Both Pop & Barry (sounds like a candy shop) said that it was a no-call and no foul should have been called. What are your thoughts on the last play? Sound-off in the comments and tell us what you think!

ESPN: Reserve Brent Barry had 23 points and his last-second 3-point attempt could have given the Spurs the win. He claimed he was fouled on the play by Derek Fisher but there was no call.

“If I was the official I wouldn’t have called that a foul,” Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said.

  • 08 Champs

    Doesn’t matter if it was a foul or not…..your superstar MVP takes 29 shots and doesn’t get one whistle…..sounds fair to me……go cry me a river(walk)…….

  • Jack

    It was a good no call. Had Brent jump into Fisher while he was in the air then a foul would have been called. In this case, Brent took another dribbled and shot away from Fisher. Good no call by the ref.

  • willow

    Absolutely a no call! Kobe shoots 29 attempts the whole game and doesn’t get to the free throw line once is absurd. Kobe didn’t bitch and moan about not getting any calls, he just played through it so they shouldn’t expect a call that late in the game.

  • Young

    i don’t buy it. i think he believes it was a foul. ill get roasted for it, but i think fish fouled him. should it have been called? i dunno. its just that barry wasn’t aware enough to jump into fish. there was no way he was gonna make the shot anyways. the way i see it is that if that was kobe taking that shot, this site would be up in arms ready to burn down san antonio (me among that crowd).

    of course pop would say that. he still has to go back to LA to play. theres no use in irking the refs with a statement like that. if they win game 5, they get to have a chance to tie it up on their home floor. 3-1 isn’t insurmountable enough to take shots at the officiating. especially when they took an assload of more free throws than us.

  • Michael24

    it was a foul but the refs would most likely not call it due to because it was towards the end of the game. Lakers got lucky

    we will kill the spurs on thursday and they will haunt the riverwalk of san antonio!

    go laker.

  • budbehm

    It may have been a foul, however if you go back and look at the previous play when kobe missed his shot off the in bounds play with 5.6 seconds left they called a 24 sec violation. The ball Hit the rim, not hard, but hit it, had they let it play on the time would have expired. No last shot. So one bad call deserves another. And Lamar blocked Parkers shot it wasnt a goal tend. So Spurs fans can gripe all they want but it was a good no call.

  • Shakobe22

    it balanced out the fact that they totally missed the goaltending call that gave them two pts

  • pancho

    I think more importantly that the ball grazed the rim,went outta bounds to the lakers with 2 seconds left on the shot clock,should of been a twenty four second with laker ball. Gasol make your free throws……….good no call, player made wrong move with the ball.NBA needs instant replay in playoffs.

  • lakerschamps08

    ummm wow shoulda never came down to that.. gasol missed free throws nd kobe traveled and refs not call it and then missed the layup so that was a brain
    i dont think it was a shooting foul.. maybe big maybe on the ground foul cuz he got hit on the head but then again if kobe shoots 0 free throws why should barry get 2 or 3 more there and like 7 for the whole game…. go lakers….

  • varsityoptimism

    got away with MURDER. that was a foul for SURE.

  • bluekang

    It was a foul, but a good no call for the situation. Besides, it evens out the fact that Fish’s shot hit the rim and how Duncan somehow got from the top of the key to the basket without taking a single dribble.

  • Young

    this is where i disagree. why should a foul NOT be called just because of some missed calls earlier? the foul on fisher was a foul regardless of whether they forgot to reset the shot clock earlier or whatever. this whole “balance” thing is such a shallow way of justifying the noncall. if it was an issue of balance, lets not forget that odom launched parker into the 6th row on that goal tending play and didn’t get called for it.

    like i said earlier, ill take it. but like someone said earlier, it should have never came to this. kobe should have never taken such an ill advised layup, pau should have made his free throws, and fisher sure as heck shouldn’t have body slammed barry.

  • iLakers

    where silly fouls at the end of the game are not called happens.

  • LakerPower

    Hey guys just wanted to check it out cause I missed it when Duncan did that big traveling no call. From the top of the key took a few steps and just curious if anyone knows at what time and qtr it was.

