. If you think you can get more information then fine, do it. The fact is TLN gets headlines from OTHER websites, so naturally those OTHER websites will have posted first. Enough complaining about things that will not harm you or affect your day-to-day life. This is not a big concern for me and it shouldn’t be for you.


        I agree w/ Josh Herrington. Tell you what, go out and build a website on your own, then you can be as fast as you want it to be, then we will all chime in on how you are doing. As of right know, this is the website that we are all on and enjoy, besides, it’s the one that Vic the brick pimps. Feelin’ You!

        • jaydubb415

          Aww n!@ga ”ya’ll blowing each other?If you don’t like ”our website leave”all he said that it was ”slow”he didn’t say the ”writing sucks”the topics are old,he said it was slow n it is,doesn’t stop me from ”coming on here”i know ”you lifers”suck each other ”off”but you shoudn’t ”take your heels off”about everything,ya’ll can be ”so touchy”take that ”vaseline”off your ”face”n chill the ”fuck out ma”

          • SteakandEggs

            Can someone please ban this guys account?

            His use of quotation marks disgusts me.

          • jaydubb415


      • jaydubb415

        He was just giving his ”opinion”just like i was where ”fuck”you get off telling someone where they should go he’s fan of the ”lakers”just like you are stop taking shit so personal,he didn’t call your ass out a matter of ”fact”i don’t see him mentioning your name,its people like you that ”blow”shit up n make it more than it should be.If your going 2 be in this ”bisiness”n you let something like that ”ruffle your feathers”you in the wrong buisiness, if it were me as long as its not being dis-respectul or tacky then someone giving his opinion shouldn’t matter!

        • Drake Ramoray

          Preach on brotha. Use as many quotations as you want. There’s alot of Pansys on this website that cry at the stuff some people say on here. Roll a joint and chill the fuck out!

          • Mr Righteous

            LOL@ quotations guy theres no need to use them but whatever rocks your boat right.

    • Schism

      Take a Xanax man! This a Fansite, not a News Organization. It doesn’t have paid reporters to seek out inside info, it can relate after the newsites post. we’ve been waiting 11 days for info on Fisher. You can’t expect the moderators to check 24/7 for every tidbit. This post came less than an hour when other newsites first reported, which is good enough.
      I know your stress level was boiling, worrying about Fish, but jeez!

    • jaydubb415

      I can’t front ”That needed 2 be said”ive been feeling like that 4 a while ”Its very slow”\espicially 2 be a ”nation website”i belong 2 ”niner nation”n those dudes over there are on ”their shit”updating topics n breaking news every couple hours hear its a ”west coast team on a down south time line?

      • Drake Ramoray

        Yup only those three pussies can’t admit that I’m right. What the fuck is a fan site and a news site. Their both the same shit! This sites cool and all but it’s really flawed and I was just pointing it out. Why don’t you three homos Josh, ice cream man, and schism go suck a dick like lebron, Wade, and bosh.

        • ICE CREAM MAN

          Hey Fake Ramoray, calm down before I start throwing foot popsicles at you from my truck. Keep it up and next time you try to flag me down, I’m just going to make your ass run an extra block for your UFO.

          • Drake Ramoray

            I won’t need to flag you down, I’ll just get it from ur moms house. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Schism

            Dear Drake,
            You need another Xanax, and a double
            shot of Prozac before you spasm out of
            your chair again. You is soo silly!

  • Lakers Reloaded

    Fisher >

  • Patrick Bateman

    I have a feeling Mitch offered Fisher a similar deal what Nets gave to Farmar.

    $12 Million for 3 years.

    Now, go after bigs to fill out the roster.

  • TheLAKERSwon09


  • jaydubb415

    Alright ”mitch” i want 2 hear who’s next after ”fish”turgalou going 2 ”phoenix”4 a little bit of nothing n don’t sleep on ”childress”as a ”throw in”although dude hasn’t put on a ”pound ”since he left if anything ”he lost weight’.I know were working with virtually ”nothing”as far as ”cap space”but damm we have some ”slugs”that picking up ”free money”n ”free wings”just sucking up air basically on the bench”.I know eventually this room will fill up with all-kind of ”positive comments”n don’t get me wrong i’m happy 2,but thats it weve done nothing ”steve blake”okay n if your living were i’m living (portland,oregon)you can see why i’m not super stoked about blake,yes he is a ”up-grade”from farmar at least in anything ”shooting.But i meani’m not stoked bcuzz ive got 2 see him alot up here.,can we make 1 more small ” ity bity”it keep a janitor as long as he was the ”top janitor”coming out ” job corps”lol

