Lamar joins the list of Laker players wanting revenge, so that makes… everyone wanting revenge!

OC Register: It is called “elimination,” after all.

To become the NBA championship team, you must eliminate four other teams – including one particularly imposing one at the end.

Aware that these Lakers have a history of not always using force when finesse might do, Phil Jackson has been splicing the movie “Inglourious Basterds” into basketball scouting footage throughout the postseason to reinforce the message about elimination.

One Laker, in particular, has taken to loudly quoting the movie for his teammates even outside the video room.

“We ain’t in the prisoner-takin’ business. We in the killin’-Nazi business. And cousin, business is a-boomin’.”

You might think it’s Kobe Bryant and his killer instinct. Maybe Jordan Farmar, raised Jewish and whose sister Shoshana shares her name with the movie’s female lead.

No, the Laker who is going around loud-mouthing about the boastful killing is Lamar Odom – the guy whose engine invariably stops and starts, the soulful clotheshorse, the court jester who started this postseason so slowly.

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  • lakers0828

    He better Show Up Man DOC Has his Celtics Pre Pared to Take game 2 and Lakers Need to Show Up and Not let that happen and That goes for you too LO

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    For all the talk about game 1 we Lakers can play better and LO will need to be apart of that.

  • drive-for-16th



    LMFAO! Rondo is wearin’ tights! What a f@g!!!!

  • Betto

    Game 1 was almost a no show, LO can cut thru the middle almost everytime or shoot 3 pointers. Not sure why he doesn’t do that more consistently, he will be the balance that tips the scale the Lakers way.

  • FukctheRefs

    Look at Rondo with 10+ rebound, you lakers bigs must have been sleeping the whole games. terrible home court loss still, even though refs were sucking Celtics’ balls.

    • Josh Herrington

      It was a terrible home-court loss. We need Odom and Artest to step up. Fisher has played well the last series and has contributed well enough in The Finals. Kobe played halfway decent, but he got into foul trouble. And, just like last game for the Celtics, it costs us. As long as we keep KG playing the way he does and Paul is ineffective, we can get 1 or 2 in Boston. My friend BK pointed out that Kevin Garnett, even though he’d like to out-shine Pau, has had some trouble doing so. That should be good for us out there in Boston.

  • LifeLongLakerFan

    Odom is still a no show. HORRIBLE

  • j.dizzle

    Paging Mr. Odom, we need you to report to the NBA finals as soon as possible. LOL what a mental midget, good luck to him & his wife..Gonna have some of the stupidest kids lmao..If he showed up, LA would of easily won..Props to Bynum atleast, hes making LO look like hes the 22 year old.

    • j.dizzle

      I still think LA gets atleast 1 in Boston, but I really thought they would of taken both games here..Oh well, Boston is not great at home & LA will play better. If Boston does win all 3 at home, then Lakers do not deserve to win the title IMO. Still a long series guys.

  • Josh Herrington

    Welcome back. Where were you the past few days? You get wet over a laker loss but when we torch your sex masters, you tend to MAGICally disappear.

  • Kobe24Bauer

    Lamer has been horrible since those two first games against the Suns.
    Come on man, step up.

    • j.dizzle

      Dont worry, he’ll step up on Keeping up with the Kardashians hahaha. LO better PRAY he has atleast one good great game or the fans will go ape sh*t on him.We all know hes inconsistent but this is like 5-6 straight sub-par , just unacceptable.

  • KindSir

    I’m just wondering when the hell Lamar is going to decide to show up to the 2010 NBA finals

  • laker fan

    you can’t really place this loss on Lame-ar Scrotum, but the dude sticks out as one of the main reasons why the lakers lost… I wish someone would slap the ish out this mofo and wake him up… Go LAKERS!!!

  • Wilt

    I just hope lamar being M.I.A. wont get us K.I.A.’D

  • lakers are the bomb

    O DUMB is his ususal self. Playing like a person that never wants to win shit. Your a bum getting paid for no
    effort. Yor wife is a black cock sucking whore.
    Lakers should have never signed him . Being a bench player is his role.
    Farmar at least he trys ,Shannon over dribbles and luke is worthless.
    Put Sasha on Rondo or Ray Alan or Ron . Fisher is to slow and Kobe is working to hard.
    I know Phil and Shaw have this figured out . I hope

  • Robert

    Lamar “0 & Done”. That’s what will happen to Lakers if you don’t show up (and lose all 3 games). Turn it around, man. Let’s win all 3 and get the parade started early.
    Here’s some advice: TRY not to charge. Even if it isn’t a charge, TRY HARDER. Don’t hit any Celtics, or they’ll whistle you, even if the CelDicks whack you in the head. Why? OH — the Cell-Dicks are physical – they hit players on their head with their elbows ‘anyway’, so why is that a foul? It’s part of being physical. Oh, but the Lakers aren’t a physical team, so if they hit anyone with a pinky, ‘it’s a foul’. So … play Phil’s new strategy – don’t hit or touch any of the Cell-Dicks. Just dance the 2 step around them. Put on your tu-tu and spin. But – Don’t touch those poor little defenseless babies, or they might end up in a wheelchair.