    Thanks for the help and hell yeah LAKERS IN 5!!!

  • Whatsa

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    Although I do agree with this.. I do have my opinion on what I saw though..

    Derek Fisher DID jump and there WAS contact.. but Barry did step away and try to take a shot as if he wasn’t fouled.

    BUT, I’M CONFUSED; Wasn’t Barry all looking back at the court and officials at the end of the game when he was walking to the locker room? Seems like he WANTED a call.

    And when Pop said he doesn’t think it’s a foul.. I thought was being sarcastic when he said that.. he was like “what do you think I should say, no I don’t think that’s a foul if I was the official.”

    Ierno man. Whatevs.

    Kinda did get away with murder though..

  • budbehm

    If you missed the play Fisher didn’t,”Slam” Barry. Yea he bumped him, Did Barry avoid the contact as much as possible, YES, that’s why I think they didnt get the call. Had he gone up with his shot at that point they would have called it. Barry shouldn’t have hesitated. You can’t count on winning a game by a bump. I thought the spurs were classy in the way they handled it. Yea bad calls suck, but they happen, just as they happened to us. Get over it.

  • mars

    i agree with reggie, kenny and chuck about the no-call. brent tried avoiding the contact to get a clearer shot and didnt realize fish was in the air until it was too late. he put the ball down instead of trying to get the foul so it’s a good no-call.

    basketball is just a balanced game and the refs proved it. they should have reset the shot clock when fisher took that shot prior, but didnt. so its just well balanced.

  • LakerPower

    Any idea anyone what time and qtr the travel was done by Duncan but no call? Everyone is saying it was very obvious and would like to check it out if any remembers what qtr or time…

    It be great help, thanks!!


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  • vintij

    It was absolutely a foul. Barry did not have to jump at all, the contact was clear . It would have been two free throws and sent it into overtime. BUUUUT, it was a very good no call, not only did the refs blow the goal tending call, shot clock call, and deny kobe a free throw all day…..they also decided not to determine the game (and the series momentum) on a single play. Which basically made up for the missed calls all day. Besides, barry had two seconds to win a game that they had no business winning (shooting 39% does not get you a win). If it was not for Kobe bryant’s bone headed play (worst play of the post season) at the end of the game, this would not even be a discussion….. if kobe takes the inbound pass and accepts the foul like anybody would, we go up by 4 with 5 seconds left. No issues, no controversy.

  • Fred A.

    When I saw the replays over and over again, I saw a foul. To me it look like an offensive foul on Brent. Brent put his shoulder down to draw the contact. I felt that the Spurs were the lucky ones that that did not get called.
    But anyway GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • kobe4ever


  • sketch

    Tim Legler of ESPN said it right. Barry didn’t continue the motion. He actually stopped and then took the shot. Had he pump faked, got contact and shot right away, then the refs would probably have to make the call. That just shows that he was the hot hand for the night, but not the right guy to take the shot. I bet you Ginobili would’ve done that and gotten the call. Anyway, game over. Lakers win!

  • vintij

    Guys, nobody had to jump…..the lakers were out of fouls, if there was contact, regardless of where it happened and if it was in shooting motion, free throws were going to come out of it. Why do people keep saying that if he would have jumped it would have been a call? No, if he would have jumped, it would have been a 3 free throw call. The fact that he didnt jump made it harder to call the foul sure, but there was still contact, which should have resulted in 2 free throws either way. But like I said before, it was a veteran no call, barry had no business taking that shot…..and besides, the spurs had no business even getting a chance to win this game shooting 39% (plus kobe’s heave with 5 seconds left was not necessary)

  • http://deleted Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    Poppivich obviously knows how to play the political part of this game, very-very well. … Of course Pop would down-play that one controversial foul among all the rest, when he knows he has to go to L.A. for game five, and does not wish to lose any possible favor. … As Young stated; there’s no use in irking the refs with a “negative” statement like that (And Pop is well aware of this). … Notice how Poppivich, well emphasized how much Kobe got to the free-throw line during the Lakers/Jazz series. (More than well deserved btw)… And at the same time made emphasis in the media on how the Spurs were not going to foul Kobe, no matter what. … Even going as far as stating they would rather open up the red sea on Kobe’s drives to the basket. The refs obviously ATE THIS UP. … There is no doubt The M.V.P. was hacked on a lot more than one occasion in the last 2 games, let alone only this one (29 shots no foul). … Lakers DOMINATED the Spurs today, despite getting only one benefit of the call, all game long… Put it this way; similar to a quote Shack made on .o4 … I say; 29 No Calls deserves another.