    • lakers2000

      I don’t get “it”. LOL

    • jaydubb415

      Lol at that mis-print ”Lmbao”i said its ”slugs picking up free money n free wings”lol yea we got players wings n rings (i’m black chill out)i’m just tired of ”walton”2 be frank i’m just 2 the point were the lakers try n get a ”ham sandwich”for himi can respect farmar 4 wanting 2 venture out and get more minutes n money 2 ,but you haven’t heard walton even come close 2 saying that,its like he’s cool picking up check barely playing or hurt,n been here so long its more about ”location than dedication”that type shit piss me off,what gives you got 2 rings,you barely playing n you always hurt WTF!

      • Westside24

        Wow! jaydubb that may be the absolute worst post I have ever read anywhere on the internet. That is saying a lot too because there are some total idiots on the internet. Nothing you said makes any sense at all. You would be doing the whole world a favor if you actually learned to speak at least one language.

        “What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

        • lakers2000

          Wow. And I was trying to be nice. We are so bored we’re starting to turn on each other. LOL. “I” “was” “just” “trying “to” “figure” “out” “what” “he” “was” “trying” “to” “explain”. ROFLMAO!!!!!

        • jaydubb415

          ‘Wanna be westside”coming off ”’real hoe-ish”right now i would exspect more from a ”nigga”with that name”or maybe i got you twisted it is the internet any ”sucka’can use a name nowadays.That being said you still came off ”hoe-ish”but hey you gave it chance is it that area code thats stirring you up yea ”i’m a bay-nigga”but you sounding real lol ”hoe-ish my nigaa instead of worrying about my writing want you ”contribute”that lip-service 2 this site,was that you ”weak ass atempt”2 get under my skin nigga please,next nah thats not the worse you ever read cuzz you come off like some ”square ass nigga”thats never off the computer,that weak ass westide shit is just ”blow up”you ain’t no banger unless you banging these keys,But on some real shit you really came off hoe-ish i know its my 3 or 4th time saying it cuzz thats really how you ”came off”you thought you was ”clowning’somebody but in the end you came off sounding real hoe-ish,i forgive you but your going 2 have 2 ”turn in that name”go pick you out another like ”oliver”or theodore”turn that westside in

          • Westside24

            I’m coming off “hoe-ish” because I know how to speak English? You are clowning yourself and your whole community. I got nothing else to say to someone that has trouble actually forming a sentence. You said to contribute to the site. Trust me when I tell you that you are contributing NOTHING! You are the clown because wht you are contributing is just being laughed at by everyone on this site. They aren’t saying, “damn nigga, good post,” they are clownign you for being so damn stupid. And give me a break no real gangsta is posting comments on the freaking internet. What a joke!

      • Robert.

        jaydubb, I can’t figure out if I don’t understand what you are saying, generally, or if you are actually brilliant and nobody is capable of understanding your code.
        If you are from another world, or are trying to give us information that is ‘coded’ in your cryptic messages, then welcome to the TLN website.
        Unfortunately, I don’t have time to spend de-crypting your messages. I’m hoping that you actually know the future, and maybe you know who is going to win the Championship in 2011, and perhaps the next 4 years after that.
        Also, let us all know who the Lakers will sign for the remainder of the roster. If you choose to leave cryptic messages again, alright then – we’ll try to figure it out.

    • Back2Back

      Puff Puff Pass!! Puff Puff Pass!!

      • Mr Righteous

        lmfao- that quotes kid is without a doubt the funniest guy ive seen lately.

  • 123kid

    great job fish! way to go on being the 1st person to deny playing for the heat. hopefully now other players will deny the heat and go for more money else were instead of accepting an empty promise of a championship, so called family, sun burnt old crusty women, and chump change!!!!

  • 09-10-11champs!



    Now lets go after Raja or T-MAC. Lets get this SH!T started. 1,2,3-PEAT

    • HATER

      Kobe does have some influence on some. Good for Fisher and the team. GO LAKERS!! 1,2,3-PEAT!!!

