Lakers’ Media Day was today and with that in mind, comes a slew of questions. What about Kobe? Will he be here? What will he say? Does he still want out from the L.A.? Yadda yadda… And what happened? Nothing. His going to Hawaii and work out with his team, he will require some of his teammates to do a little bit more, “… Go the extra mile,” he says. Should be an interesting season, nonetheless…

What do you expect from this season from our beloved Purple & Gold? Sound-off in the comments and tell us what you think!

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    i just want an injury free season…


    LETS GET IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Nugget

    [quote comment=”13949″]i just want an injury free season…[/quote]
    I think we can all agree to that.

  • kyler_hay

    [quote comment=”13951″][quote comment=”13949″]i just want an injury free season…[/quote]
    I think we can all agree to that.[/quote]
    hell ya nuggs

  • MILO

    Kobe called out the rest of the team, now the preasure is on them to respond.And they for shure will, no doubt about it! i expect a 50-55 win season.They will get off to a great start like last year.No more injuries to hold them back, allthou i am a little worried about LO but he’ll be fine.I also expect major moves before the deadline, count on that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MILO

    No more cancer by the name of Smush Parker=defense and D’Fish, this is a major upgrade!!!

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  • sctrojan22

    im not too happy with what they did this summer…but maybe not giving up Andrew might be a good thing he might show up this year….

    so i hope that goes well

  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    And one of the most important seasons in Lakers history begins…

  • http://www.myspace.com/on3s3qu3nc3 123kid

    kobe is right! there are no excuses for anyone on the team to downgrade themselves and settle for less this season. they’ve played with each other for 4 years and kobe is gonna push them to the LLLLIIMMITTTSSS!!!! OH MAN IM EXCITED!!! ARE YOU GUYS EXCITED???? ITS ALMOST TIME TO TAKE OUT YOUR LAKER JERSEYS AND SET YOUR TVS TO FOXSPORTS WEST AND KCAL 9!!!

  • Michael_23

    Overall, I am too not happy what they have accomplished over summer with the exception of signing Derek Fisher. Everyone has to come and put in 110% effort. I am glad to see people excited and hyped. Let’s just hope for an injury free season.

    Here’s a list of what I currently think the Laker squad needs to improve on individually (I am not naming rookies because I have not done enough research on them):

    Kobe: Understanding his team mates. Spending time one on one with them.
    D. Fish: Same as Kobe. He’s a professional. Become a leader. In fact, I feel he’s more of a leader than LO. Take in the offensive fouls.
    Lamar Odom: His almost triple double stats every night are excellent. But he needs to continue driving to the basket. He needs to understand that he’s a versatile PF that can move just a good as many point guards in the league. He’s even a bit quicker than half the PGs in the league. Run the ball on fast breaks all the way.
    L. Walton: He was aggressive 1st half of the season before his injury. Then he lost a bit confidence when he came back. He needs to regain that mentality again.
    A. Bynum: He needs to regain his confidence and become a threat in middle once again. If he can play like he did in the 1st 2 months last season, that would be great. But this time do it all year long. And if he regains his touch again, should we trade him for better quality veterans? I think so.
    K. Brown: When he has the ball in the middle, be patient. He may not be a good offensive player, but his defense can show at times. Steal, blocks, and running without the ball are good signs of Kwame being an active player.
    J. Farmar: Shooting. Run the triangle more smoothly. Show some UCLA play of running and dribble penetration when necessary.
    S. Vujachic: Become a better defender. Scrap and get dirty. Annoy the opposing PGs with his long arms. Offensively, become a 3 point threat.
    B. Cook: His open 3 point baskets are fine, but I really don’t know his capabilities. He’s a PF that likes to work outside. Doesn’t show a lot of post up game. His defense against other PF isn’t so good. So i’m not sure what value he can give us except for his 3s.
    V. Radmonavic: Bring the game he’s offered to the Clippers 2 years ago. Become a 3 point threat and drive to the basket. Be careful not to get hurt and lie about to the media and your team. I believe this is what caused his confidence to fall and I hope doesn’t carry on this year. Also, learn the triangle offense. He’s had a full year to understand it and now this month in training. If successful, he can be an offensive threat.
    C. Mihm: Hope he can bring it to this team like he did 2 years ago. 12 pts, 7 rebs, 1/2 blocks would do. His resigning should give the lakers more depth. All 3 centers could battle for starting position.
    R. Turiaf: Great guy with great energy. Thing I would like for him to improve on his his jump shot. Although I think he would rather get open dunks. This what sparks the team and causes runs.

    That’s 12 players. All veterans.

    Also I think an important value of not only this team but all teams is togetherness. The 80s Lakers were one big giant happy family. Small groups of 3 -5 players would go out and have a good time catching a movie or dinner. Getting to know each other more than players but as friends. This is what Spurs adopted last year too with players inviting each other for a game of poker. We need that friendship value for this team and I think it would help tremendously.

