O.C. Register: Ran into Assistant GM Ronnie Lester, who is taking in the Summer League games here in Vegas, mainly to get a good look at Adam Morrison. The rest of the Lakers team, including draft pick Chinemelu Elonu, are little more than prospective training game fodder.

Morrison, though. has a guaranteed contract which means — barring a trade — he is expected to be back with the Lakers next season. And since Mitch Kupchak repeatedly has said the Lakers will carry a maximum of 13 players (yes, that includes Lamar Odom), which could leave Sun Yue out.

Lester agreed.

Sun missed last year’s Summer League because of his commitment to the Chinese National Team. He again skipped this summer’s play in favor of playing overseas.

Lester said Sun’s apparent lack of commitment to the Lakers and the fact he missed all of training camp last season because of an injury, doesn’t help his chances of keeping his roster spot.

“It does seem he is the odd-man out,” Lester said.

  • Eric

    He has got great potential. However, he needs to get rid of his game-time jitters and practice with the team if he wants a chance in the NBA.

  • 242LakerFan

    You can’t expect to crack a roster this deep with a half-hearted, half-stepping, half-assed level of commitment. Adam Morrison is playing in Summer League to try and get a handle on the triangle and show off his shot. He didn’t have to do that, but he WANTS to be a Laker and he’s showing it. He got his taste of champagne last month and he wants to earn another bubbly shower. Sun Yue willl remain another footnote in the “What If’ file of the Lakers historical archive.

  • Anon

    Morrison posted up 24 and 5 in the summer league game and dished out some sick passes.

  • mitch*has*some*ballz*ya*heard

    Looks like the Sun is soon to set…. idiot, never liked him anyways.

  • 949Mike

    trade him for a LeBron “Winless” T-Shirt.

  • willow

    I don’t even know why the Lakers drafted this guy. Never seen him play, never saw anything other than a scared teenager playing in the big leagues with this guy. Maybe if I saw him play I would change my take on this guy. Seriously?!?!? The Chinese “Magic Johnson”???? No one in the U.S. gets called that and they’re gonna brand him as the Chinese “Magic Johnson”? That’s just sacrilegious!

  • RJ

    This is good news but sun yue needs to go to college for a couple of years then come to the nba.

  • http://myspace.com/sonicussj Whatsa

    Keep in the D-League.

  • Keith

    yeah Ship his @ss out

    he shouldnt even be mentioned in the same sentence as
    Magic Johnson

  • LakersFirst

    With the Lakers so far over the luxury cap, dumping him is a savings of basically $1.5M.

  • Lakers=champions

    sun yue for mvp

  • E_Poet

    Sun just doesn’t seem worth keeping, unless he can REALLY prove that he deserves a roster spot on this Championship team. That would require him being more dedicated to the LAKERS.

  • Ron

    I think sun yue is the second coming of magic johnson…and that he will win us another title…ummmmm….no hes not anything like magic…infact hes a retard who should stay in china.

  • cjm

    time for some chop yuey

  • mitch*has*some*ballz*ya*heard

    HAHAHA, Sun has a ring before LeDunkedOn. HAHAHAHAHAHA..

  • cheesy

    idiots, the man has an obligation to his country.

  • http://lakers.com lakers101



  • http://www.whoisepik.com Mr.E

    Happy Trails Sun,your consolation prize:an NBA championship ring

  • thelakeshow

    thank god the guy sucks (anyways he’ll be happier in china) remember all the people here last year were saying “let go of sasha we got sun yue he’s a funture magic johnson” and was like wtf “funture magic johnson”

  • http://deluxpro.com LakersBack2Back

    Sun better showoff soon. But I’m pretty sure the Lakers know what they are doing. No matter if they keep him or not it will be in the best interest of the 2010 team.

  • willow

    [Comment ID #79347 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Why come to the NBA if you know you have obligations? I would respect him more if he did the right thing and not take a roster spot for a player that can prolly crack this squad. I understand obligations completely but do the right thing. You can’t have it both ways.

  • human

    majority passes judgement on this player without giving him the chance to develop and play. China doesn’t take “no” for an answer very easily.
    You people who put down his skills are pre judging him…..otherwise known as “prejudice”!!!!! y’alll


    First off, if this dude read my posts here on TLN, he would of read that he needed to be WAY more aggressive. The league knew that when he got the ball, give him a little of aggressive defense and he will turn it over. He needed to be the one initiating the drive instead of waiting until the defense came after him. A couple of drive in and dish out, step back and shoot, fade aways, or what have you.

    I think if Sasha had the ball handling skills that this dude has and the height, he would be very deadly. I do like Sasha’s aggressiveness just not what he produced last year. Can’t say he didn’t try. Like Jordan said…”You will always miss the shot you don’t take”…

  • Jason

    [Comment ID #79413 Will Be Quoted Here]

    That is just ridiculous to say that bro. Look, if you come to the NBA where the BEST in the world are playing, then you better be ready to dedicate your self to playing in that league or you WILL find your self out of the loop. Sun is on a CHAMPIONSHIP team with the best player in the world, an amazing coaching staff. If he wants to play in China that’s fine, but DO NOT expect to be on THIS team. If his skills were already proven that is one thing, but Sun is a long way away from even being a bench player. No reason for him to be on this team if he is not willing to put the time into it and I don’t care where you come from.

  • renz824

    i think he is man.. they only signed him to attack the Chinese market.. he is not even that good.. he cant SHOOT.. and he has average passing skill

  • CavsHater

    This is funny, i agree with 949mike [Comment ID #79303 Will Be Quoted Here]

    by the way anyone see where these shirts are available? they got taken off ebay.