  • lakeb


    • Robert.

      Yes, I mentioned that too. This title makes it sound like Larry Legend likes Kobe more than Magic. May be true since Bird/Magic are rivals, but that’s not what he said in the quote.

  • LakErS 3 pEaT

    Sweet he’s back awesome okay now let’s get some shooters!!!




    Bring Shaq home, please before Boston or Miami gets him. Also sign TMAC.

    • Reality

      Boston or Miami can have him.

    • SunnyC

      Hell no. …..we don’t need drama….the dude is a drama king….


        At this stage in his career, I’m sure he will be more mellow and appreciative due to the fact he will be
        1 – given another championship ring
        2 – chance to retire jersey as a Laker
        3 – we had no answere for him when he was in cleveland.
        4 – imagine lineup…Shaq, Gasol, artest, kobe, fisher,
        bench – Bynum, lamar, blake, sasha, (anyone else)

  • WOW



    HELL YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We Have our Leader Back….I knew he wouldnt leave



    “… Let the hunt for six begin.”


  • Lakers for 3peat

    the lakers woon the first battle against miami

  • Showtime4eva

    Good! But are we outta money? And good players to pick up? Seems every one is taken. You know it’s written that if we have a player injured like Luke an he can’t play we can sign for up to half his wage.if Luke has surgery we can pick up that option an get more help.

    • Schism

      If the Lakers sign Ebanks and Caracter for Rookie contracts ($473.604 each). We should have about $1.8-2M in MLE cap space left + Vet-minimums about $1.3M. That should be enough for another PG+C to fill out the roster, or even S.Brown and Mbenga? anyone?


        yeah,that’s what i see nice to land a knock down shooter. last season we reached long plateaus of no scoring.

      • gus26

        we have 1.8 left of the MLE… as much money as we want for shannon, and any amount of players up to 15 for the vets min… don’t rule out a sign and trade for shannon to whatever team he wants to go to… those have been real popular this off season…

        • Schism

          A sign and trade for Shannon would be a good possibility, but its not the cap space as much as the overall payroll that I’m sure Mitch and Jerry are looking at. Every $1 means $2 right now. When we get the terms of Fisher’s contract, I’m sure that will be the indicator of signings ahead.

  • Schism

    The best part is that the Lakers have 4 draft picks coming up in 2011. With Ebanks, and Caracter as possible future Forwards, the Lakers will probably draft a bunch of Guards that Fisher can mentor for future Lakers!!

    • ronin99

      Sign the 2 rookies, Ebanks and Caracter. In, they are atop the rookie ladder so far with John Wall:

      The future looks good too…and D-FISH!!! MEMO FROM EL PRESIDENTE: “Let the hunt for 6 begin…”

  • Lakers Reloaded

    How do you guys feel about bringing in Big Z . you know Cav fans want to see him sign with LA.

    • Rio Rondo

      that would be pretty sick to see.. idk i think tmac if healthy would be deadly off the bench for sure

  • lakers0828

    Great News I Always Felt Fisher Was gonna stay with the Lakers just a matter of When He would Resign good job by the Lakers

  • xtro

    yessss! now, let’s go get raja or tmac and win number 6 for phil. f u to the unholy trio in miami.

    • gus26

      i been on the fence about bell, or tmac and i think they should get bell because of his ability to be a roll player off the bench… we all saw iverson say he was ready to take a lesser roll with the grizzlies and how well that turned out… even after multiple meetings with him…
      besides that we don’t want a guy to be playing for another contract… thats how brown was playing all last season, they come in the game with a ME first personality and its very frustrating to watch in the triangle offense when you see at least 2 better options in a play and they jack up the shot…
      bring in bell and ebanks and character and save the 1.8 to see what we really need once the season starts… if it becomes apperent there is something missing in the rotation then we can sign someone who was not signed there is alwasy that stackhouse or pj brown out there a real vet that can come in incase something is missing…

  • SunnyC

    Foundations are intact and strong….we’re good to go…threepeat……bring them on….our LALA land is very ready….

    • jonb

      Really? Where’s our BENCH? all blake did was replace farmar. We need another good signing, the heat with the big 3 and now mike miller and haslem look TOO formidable….

