L.A. Times: Then there’s that other award that might drop into the Lakers’ laps.

Phil Jackson has won nine championships as a coach, tied with Red Auerbach for most in NBA history, but has been selected coach of the year only once in his 17-year career.

In the same way that Kobe Bryant gets mentioned as one of the front-runners for league most valuable player, Jackson also faces the possibility of being recognized.

The Lakers (43-18) have overcome blase expectations to rise above the Western Conference, although Jackson didn’t seem to want to address his chances of winning a coaching award.

“I think the best interview usually gets coach of the year,” he said wryly. “Usually it’s a team that’s a surprise team. Favorites aren’t usually given coach of the year.”

What else?

“At one point in the ’80s, it was an honor of doom, because the next two years, the guy was going to get fired from his job,” Jackson said.

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  • ab17

    he deserves it

  • KObe24

    fo show jackson shuld win coach of the year, andrew should win most improved, kobe shouild be MVPPP, and DPOY and also THE LOS ANGELES LAKERS SHOULD AND WILL BE THE CHAMPIONS!


  • ab17

    i agree on everything except BYNUM.
    if he wouldve been healthy he probably wouldve got it
    but NO…oh yea one more award…SASHA VUJACIC for the sixth man award

  • KObe24

    I coulnd tink of anyother aawards lolllll

  • ifkobedoesntwinmvpthenbaisrigged

    Don’t forget mitch kupcake for gm of the year…he brought in gasol and kept bynum

  • KObe24

    ooo yeeeeeaaaa exective, and coach of the year for PHIL JACSON