The mere mortals in Los Angeles are used to living alongside some high-powered stars, but the hero worship lavished upon the Lakers star, the newly minted NBA MVP, transcends all.

L.A. Times: It has been two days now since his coronation, and we remain a city in a twitter.

Kobe Bryant is the MVP.

One more time, let’s chant: MVP. MVP. MVP.

Ours is a city that has had Van Brocklin and Koufax, Drysdale and Wilt, Fernando and Shaq. The Great One skated his way into our hearts.

Sampras and Tiger are ours. So are Walton and Wooden.

Gibson tingled our spine and the Golden Boy keeps jabbing on our behalf. West came from the East and let us claim a logo, Elgin head-faked around the entire league and Kareem sky-hooked our hearts.

Hershiser shut ‘em down, Carew lit ‘em up, and Bo Jackson ran all over ‘em for us. Not so long ago, Magic pulled rabbits out of hats for us.

Still, none of them got our wings fluttering in the City of Angels like Kobe.

If we didn’t know better, we’d think he cured cancer.

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