  • Reality

    With Fish leading again and having Blake off the bench instead of Farmar, LA is primed for the 3 peat. With the blessing of health, nobody beats LA in a 7 game series.

    • jonb

      why do y guys STILL want fish to START?! r u kidding me, we’d b much better off w/ blake as a starter.

      • 242LakerFan

        Fish starts because he’s the man. Blake will get the bulk of minutes, though, especieally through the long stretch of the regular season. Then he may take tge starting role next season. That’s how I’d play it.

  • 24allup inya

    No players deserves 29 mill!!!Fisher is worth every penny the Lakers give him! Kobe did not assit in anything!!!Fisher came back because of his loyalty and because unlike other selfish ……., he cares about championships!!!

  • Hunt4Six

    Ok, we now need a nice hybrid, i.e. A Two Guard, Shooter/Defender and back up Center…Lets’ get rid of the dead weight: DJ Mbenga, Walton, and bring these pieces in before they’re picked up!

    I personally like Tmac on the Lakers. I mean, besides dunking, what can Shannon bring that we can’t replace? I mean seriously?

    But we definitely need that “Hybrid”….Let’s go Mitch!


      DJ Mbenga is ok in my book. He is active on defense and on offense, he hasn’t seen a shot he didn’t think he can’t make. You’re right about Shannon though. Other then a fast break dunk, what else can he do? I’ve seen farmar take people off the dribble for a layup but shannon was always a fast break dunker or tip dunker but never take someone off the ball. TMac is my choice.

    • Anonymous2313

      You have to remember that Shannon did score 20+ points that one game Kobe missed. He’s also getting a pretty nice jump shot going as well.

      • Hunt4Six

        I hear you “Ice and Anonymous”……But I think that getting a “Brad Miller” or “Someone” who could at least give us Double figures in scoring, or at least somewhat close to it when Drew comes out would help really well in the playoffs….Hey, isn’t “Tyson Chandler” available?

        And as for Shannon Brown,….I mean I am a big fan of Shannon’s, don’t get me wrong, but we need a more fluid and “consistent scorer” in the playoffs;…. which is how I measure a supposed ball player up….When the level of play intensifies, can we count on you to knock down shots on a “regular basis”?….Now I really hated to see “Anthony Morrow” get away…Now that is instant offense for sure… And he has the upside of youth; he’s extremely active; and has a killer instinct. Certainly a tremendous pick up for the Nets.

        But anyway, we’ll see.

        • Kamakazi

          Getting rid of Luke Walton is easier said than done. It’s downright impossible, its also a pipedream. they’ve been trying to do this for a very long time. im not sure when his contract expires, I think its 2011, which would be a great pickup expiring contract for a team around the mid-season. So if was to be gone, it’d be by then.

          @anonymous–“You have to remember that Shannon did score 20+ points that one game Kobe missed. He’s also getting a pretty nice jump shot going as well.”

          that’s when they didn’t run the offense, and I agree with you, he’s great when kobe is not there, and he had to step his game up because of that. the problem arises when kobe IS there which is 99.999999% of the year and the lakers would like to see some other change player, he is a great change of pace player and all that,and the lakers do know this, however they arent putting stock into that a whole lot because of the fact he will have to be a great system guy off the bench.. as the goal of the lakers is to improve the bench-scoring wise etc during the offseason. Thats the reason why Jordan was let go primarily.

          • Schism

            Luke is due $17M through 2013. No team wants that contract for a guy w/ back injuries. We own him, so we just have to deal w/ it.

  • justdogm1

    the comedy value alone is worth a cool mill.when the young guys fly bye him and he gives that smile…welcome back.

    • ricky

      Fly by and swish by D. Fish! Hand down man down.

  • getgasol

    Fish, you the man! LA loves you.

  • mr.laker

    So far I like our moves. We probably loss Farmar and Shanon which hurts but doesnt really effect the team that bad. We bring back Fish, and add Blake. Most importantly, I think we can start to shed some of our dead weight. Mbenga, Morrison, Powell in particular. We have two great rookies that will probably fill their positions. Whats next? I would probably add T-Mac or Bell. Either one would help. Im not worried about Miami fellas

    • Hunt4Six

      That’s what I’m taking about……I’d like to see those two as well…That being Tmac or Bell……I also like the two rooks. I think they’ll both make the roster and be a huge impact immediately..

