We all knew Ron Artest as a crazy, Rodman-like player in his career with the Pacers, Kings and Rockets, with the brawl at the Auburn Palace only solidifying that reputation.

As he made his move to the Lakers, the fans questioned the Lakers front office for letting a working piece, in Ariza, go for a lunatic, in Ron Artest. Critics and analysts said Ron would destroy the chemistry and the Lakers wouldn’t be able to repeat with him on the team.

But in his first year with the Lakers, Ron proved those critics wrong. He has been the exact opposite of what the critics said. He gives out tickets to games, has breakfast with fans and goes bowling with fans. He made appearances on the Jimmy Kimmel show, George Lopez show and he has proven to be funny in those appearances, always seeking to have fun. Some say he is the most down to earth player. But with that being said, is Ron really crazy or just a misunderstood person?

Watch Ron interview Ron here on ESPN, where he answers some questions about himself. This should answer this question.


    Artest is crazy…but I love him on my team! He will fight to the end and give you all that he has…He is sometimes a little confused and erratic, but he is always there for his team!! He is a difference maker.

  • 242LakerFan

    Artest has a lot going on in his head at any one time. He has a kind of crazy energy and earlier on he channeled this energy in some self-destructive ways. I think he made a personal breakthrough sometime after the Detroit incident and found better ways to channel that crazy energy. There haven’t been any serious incidents since Detroit and by all accounts from teammates he is a fiercely loyal teammate and well loved in all the locker rooms he has inhabited. Yet the media continuously harps on Detroit and has completely missed the change he has made in himself.
    So yes, he is crazy (normal people don’t do the wonderful things he does for people) and yes, he is misunderstood.

  • gugy

    Artest is a bit of both. I think he has a good heart.

  • Paul

    Seems as if Kobe is recruiting those with the mental toughness to stand up to him – Artest, Bell (although he didn’t sign), and Barnes…

  • lakers2000

    He is nucking futs, but we love him!


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  • LAL_24

    hes both lol

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    tough like kobe?you mean dirty?

    • 242LakerFan

      *** Laughing hysterically ***
      Happy now?

  • 12gage

    no laffs atu u your mom is dirty

  • riorondoisafaggot

    They forgot to say he plays dodgeball with fans

  • Kobe 279

    he’s crazy but Laker fans still got love for him

  • Robert.

    Ron-Ron is a basketball genius (defensively). He was ‘made’ for basketball (of course, not on Kobe’s level, but he has a clear passion for it).
    I think for purposes of understanding what a genius is like, it’s important for everyone to realize that along with the genius comes types of behavior that may not seem ordinary. You know what? So what.
    I actually think the Malice was ‘brilliant’. Yes, I might be the only one, but think about it. Ron-Ron involved the ‘crowd’, in the furthest reaching way. Does anyone here recall when the Raiders were in LA? It was crazy, it was a maelstrom. People would go to games and feel like a part of the experience.
    This is what Ron-Ron did in Detroit. He gave importance to the spectators. BRILLIANT! I’ll bet attendance went UP, not down. I’ll bet MORE people went to games, ‘especially’ Indiana games. I don’t think that attendance would go down. For what reason? Would any of you ever think, ‘O geez, I don’t want to go to a game where there might be a fight, or the players might come up into the stands and try to kill me’. RIGHT.
    Stern’s answer to that was TOO much of a punishment for Ron-Ron, and NOT ENOUGH for ‘Sheed (who I despise, but more because of the 2004 Lakers fiasco).
    Ron-Ron was exceptional then, and had already been ‘top defender’ of the year. And what do they do with ‘certain’ players who get to the top, and trip up a little? 1) they hate on them, 2) they watch them like a hawk and try to ‘get them’. Example: Kobe Bryant, another example: Mike Tyson, another example: Michael Vick.
    Another example: Ron-Ron. The 1 year suspension was ‘ridiculous’.
    When I heard that Ron-Ron was a free agent in 2007, I was ecstatic. I knew he was on his way to LA. When he re-signed with the Kings, then I was hoping we would trade Odom. We might have defeated the Celtics in 2008. But that’s in the past. I’m glad he’s here now.
    Above everything else, he has the ‘biggest heart’ in the NBA, hands down. Let’s focus on that, and his exceptional basketball skills. Face it, he has the best baskeballer and teacher on his team (Kobe), so he’s bound to learn more.
    Let’s replace ‘crazy’ with ‘funny’, and enjoy the ride. Or, let’s replace it with ‘genius’ (which, by definition, is already misunderstood).

  • PRLaker

    ron, he’s a little of both, but we love him, he makes us stronger and i would be willing to bet he’s a great person

  • SD Anthony

    Who brings up this issue as if they were qualified to make that assesment? Do these people possess the proper certificates to make the psycho analytical diagnosis in question? The fact is, after his playoff run and game 7 heroics he will be a Laker legend for life regardless of what happened in the past or is going to happen in the future. Ron is an extremely valuable piece to our team and is a beloved Laker!

  • Evan

    My vote is for crazy: http://www.ranker.com/list/ron-artest-a-list-of-ron-artest-moments/kevin