The Celtics fans will say Pierce>Kobe. But Kobe, under tremendous pressure, put the team on his back and like in this video, he couldn’t be stopped. The Lakers made it a series now trailing 1-2. Game 4 is Thursday night. The Celtics may have won the first two battles, but this war is far from over…

Doubt Kobe, doubt Greatness.

  • Sopi

    go lakers!
    make some fts……

  • LD2k

    King Kobe.

    That was just sick.

  • ryc3


  • lakerschamps08

    yea its a series cuz kobe and sasha… but come on where was odom and gasol but doesnt matter i just wanna win the nba finals….. we want odom to be agressive and i think he was he just missed them but did get fouled on the dunk attempt but no matter.. gasol was scared the whole game idk y cuz he better than perkins and got some size adv on kg sooo please they BETTER…. go lakers

  • RD

    as happy as i am with the W tonight, pau and lamar need to find some damn offense! luckly machine had kobes back tonight, but the rest need to pick it up! 3 more games! just 3 more games!

  • Thomas

    Bring it…Gasol and Odom didn’t play well and we still won, they can’t beat us here and its time to start the parade prepartions

  • Smush Walton

    If we make our freethrows we blow them out!

  • gugy

    Lamar and Pau, Please play with heart. If these two guys show up Thursday we will win in a much easier way than tonight.

    Also, Boston still going to play a game bad, I hope Thursday will be the night. Let’s win all home games. If we lose one, I’ll be very concerned. I am not sure if the Lakers have what it takes to win 2 in Boston.

    Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Triple Ocho

    Kobe CAN handle “the truth”… The machine bailed us out…play ariza more.. go lakers


    Kobe needs his other two players to step up. Pau Gasol Needs to workout with a bodybuiler to get strong and play rough with
    Lakers stay focus and play till the death.

  • Big Phil

    Hell no it’s not a series yet…it will be a series if the Lakers win Game 4. Other than that it’s not, especially with the lack of performance from 4 of our 5 starters. I think Phil should start Ariza over Vlad…Vlad has been non-existent. Lamar also confirmed that he is the God of Boneheads, dumbest moron in the entire universe with the last play of the game.

  • saydah

    imagine if pau and lamar decided to show up?

  • Smush Walton

    What happened th Lame-ar? Surprise, surprise – in the biggest game of the year he’s a NO SHOW – missing in action! Once a pothead – always a pothead.

    Smush Walton was useless again, as usual. This off season we MUST get rid of Smush. He is utterly worthless out there. How many wide open layups did Smush blow? and airballs? Good God!

    We can give Vlad his walking paprs too.

    Thakfully the MVP came up bigtime and Sasha brought his A game. I hope some of the others decide to show up for game 4.

  • Geloman

    I hope the machine keeps chuggin away. We need his instant offense off the bench. Pau and Odom need to show up for game 4 or we’re screwed. Not sure if we can hold off these Celts with Pau and Odom playing the way they did tonight. Radmanovic needs to step as well. They guy seems to have taken off into outerspace like a space cadet. Ariza needs to be on the floor more often.

    Defend home court. Fans need to get louder and more fired up.


    Is it me or do Lakers fans seem weaker than Boston fans? I remember watching the first two games on a fixed volume (level 12) and it was hella loud. You couldn’t even hear the whistle at times. For Game 3, I used the same level but didnt really feel like Staples is loud enough. Plus, when are the Lakers gona give out free yellow t-shirts out to the fans so that it feels more intimidating here?!?

    L.A. have too many passive/rich (especially the “movie stars”) who just sit back and relax. Lakers need a more energetic and vocal crowd to pump them up each game!

  • pancho

    fish,rad,lo,pau=22 for starters sasha =20 nuff said

  • west213

    lamar u pencil neck snap out of your blazing and get back to the series.

  • Geloman

    If Vlad is the space cadet than Lamar is the space general because he was lost once again. He needs to snap out of it now and Pau needs to show offensively. They narely won with KG and Pierce having bad shooting nights. I doubt they will have another bad shooting game on Thursday. If KG, Pierce and Allen show up on Thursday and Odom and or Pau decide to take another day off, forget about it. Lakers will be down 3-1. I know Pau will bounce back, but Odom is notorious for completely disappearing in consecutive games. Has hasn’t shown up to the series yet.

    I’m still nervous. Lakers haven’t convinced me yet that they can win this series.

  • kb24-4lyf

    it will be a series! look how kobe dominated the celts. but he will need all the help he could get for his 4th ring! GO L.A!

  • http://deleted Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    Lakers will win in blow-out fashion in game 4…. It’s game 5 that will be nip & tuck and the winner of that game will win this series.

  • Lane

    Definitely need better performances from Pao and Odom to compete


  • Billy Kupchak

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    @Chris, spelling typo! :D

    Peirce>Kobe SHOULD BE Pierce>Kobe ;)

  • hZm

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    Fixed. Thanks!