      They seem to be two very active and hungry players looking to be the difference.

      • Kamakazi

        the operating idea here as Mitch Kupchak put it is “no major core moves”. Once you can help the team out in other areas, you can move from there. Last off-season the Lakers didn’t have a whole lot of leverage because nearly all of the team was signed, thats not the case today and we can look forward to the great draft picks.. love those picks and you can almost flip a coin as to who could be a laker first, tmac or Bell, they’d be great pickups either way.

        • Hunt4Six


  • Kamakazi

    welcome back FISH!!

  • John Robertson

    Im glad with the result of their negotiation….

    Uhm i can’t wait for the another move that Mitch will do…

  • wbgk

    Fish is staying. Nice to see there is still some loyalty in the NBA.
    Although we still need to upgrade our bench…!
    Let’s go Mitch. Make something happen.

    • Mr Righteous

      Mitch is making it happen just letting the market play itself out, after everybody who’s a BIG free agent signing, there will be others, and players such as kurt thomas, etc will choose some teams. Most of this however is players bidding their time to make decisions not the other way around

      • Hunt4Six

        Awe man, I forgot about Kurt Thomas!….But realistically, the Lakers are about due for a roster overhaul, as Kobe, Pau, Lamar and Fisher are most likely out after their contracts expire…..It’s sort of daunting to think about going through another rebuilding stage…Before winning the ’99-2001 seasons, we sucked for 10 loooonnnng years.

  • kb24pinoy

    Thank you MR. FISHER! GO LAKERS!.
    Let the hunt for SIX begins.

    • Kamakazi

      Exactly pinoy- WELCOME BACK DEREK FISHER!!

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    We are one player away from closing the roster book and getting ready for the season. Players will see that Miami is 3 players strong w/ 2 ok players. They still need a center and a bench. Not enough to make it. Now who’s available?
    check out this site of available free agents…

    • Kamakazi

      you know what? on second thought the shaquille o neal signing wouldn’t be so bad.. pending on kobe signing off on it he can still score better than all free agent C’s and he is a legit C, not a 6’9 pivoting as a C. read this interesting article: matter fact, you could argue tmac, shaq, and barnes would be the best signings the lakers could make, and you obviously have your draftees, summer league leapers and mbenga and shannon, powell etc to decide on. Who knows right now, it all depends on what shannon does frankly, if he gets more interest in the coming days the lakers might not even have a choice his contract, but shaq wouldn’t look so bad on paper, matter fact you’d have 3 legitimate banging centers coming into the finals etc. and then tmac is a wild card because he came off a massive paycheck, but he wants to show he still has worth while trying to win a ring, and he is one of kobe’s best friends in the league. everything else is actually a wild card. there are many centers even F’s that could be had looking at that list though very interesting


        I think for the better of the team, the city and myself, I think everyone should check the ego at the door and sign shaq for 2 years. Hell, I’ll even through in 5 of my own dollars to make it happen. Seriously though, he will not only clog the paint, but when bynum goes down, he will be a great replacement starter.

        • Kamakazi

          check ur ego at the door and make right with fans etcetera and be taken seriously.. shaq will have to check off on these things if this happens.. same goes for kohb 2, but who knows, we’ve seen stranger things happen before, this would be odd but i think we can stomach it in. even if there was drama, kohb knows he’s the man right now, and everybody stops and listens to him. I mean you could go to artest, eventhough they werent taking off the court they still put that beefy shit outside, barnes demonstrated that he in fact respects kobe, and was trying to match kobe’s hustle, same goes for raja so even all that ego, beef shit can be put aside by all interest parties.

  • Odomtheworstplayer

    It is great we got Fisher signed back now we just need to get rid of Odom. Smush Walton Flush Odom my brothers where are you?

    • Kamakazi

      No because odom can own every single bench in this league. Im not gonna go into the hypotheticals about how he would own the entire heat bench *IF* they made it that far with a 6-7 man rotation for the length of the season. He is a natural mismatch and at 7mil a pop is a bargain. Im not with you newb,

      • Odomtheworstplayer

        I do not care if you are with me or not. You people are constantly talking about the mismatch who has he dominated. The only thing he does is plow into people while falling out of bounds throws his arms up while screaming hoping to get a call from the officials also the famous statue of liberty pose on defense. Amen Smush Walton.