    What do you guys think? What can Lakers improve on?

  • http://thelakersnation.com/blog Lakers2410

    Kobe Kobe Kobe…Lakers Lakers Lakers…Mitch Mitch Mitch…tisk tisk tisk……………..

  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    I can’t wait until the season begins. You guys ready?

  • MacBSlick


    Heck yeah Im ready. Im so tired of this offseason I could puke.
    Bring on the Warriors!

  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    I miss Staples Center. :-(

  • gugy

    I hope a good season and the Lakers will still have PJ and Kobe many years to come.
    Dreaming is good.

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  • two0one7

    Here’s a good report on media day: http://youtube.com/watch?v=LbTuKTGmoyM

  • http://lakersworldwide.blogspot.com shyguy_2004

    Come preseason, we’ll get an idea of if the rest of the Lakers step it up like Kobe is pushing for.

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    this looks like some tupac sh*t yo,,

  • http://thelakersnation.com/blog Lakers2410

    YEAH! Let’s see how much Bynum improved, if Odom will actually live to what he said about being an all-star, how much better the Triangle wil look with Fisher leading it, how much everyone else trained & improved as well, and how much better the Lakers will be with Mihm back!

  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    Bynum looks like a beast.

  • Mien

    I was introduced to this blog through a friend this summer and i’m glad because it helped me kill time while learning from you guys…I’m a kobe fan so as a result i’ve been subjected to various amounts of kobe, wade, nash, lbj, melo etc etc comparison threads..

    I was thinking of a way to address some of the issues and strong remarks regarding people’s view points.. BUT THE CATCH IS I’M GOING TO TRY TO DO THIS STATISTICALLY. i’m sure you will feel free to point out errors in my analysis because these stats might end up going against some of your believes:

    FGA / MIN & POINTS SCORED WITH EACH FGA PER MINUTE (TELLS US ABOUT EFFICIENCY) eg Though kobe had a bigger role during the title run then Magic, J.West and Scottie, He wasn’t more efficient than Magic and Jerry west.

    imo this is a better measure of what role a player plays on a team. IN EVERY MINUTE, HOW MANY SHOTS DO THE PERSON TAKE. You wouldn’t expect BYNUM or lamar to avg more than kobe. 2006-07 shaq would definitely avg less than wade in this category.

    Tim duncan (his whole career) [4.386 fga/mins / 10 seasons ] = .439 fga/min ie every 2.28mins he puts up 1 shot. PTS/FGA/MIN = 49.73 POINTS SCORED

    AL JEFFERSON (3 seasons) [1.088 / 3 ] = .363 fga/min ie every 2.76mins = 1 fga 27.82 POINTS SCORED

    J.ONEAL (11 seasons) [4.308 / 11] = .392 fga/min ie every 2.55 mins = 1fga 32.09 POINTS SCORED

    BYNUM ( 2 seasons) [.5 / 2 ] = .25 fga/min ie every 4 mins = 1 fga 16.82 POINTS SCORED

    Obviously Duncan takes up more of his teams shots than Bynum. The order of “who has a bigger role” amongst those four is T.DUNCAN, J.ONEAL, AL JEFFERSON, then, BYNUM


    KOBE w. shaq(2000-2002) = [1.53 / 3] = .51 fga/min ie every 1.96 mins = 1 fga 49.59 POINTS SCORED

    J.WEST w. wilt (1970- 1972mvp) = [.99/ 2] = .50 fga/min ie every 2.02 mins = 1fga 53.17 POINTS SCORED

    S.PIPPEN w. MJ (1990-1993)= [1.6/ .4] = .40 fga/min ie every 2.51 mins= 1fga 46.08 POINTS SCORED

    MAGIC w. kareem(1980-1991)= [1.12/12] =.37 fga/min ie every 2.70 mins = 1fga 57.55 POINTS SCORED

    WADE (05-07) [1.43/ 3] = .48 fga/min ie every 2.10 mins = 1fga

    SHAQ w. kobe(2000-2002)= [1.52 / 3] = .51 fga/ min ie every 1.98 mins = 1fga 56.38 POINTS SCORED

    LEBRON (05-07) [1.55 / 3 ] = .52 fga/min ie every 1.94 mins = 1 fga 55.37 POINTS SCORED

    V.CARTER (05-07) [1.59 / 3] = .53 fga/min ie every 1.89 mins = 1fga 46.90 POINTS SCORED

    KOBE (05-07) [1.72 / 3] = .57 fga/min ie every 1.77 mins= 1fga 55.26 POINTS SCORED

    MJ (1990-1993) [2.46 / 4] = .61 fga/min ie every 1.63mins = 1fga 51.98 POINTS SCORED

    Just wanted to share this with you guys, what do you guys think..are there many flaws in this analysis??