  • Geloman

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    Boohoo. Cry me a riverwalk.

    Fact is Barry dribbled away rather than shoot into Fisher and when that happens, calls will not be made no matter what. Just like Kenny, Charles, Reggie, Poppovich and Barry himself all agreed on. No balance crap here. It was a good no call.

  • Sopi

    losers stop whining. spurs have so many breaks from referees through out the ball game. Lakers can have a blowout win if the referees were not helping spurs. my god!


    F U C K I N G W H I N E R S!!!!

  • heffadude

    Yes, it was a foul, but it would’ve been for just two free throw shots since he was fouled when he took the dribble. But, if people are going to complain about that then they should complain about the play before that… Fisher shoots the ball and hits the rim, hits Horry’s leg and goes out of bounds. The shot clock should’ve been reset and since there was less than 24 seconds left we could’ve held the ball till the end which they would’ve intentionally fouled us giving us 2 free throw shots. But, that didn’t happen. The refs said Fisher didn’t hit the rim and gave us the ball with 2 seconds left on the shot clock forcing Kobe to throw the ball up when he didn’t have to if the call was made correctly. So the way I see it the Spurs should’ve never been given the opportunity to take that last shot or if they did it would’ve been under different circumstances like after we took 2 foul shots to increase our lead from 2 to a possible 4. I’ll admit to Brent getting fouled if all the haters admit that the Spurs last shot attempt was a gift given to them by the refs in the first place! I’d rather the game be called fair, but since it wasn’t the non-foul was justified by the bogus call on the other end. So let’s move on… Go Lakers!


    Ball dont lie! he missed the shot and that’s it!

  • bluekang

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    I think it was towards the end of the first quarter.

  • Airric23

    LakerPower, Tim Duncan’s triple dipple jump happened in the first quarter. How in the heck does Tim Duncan take five steps without a dribble from the 3-point line and not get called for traveling? Talk about missed calls? Now that is a no call that needs to be discussed.

  • The Nugget

    No call then, no call now.

  • kb24

    It was a foul.
    Lets say the Lakers were in the Spurs position down 2 and Kobe took the last shot just like Brent. Of course Kobe wouldn’t avoid the foul but if he got fouled and there was a no call and the Lakers lose, we would be all pissed and complain about it. I don’t think you guys would say it was a good no call.

  • Keep Odom




  • matthew

    You have to give respect for the spurs though because they do not blame that game on a missed call they blame it oher things, so now i have a whole new elvel of respect for the defending champs

  • lalball81

    You guys are ridiculous. The reason why Kobe didn’t attempt a FT was because Bowen and the Spurs played him well. They simply refused to put him at the line, and he had to shoot a lot of shots to get his points. That’s good coaching by Pop, and good defense by the Spurs.

    Kobe needs to attack the rim much harder. He’ll get more FT attempts if he stops taking long outside shots against Bowen. How the hell can you guys complain about Kobe not getting any calls when he shot 16 FTA per game against Utah, the team that fouls the most?

  • Michael_23

    Kobe has been in Brent’s position before. Even when Kobe would jump “into” the player while in the air the ref would not still call the whistle. Remember the 1st game of the season vs. the Rockets? Bryant jumped into the player and no foul was called. I’m sure there’s more no calls that Bryant had that should have decided a game.

    No call then, no call now.


    As a big Laker fan, I’d say no foul, but reality that’s a foul, but in a cruel reality for the Spurs, refs just don’t call fouls at the last minute.

    Spurs shows class because they are not complaining. But the Lakers deserve that win more than the Spurs weather Brent made the game winning shot or not.

  • Billy Kupchak

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    ~rofLmao~ :D

  • AJ

    The WHOLE game was just garbage with calls/no calls. The REFS are just bad this whole season, and the ‘best of the best’ for the playoffs are just as bad.

    You have Timmy walking down the lane, doing the riverwalk and dunks it without any thought of blowing whistle.

    LO gets nice ‘Thin man’ come-from-behind block to the backboard, let’s call that goaltending.

    Fish hits the rim and let’s not reset the shot clock.

    There were alot more than that, not to mention they played a ‘CLEAN’ game against KB and never touched him throughout the entire game…..RIGHT ! !

    Sure, Refs have a tough job, but you are the ‘cream-of-the-crop’ refs, you should be better than what YOU show on the court.

    I go to every day and see who is the refs for the games. Cringe like I do when you see certain ones.
    I think Joey Crawford was trying to appease the Spurs for the bonehead call he made last year that got him put on ice. He made calls for Spurs last night and then let the last one play on, just to create more limelight for himself. BUT, no ref wants to blow the whistle at the end of the quarter/game. Plain fact, they let the players play. Everyone knows that, and they get away with alot in the last secs of quarters/games.

    Cry me a river(walk), San Antonio, cry. After Thursday, you will be on vacation.

    11 down, 5 to go
    Can’t wait to close this decade the way it was opened
    Lakers Champs again and again and again……….


    GOOD NO CALL.Spurs can blame Berry for not selling it.Once he DF in the air(DF seals the game,good “D”)’Jump into the man’which would’ve been 3 shots and the ball game,but…..YOU LOSS!!!

    PARTYATMITCH’,nuff said.

  • gugy

    [Comment ID #37236 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agreed.
    Since the clock was not reset, then the final shot was not called. One bad call followed another.
    So I guess the officials decide to give the benefit of the doubt.

    The truth is the Lakers played better and deserved to win the game. No more whining.
    Let’s close it tomorrow.

  • RoWyN

    Like what a lot of commentators say, a foul no matter what time of the game should be a foul. That was a foul because it’s like holding somebody so they can’t get passed the defender.

    Having said that, it also is not a foul. Since players have to adjust a game is being called, refs have to be consistent. A foul not being called the entire game should not be a foul late in the game. In this case, it is not a foul.

    By the way, Spurs trying to act noble by saying it wasn’t a foul when you can hella tell they’re all lying was annoying.

    Also, to be fair, Kobe is such a bad liar himself. It’s funny how when they asked him if it was a foul, he paused for a while and straight up lied, hahaha.

    Last…i was cracking up everytime somebody asks Pop about the Fisher foul. He always (just like PJ) never shows emotion, but he couldn’t hold it down last night. Mann, he must be very pissed last night.

  • roscoe

    [Comment ID #37182 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you are a delirious homer

  • vintij

    Ok so maybe kobe had to take the shot, my mistake. It still should not have been a shot clock violation, fisher did hit the rim, anyone can see that. The spurs should be thanking the lord that they even had a shot to win it.

  • LakerPower

    Thank you Airric23!

  • vintij

    i agree with airric 23. Duncan did not dribble the ball once from the 3 point line to the rim, and got there in about 5 steps, ask anyone with eyes.

  • BringDFishBack

    What were they supposed to say? It was and get fined? Unfortunetly, the NBA demands that all players and coaches (unlike PJ last night, expect a fine!) agree with the refs and we don’t get to hear the true side of things.

  • kbfan24

    Great No Call.

  • Viva Vegas

    Yeah That was a GREAT NO CALL. He was in the act of dribbling and Kobe didn’t get one call .. WTF?!!!

  • Whatsa

    People, stop saying that they’re just big whiners.

    I bet if we were in their position.. (ie when Shane Battier[Rockets] fouled Kobe Bryant before he can take a shot at the end of the game) we would be whining also.

  • T-DUB

    yeah…it was a foul…SOO WHAT!!!!!!!!!! Spurs had more than their share of calls in this game. fact is, they are not good enough to win this series…case closed!

  • JCBiglessworth

    NOT A FOUL! When the contact was created Barry took another step and put the ball on the floor, good job by the officials to recognize that